Monday, January 12, 2015


After doing such a cool job on the Plaque board, I decided to do the same thing to our small marble top unit.

This is it BEFORE I attacked it with a hammer and paint:

ABOVE:  I will add an AFTER photo later on today, once I've finished putting the white paint on top of the blue paint.

Stew has gone back to work, and I've got a couple of jobs to do in Manurewa this morning, before going to the Hospice Shop after lunch.

So, it's kinda back to 'normal' around here until the kids go back to school at the very end of the month.

Right, catch ya later...


Well... been out and done me jobs, came home and put white paint on the marble top unit and now waiting for it to dry.

I seem to have spent a lot of time this summer watching paint dry!

At least I'm not bored shitless!

Lunch time, then off to Hospice shop, am taking Brylee with me.  She can help around the shop dusting or tidying up.  I'm sure it's better than staying home with her brother ... who is annoying as hell half the time.

Typical teenages, wind each other up.

Thank god school's back in 3 weeks.


ABOVE:  My mind is now wandering around the house thinking "What else can I paint?"... but maybe I will leave it at that!
I don't want to have too much in this effect, only in the 'dining room' I think.

Well... a fairly busy day in the shop this afternoon, with heaps of donations being brought in too.
Masses in fact.  I don't envy Debs having to sort and price it all.

Brylee really enjoyed herself too, she did some shopping as well as helping another volunteer to hang clothes for sale.

Today's treasure:

ABOVE: Some clothes.  

 ABOVE:  A darling little giraffe for Bex.

ABOVE:  this soft foam bath thingee... it's really neat, can be used in a sink or the baby bath or big bath to help support a tiny baby. 
Seeing as we shall be having a tiny baby in the house in just under 16 weeks it might just be useful.

End of Day:  I've had an awesome day.  And a nice evening too. Time for bed (11.12 pm).
nite nite


  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Looks great Chris

  2. Looks great, love it

  3. Personally I don't care for that look, however it looks as if you did a great job!

  4. Looks great Chris! I love the old antique look that you get from doing paint jobs like this. Sorry I haven't been around much my recovery has been kind of brutal the last few months! The one thing I'll say is that your always on the go with a project of some sort. Hope you have a great week!

  5. You did a great job on the marble top piece. Wow....another artistic activity that you are good at.

  6. Sounds like Brylee could become a regular feature at the hospice shop.

  7. Wow I'm loving that new look on the marble top, I know people who garage sale cheap items paint and shabby chic them and then on sell for hundreds!! The baby Gath thing is such a good idea, glad Brylee enjoyed herself could become a regular thing..


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