Thursday, January 29, 2015


Way back in March last year Griffin got smacked in the mouth by Dante with his bottle, and broke a tooth.

Because the primary school system does not do root canals, I was told I'd have to take him to a private dentist.

With ACC only covering a small percentage of the cost, I would have had to come up with about $1,000 to get the tooth fixed, and so decided at that point to not get it done.  I simply didn't have a spare grand for a tooth!

Anyway, to cut a long story short... he was seen by the secondary school dental clinic for an annual FREE check up last week, and they told me they could fix his tooth  ....   FOR FREE.

I was like "Really?  You have got to be kidding!"
If I'd known that back in March, I would have just waited till now and not bothered going to a private dentist.  Grrrr.

So, today he begins the treatment to have a root canal on his dead tooth.  He's very lucky as it is a bottom front tooth, one that you really don't see much.  Sadly, there may be another tooth damaged as well, we have to wait for more x-rays to determine that.

While he's at the dental clinic down in Manukau, Brylee and I shall pop across the road to the mall and have a wander around.  I've not been to a shop almost all week!  Unheard of I must say.

Not that I need anything!  

Happy to report my diet is going very well indeed.  I've passed 5 kilos lost since Boxing Day now.  AND I feel so confident I can stay on this path.  Food is starting to get a bit boring, so I shall need to investigate a few more options for my meals... maybe I can sit down and look at ideas this afternoon.  


Well... I kinda stressed about my stuff out in the Archgola overnight, so this morning I decided I would sleep better if the more 'precious and expensive' pretties were NOT out there.
So, I've brought all that stuff back inside and will only be leaving out there stuff that, if it were to be stolen, would not matter too much.

Once the side curtains are up, and the half wall I want is built, I will feel like it's all a bit more secure.

It's about time I woke the kids and got them moving... OH and I better get dressed too!
Can't be greeting anyone else in me nightie like I did yesterday!  Paul didn't seem to mind though, ha ha ha!

Crazy. Griffin's appointment took 45 minutes, and in a month he has another 45 minute appointment, then it's hopefully done.  The other tooth still reacts to cold, so it's not dead... fingers crossed it stays that way.
But what is crazy is that two appointments over 90 minutes would have cost about $1,600 if I'd had it done privately!

Oh well... it's sorted now. Thankfully.

I've just had a lovely omelette for lunch, which was nice for a change from my usual stir fry.

Now I'm just chilling in front of two fans, cos it's bloody HOT.

FROGGY: It will be 'the dining room'... but more often than not we all eat on our laps in front of the TV!
Brylee and Griffin do use the table most days though.  We have a portable gas heater that can be used out there in winter, so I'm not too worried about it getting too cold.   A pot belly would be cool though!

End of Day: well... another stinking hot summer's day over with.  A nice day though, just did bugger all and chilled out.
nite nite


  1. Hi Chris!.... well done on the great weight loss this year, amazing! I have posted some nice salads on my blog recently and other healthy recipes. I have a "Recipe" label on the right hand side of you want to check it out for inspiration xxxxx

  2. Hi Chris. I have a question. Is that Archgola going to be your only dining room? You'll have to pop a little pot belly stove or something out there for eating during winter or you'll freeze. It looks amazing and it's going to be wonderful for you! xx

  3. I know that feeling of not having a spare grand to just plunk down on stuff. But poor Griffin, I hope it all goes smoothly.

  4. Well donr on the weight loss mum....good on ya...keep up the good work....

  5. Ohhh a pot belly that would be cool. Good news re the tooth/dentist AND double good news on it being free talking about teeth how are Brylee teeth doing now?

  6. So lucky that you get free dental there. We have a tiny bit of dental insurance. I've paid thousands of dollars towards the dentist. I always joke I'm making another payment on their Mercedes when we go lol.


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