Sunday, January 11, 2015


This happened:

ABOVE: Doesn't she look so pleased with herself?  Little darling.  I'm so happy she knows how to 'self entertain'.

ABOVE:  Our little ratbag Tallulah!

Today?  I'm going to sand back the paint on my beam, paint on some crackle, then watch it dry!  Then paint on some white over the blue paint and sand some more once it's dry.

Hopefully I get a nice result.  It might be ready to show again late this afternoon.  It will depend on the weather.

While waiting for said paint to dry, we shall go to the mall and get Brylee new shoes for school.  The ones she's been wearing have HOLES in the soles!  Huge holes!  She didn't even say anything about it, cos she loves those shoes! Derrrr, we can buy her more exactly the same.

Last day of holidays for Stew, and I start back at the Hospice Shop tomorrow afternoon too.

Catch ya later...


ABOVE:  Coco, under my computer chair just now.  Rather cute, until I want to move, then she has to move real fast or she gets squished.

I just finished two jobs.  

1. Groom Coco's legs and butt.  She was a matted mess because I didn't do her back legs last time I groomed her because she fought me so much.  Bad decision.  So, two hours later she's got chicken legs because I used some small snips!  I shall bath her soon and groom the rest of her with the shaver.

2.  The Plaque board is finished, and I must say I love it.

ABOVE:  Left is part of the board to show the detail.
And then I hung the three plaques.  I'm so happy with it.  It looks so good I am now going to do the same thing to our small marble top unit.

The unit is in storage, so Stew is going over there later on to get it for me.

What do you think of it????

End of Day:  I started the small marble top unit late this afternoon, and it's now drying... ready for it's next step tomorrow.
Watched Broadchurch tonight, been waiting for the second series to start with great anticipation.  AND another new programme 'Prey' straight afterwards it is pretty awesome by the look of it too.
Yaaa, Sunday nights are cool!
nite nite


  1. Hehe cheap entertainment!

  2. Tallulah is so entertaining. Love how the plague has turned out. There will be no stopping you now!

  3. Tallulah is too cute what lil imp. The finish product of the paint effect looks great. Another hot day here lava lava (sarong) weather nice.

  4. I must admit I am not a fan of distressed wood, but you board with the pictures on looks absolutely great, well done Chris

  5. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Hi Chris

    I am new to your blog but just love it. Can I ask you though, how do you get British programmes all the way to nz? I live in the UK and pay a hefty amount for a TV licence. Every damn year, the fee goes up. Pathetic really but I was wondering as I noticed that you also watch Coronation Street. Do you get the ones that we get or older episodes. And also on our time zone or yours?

    Its just a nosey question.

    Dante is drop dead gorgeous who is too cute for words.

    Cheers. Sue D, Huddersfield, W York,, UK

  6. Sue while New Zealand is thousands of miles away from the UK, we DO live in the modern world and therefore, we do get TV programmes from around the world. lol
    As for Coco Street, we are about 2 years behind the UK.
    Broadchurch series 1 we got about a year behind the UK.
    Broadchurch series 2 we have got only 1 week behind the UK.

    TV fees are fairly high here too, we get SKY TV, which gives us heaps more channels, but you pay through the nose for it.

  7. LOL .... Little imp ...young Mandy did that to the toilet roll in the guest bathroom recently. She had a bit of help from the cat. They looked so pleased with themselves :-) that board for the plaques looks really did well :-)

  8. Oh it looks really nice!

  9. That is a perfect finish for those plaques, looks great!


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