Wednesday, January 21, 2015


In answer to your Question Tracy:  I didn't hear from the Archgola man on Monday or by midday Tuesday, so late on Tuesday I text'd him and asked him if the Archgola was going to be here by the end of the week, as he said it MIGHT be.

BUT NOPE.  It's now due next Tuesday. *sigh*  I was a bit disappointed, but oh well, there is nothing I can do about it... but wait.

At least we will have all the furniture back from storage, ready to go in it by then.  Stew and Steve will get the last few things out on Sunday or Monday, using Steve's van.
The last two big things won't fit in my car!

MESSAGE FROM STEVE: it was the damn batteries that were at fault with my computer keyboard after all.  Bloody know-it-all was right.  *sigh*  We bought some 'good quality' batteries and **BOOM** KEYBOARD WORKS.
NEVER buy packs of cheap batteries from Bunnings/Mitre 10 and so on.  They suck.

Today I shall finish the lamp, then show you what I did to it.
But that's about all I'm doing today.  It's another hot and sticky day and I'm going to keep still or melt.... drip by freakin' sweaty drip!
Seriously, this humid heat is diabolical.

I want winter back RIGHT NOW.  Even the fans are bugger all use in the house.
I'd turn on the aircon, if we didn't have dogs and toddlers that liked being outside then inside, and outside then inside.... bla bla bla.

ABOVE:  so, this is the lamp I'm dicking around with... or rather, CHANGING to 'fit' better in the new dining room.
Any guesses as to HOW I've changed it?  And ya all know I've painted it eh?  But what else did I do???  

LOL... I'll leave you pondering that, and get on with me lazy day.



ABOVE:  The house is 'split-level', so the entry and garage are at a lower level than the rest of the house.  From the street it looks like a two story house, but it's built into a hill, so the bulk of the house is on one level.

The sliding doors from the lounge and kitchen/family room open out completely, so there is nothing but open space when the doors are open.  

It's lovely, and will be even better once we can get the dining furniture out of the family room!

When we bought the house the previous owners had their dining table at the end of the lounge room, which we did for a while too... but it will be better with a dedicated area for the table etc.

I can't wait till it's done.

ABOVE:  I've had to fence off the lawn from that little shit Tallulah.  She will NOT stop pulling plants out of the garden and chewing them to bits... most of the time INSIDE.  Grrrrr.
I'm probably still going to put a low wall up along that edge once the Archgola is up, to keep the dogs off that area of the lawn.  

It's our 'baby/toddler lawn, which I like to keep dog poop free.

The lamp is pretty much finished, just have to get Steve to adjust the thingee on the top so it fits onto the lamp post.  

Here it is:
 ABOVE:  Well?  What do ya think??

ABOVE:  Base detail.  I  ♥LOVE♥  it.

It took 30 metres of rope and an entire container full of glue gun strips.  AND I only got burnt once!  Waiting to see if it blisters now.  *smiles*
It was worth it.


DEE:  we have a small 'room' under the lounge that we call 'The Dungeon' and it's used for storage, I cleaned it up the other day.  
It doesn't have enough head height to be another room as such, I can stand in it, but Stew can't.  We would have to dig down some more to make it into a proper room.  I have no idea why the garage, while on the same level, is so much higher!

As for extending this house, it would be financially better to just sell it and buy a bigger one... which we simply can't afford to do right now.  And besides, in about 11 months Steve, Bex and their little family will be leaving, then our home will be just fine as it is for us.

End of Day:  well as I planned, it's been a lazy day.  I've enjoyed doing bugger all!
I did the lamp and I cooked dinner, that's pretty good.
nite nite


  1. What a pretty lamp.... now I'm on edge waiting to see how you've improved it!

  2. I hear you on the cheap batteries. I thought I was so smart getting packs of cheap Chinese batteries at a fraction of the price of the good ones, but they lasted about 5 minutes. I should have known better.

  3. Many times I have tried to work out how your house layout works but couldn't, now I can. Thank you. I thought that you only had an under stairs storage area but it appears that you have an under house area as well ? If thats right wouldnt that be good if you could have internal access and make another room (for sewing/craft ?)

    1. Thanks Chris for the explanation. Its a bugger that it isnt a bit higher.

      Love what you have done with the lamp.

  4. Love the lamp, you are so clever.

  5. Lamp looks great. Very creative.

  6. wow, you are so clever!!!!

  7. Thank you for the diagram. Now it makes much more sense, It will be nice to have that extra space, and using it as a "dining room" will ensure that it does get used plenty! I look forward to hearing about it's "maiden voyage".

  8. I loved the gold lamp but WOWZER the blue rope lamp is great you are so talented. I bet you can't wait to spread everything out and you won't feel so crammed what are the sides made of glass ? Plastic or built in or just free sided? Just curious

  9. Very creative! The shells and pearls look so pretty

  10. Love the lamb…very creative and so you !!

  11. lol had to laugh at the "and I only burned myself once!" I felt the same way when I was working on the baby shower stuff and had the glue gun out haha. The lamp looks great!


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