Friday, January 16, 2015


This morning we are heading down to Manurewa to buy Griffin's new school uniform.  He is all excited about that... so am I.
The last of 8 freakin' kids to finally go to College.  That means in 5-6 years he will be finished with his schooling and MAY LEAVE HOME!!

Maybe not.  He's a Mummy's boy, and I think he might still be here when he's 25.  LOL

Griffin is reading this as I type and he thinks "that" is a bit harsh.  Boo hoo.

He is now yakking about how 'cool' and 'mean' his name is!  I take a bow there, cos I named him.  It was up to me... or Steve would have called him Gilderoy Nahasapeemapetilon.... from the Simpsons.  *Family joke*

Right, time to bugger off, get the kids outta bed and start the day...


Drumming my fingers... waiting on kids to get a bloody move on.  Shit are they going to be in shock when they have to get up at 7.30 !
Lately it's been at LEAST 10 am before they get out of bed, and that's only because I yell at them.

Dreading this afternoon.  It's supposed to get to around 28 degrees with a humidity factor of at least 90%.  

Well... I had expected HUGE queues at the Uniform shop, but there was only one other customer in the shop!  Such a relief, as last year I was stuck in a queue for amost an hour.
Griffin's uniform came to almost $400, which was a relief as I thought it would be more.

After that we went and got some blue paint as I wanted to jazz up the lighthouse ...

ABOVE:  I had painted the white on yesterday, so today I only had to do the blue.  It's looking cool... just have to take the masking tape off once it's dry.

We also went over to the storage facility and brought back a few more of the smaller items.  The kids and I found places in the attic and under the stairs for it all.  By mid-february we should have it all back here.

Time to relax for a while now.  It's hot, hot, hot.

OH I FORGOT: when we got home the gate was left open by accident and Coco got out and took off at 100 miles an hour!

Brylee took off after her but I knew she wouldn't be able to catch her so I jumped in the car and roared up the road.

Sure enough, there was poor Brylee running with sweat pouring down her face, with Coco about 100 meters in front of her.  Every time Brylee got close, I could see Coco take off again, so fast she looked like a bloody greyhound!

So, I sped up and passed Coco, and as I passed her I yelled out "STOP" in my massively annoyed voice, and she dropped to the ground and rolled onto her back!

Grrrrrr.  She was locked out the back after that as a punishment.  

ABOVE:  Done.  I painted on three windows and a door... rather happy with it now.

End of Day:  and the forecast rain didn't happen AGAIN.  Everyone is feeling the heat, it's so sticky... and yuk.
Off to have a shower before bed.
nite nite


  1. Oh dear....glad u caught her. ....go brylee for helping..

  2. Ohh wow that's a relief re uniform, they are sooooo darn costly these days. It is hot and sticky down our way too, sleep NOT ON YA NILLY. Bet you can't wait for Archgola and a form of decluttering yay.

  3. Love the lighthouse…the door and the windows look great !!!

  4. Oh boy, Glad Coco made it home safe and sound. The lighthouse looks charming!

  5. I love the image of Coco stopping at the sound of your annoyed voice.

  6. Super cute lighthouse! UGH I HATE chasing dogs.


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