Friday, January 23, 2015


In exactly one week the kids go back to school.   For one day.  Then they have a weekend before starting 'proper'.  For a 4 day week!  
So... a staggered restart I suppose you'd call it.

This weekend is a long weekend here, it's Auckland Anniversary, so Monday is a holiday.
That's nice for the guys, it gives them Sunday or Monday to pick up the last of our stuff from Storage.

I'm getting a wee bit excited now... 4 more sleeps and the Archgola will be here, I expect it to take two days to be built.  So... next Thursday it will be usable.   Excited!

I will be so glad to get everything out of my lounge and in it's new place.

Diet... blew it last night and had takeaways... Chinese.  So I shall have to call that my meal 'off' and not have anything off my 'plan' on Saturday now.  I hate it when I blow it.

I had some noodles, which were not even nice... such a waste.  I could have had something like a piece of cake, that would have been worth it!


So today?  Still have to name Griffin's clothes!  I spent too much time yesterday afternoon just lazing in the sun and spa!  Derrrr.
I'm going a nice shade of brown, even though some parts of me are peeling after that sunburn weeks ago!   

I got some new shampoo for my hair last week ... and I'm pretty sure it's making me itchy!  All over, in places the sun hasn't had a chance to see in a very long time.
So... might have to stop using it yet.  Damn shame as it was rather expensive.  But we shall see what happens after I use it again... if I get all itchy AGAIN it will be going in the bin.

Sewing... can't say I've missed doing much of that lately.  It's been so hot I just haven't wanted to spend any time in the garage, except sleep of course.  But, I am starting to miss it, so doing the boy's uniform might tempt me back into doing some.

Right, that's my opening blithering... catch ya later.


Yaa, uniform naming DONE.  Bright and early too.  I'm starting the day well.

Bex and I have decided to visit that craft shop in Milford again, it's 50% off sale finishes on sunday.  50% off is just too good to resist when we got such good stuff last week!

It's another cracker of a day too, so once we get home I shall work on me tan again I think.

Well... we had another lovely outing.  I didn't get any more fabric from that shop in Milford, but Bex did get some more wool.
We 'did' the Milford shops, up and down the one street of shops.  There was only 1 other shop that I really liked, and one that was a Quilt shop, but it was shut.  So, it didn't take long to check out Milford's shops at all.
So, we then went to Albany for lunch (I didn't have anything as I simply wasn't hungry).

I finally caved in and bought a serving dish I've wanted FOREVER:

ABOVE:  The white canoe dish.  It's going to be lovely to serve a seafood salad in.  I also got that little tray as it was 60% off.  And the fly swat.  Pretty cool, when I first saw it,  it was really short and I thought "How silly to make it so short", but then Griffin pointed out it telescopes out!  At $5, I got it.  Though the thought of squashed flies is a bit off-putting.

We used to use them all the time when I was a kid.  I don't think 'fly spray' was available 50 odd years ago!

Oh yeah, I got the canoe dish cos I rationalised that I am spending WAY LESS on takeaway food during the week for myself now, so I deserved it!  Works for me.

End of Day:  well!  A very quiet day here, and in blog world it would appear!   
I spent the evening watching TV and sewing... I made another set of 4 mug rugs.
That's all.
nite nite


  1. Good on you starting out early, gosh the dish canoe/boat thing is very you I have fly swats one in each bedroom one in lounge near where I sit I hate them BUT I HATE spray more!

  2. we always use fly swatters! I'd be worried about spraying something in the air that kills things. What's in it and is it safe to breathe?


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