Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bright and early this morning the guys are going over to the storage facility with Steve's van to pick up the last two large furniture items and 4 other things left there.

Then I can say "Yaaa"... no more storage fees.
And no more visiting there to find stuff!

ONLY TWO MORE SLEEPS now until our Archgola should be arriving and getting constructed.  It should take two days (Tuesday & Wednesday).  I can't tell you how excited I am... to finally have an extra 'room', even though it's really only a covered patio with side curtains.  I am going to be using it as a room. 

At some point I shall get Steve to build a low wall along it's outside edge, then it will feel more like a 'room'.  Oh the fun I am going to have with it!  *smiles*

After the guys are done, Steve, Bex and Dante are off out with friends again, so Stew suggested we go and check out the newly re-opened Victoria Park Markets.
I've not heard good things about it, but we will go and see for ourselves.  It's an outing after all! 

Then I want to go nightie shopping.  I've been wearing a t-shirt and tights to bed for forever, but it's just too hot.  So, I'm on the hunt for a nightie or 3.  Lightweight cotton, but not 'granny' ones!  Wonder if they exist?

No offense to Granny's out there by the way!  But my Mum wears these long, pretty, lacy cotton nighties that are just NOT ME.  Hence the name 'granny nighties'.  *smiles*
I want YOUNGER granny nighties, cos I am a grandma!  lol

Right, I'm off to wait for the guys to get me stuff.


Finally, all our stuff is home again!  Now we can just wait for that freakin' archgola, then boom.  New dining room.

WELL... we didn't just go to Victoria Park. .. we went.....    and are still there!  More when we get home.  Lol

Wow what a fab day!
We went to the market, thought it was a bit so-so, much more commercial than it used to be.  But still it was nice to go back there.

ABOVE:  The old chimney stack and the market.  Still looks the same from the outside, but so different inside now.  Very swish.  If you wish to know more about the history of the Market site:

 ABOVE: found this shop that sold nautical stuff and so on... loved it.  Bought a couple of things.
There was a lovely looking Linen shop too, but they were not open due to all the other activities happening down in the city this weekend,  shame that.  It looked so nice.

 ABOVE:  Stew spotted this funky crabby dish.  Got it.  I spied this: 

ABOVE:  A small ship's wheel.  It's mine now.

After the market, we hopped on an inter city bus and went down to where it was all 'happening', the waterfront.

It was a weekend of celebrations commemorating the city's 175th Anniversary.
Lots going on.

ABOVE:  A navy frigate 'The Otago' was allowing people to go aboard to have a look around.  The queues were too long, so we gave that a miss.

There were free ferry trips on the harbour, again, queues forever, so we didn't do that either.

Watched navy boats do silly buggers in the water, and a tug boat too.

Then at midday we got to watch a navy helicopter do maneuvers over the water, that was awesome.  Such a shame Dante wasn't there to see it, he would have been in awe!

There were food stalls, craft stalls, kiddy rides, free entertainment like jugglers and so on.  Very alive and happening.
But OH SO HOT.  Masses of people. In the end we came home exhausted!

I've got a neat little video uploading (it takes forever), of the tug boat.  Will show it once it's finished.

ABOVE:  the water tug showing off it moves.

End of Day: Steve and Bex got home from a full day out and about at the pools in Waiwera. They all had a fantastic day!  Bex got sunburnt on her face, she looks like how I did a few weeks ago!
All red and puffy.  Whoops!
We are all tired tonight, so we should all sleep well.
nite nite


  1. Please take LOTS of pictures and enjoy this room. I so wish I could visit during a wonderful NZ summer. Love from Missouri! :)

  2. Good luck with finding a nightie. I wear a stretchy crop top (like an Ah bra) and loose boxers as pjs. Very cool and comfy!

  3. I buy my nightees from the warehouse, big tshirt ones and pretty cool logos on the front

  4. Vic Park market is definately overrated. Remember town is manic this weekend, there is Laneway, Seafood Festival and the 175 Anniversary photo exhibition all Downtown.

  5. Oh gawd that can only mean more shopping I LOVED VIC markets when it as good ole dirt days, I CONFESS I don't wear OR need a nightie. Ever..

  6. Just thought I would say something nice - You know that little pink toy you gave Chico when she came here, the toy is still her favourite, nearly unrecognisable, but it is still the toy she goes for every time. Thought you might want to know, I think it is cute that it is still her favourite. Yip you can breathe now I have not said anything debatable.

  7. Looks like a fun a beautiful day!

  8. I love that shell dish, so pretty!


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