Friday, January 30, 2015


This is it.  The day Griffin has been waiting for for almost 7 weeks.
He's off to College (High School).
I've been waiting and counting down the days too.

The summer holidays are OVER.  YES !

Shame it's a Friday.  But... at least we can get into the swing of things again.  Bex and I shall enjoy the respite from having teenagers under foot all day.  

I will take a photo of him in his uniform before he heads out the door.  I've not seen him in the full uniform, so it will be a first for me too.
I'm quite excited to be honest.  The last of my 'kids' to be heading off to College.  My eldest is 36.  It's been a LONG TIME coming.

Actually, just remembered he ain't go the school socks.  I went to the uniform shop twice, and twice they didn't have any.  I better remember to ring them today and see if they have any in now.  Whoops, I should have done that a day or two ago me thinks. 
Oh well.  Shit happens.

I took a little video of Tallulah ANNOYING the shit outta Coco last night, here it is:

ABOVE:  It's something to put on the blog for the start of the day!   
Yesterday's post was devoid of any photos!  That doesn't happen very often.

Right, I'm off to get the kids up, and take that photo of the boy.


ABOVE:  Well... there he is, all ready to go.  He doesn't look that excited!
But he was.  He left way too early.

I'm left sitting here thinking, wondering how long it will take for Brylee to get herself in trouble?  And if she will drag Griffin into her dramas?

*sigh*   I've already decided if she does I'm taking her out of that school, and she will have to go to another college.  And the closest one after Alfriston is Manurewa High, and it would take her over an hour to get there!  (walking)

It's probably going to happen, and I have already talked to the school DP about it.  The ONLY reason I would switch her schools would be to ensure Griffin is not affected by her behavior at school.

I've warned her what will happen if she gets herself OR Griffin in trouble.  I doubt she believes me!

edit:  I'm know I'm coming across as all negative about Brylee and her behavior, but the past speaks for itself.
IF I move her, I'm sure she will continue to get in trouble at whatever school she's at.  
But at least she won't be able to drag Griffin into it.

*waves*  Hi Brylee, is it comfy in the library reading this then?

Oh dear.  Upset someone with my NEGATIVITY about Brylee.  
Sorry.  You don't live with her.  You don't have to deal with the consequences of her behavior. 

Yes, sometimes she can be quite nice.  But seriously... who wants  to hear she was a nice girl today and didn't annoy/swear/be disrespectful/punch anyone today?

ALSO... just to be clear... Griffin is no saint either, but he's NEVER EVER hit anyone at school, caused any drama or been SUSPENDED from school for being a bully.



I went down to the Uniform Shop to finally get some school socks for Griffin, they came in yesterday.
AND the queue was out the door and half way down the stairs.  So I turned around and came home again.
In this heat I doubt I could have lasted standing in that heat for 'god knows how long' it would have taken to get to the counter.  And all for a pair of socks?  NAH.

Oh shit!   Tracy!  I was not having a go at your comment!  I was having a mini rant about a certain family member's text message to me this morning... Not at your comment.  Stew and Steve both thought I was perhaps having a go at you.  NOPE, not at all.

Both kids came home and said they'd had good days, so that's great.

Shame it's a Friday though... I certainly felt like it was a Monday!  Oh well, two more days and they will be back for almost a full week of school.

End of Day:  a nice day really, I got heaps of washing done, did the vacuming and generally tidied up my house.  I like that, all nice and tidy.  Just in time for the weekend, when they are all home and can mess it up again!
nite nite


  1. Hope Griffin has a great first day and also hope brylee doesn't stuff it up for herself. Chris enjoy your kid free day

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM


    I guess Brylee is growing up now and things will probably change each year for her, she looks great in the pics over the holidays as does Griffin, hope they have a good year...and enjoy it as soon enough we are all grown up wishing we were back at


  3. Chris, you have every right to make any comments you like about Brylee; you are with her most of the time (other than when she is at school), have brought her up and know her inside out! Mothers know how their kids think! Hope she is maturing and this year is good for everyone

  4. I hope Griffin enjoys his first day. Miss Brylee hopefully will have a good year too, concentrate on school work & leave the drama behind her.

  5. Hope Griffin has a great first day! He looks so handsome in his uniform.

  6. It's not negativity - it's facts.

  7. Is that Coco photobombing Griffin?

  8. I know!!!!! I never thought you were having a go at me, I guessed where it came from, my comment was in support of you :-). Having said that, if I ever do say anything you disagree with or think is out of line, by all means, pull me up on it.

  9. Griffin is growing so tall and so utterly handsome. I loved the Tallulah Coco video, so cute. Enjoy the last weekend and then schools back, and only one more week until archgola completion go you!!!

  10. First day of school, dreadful. I used to look forward to it too, till the first week or so had gone by...

  11. You're just starting and I'm already wishing my kids were on vacation lol. But I do go to work and they stay home so I don't have quite as much to deal with ;)


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