Saturday, January 03, 2015


I'm excited today.
The first coat of the contrasting colour is going on the cupboard doors today, come hell or high water.
Fingers crossed I can get the 2nd coat on today too!

Apart from that, it will be catching up on some housework in between coats, and maybe some sewing.

Steve and Bex have decided on a name for their next baby boy, and Stew and I are in love with his name!
We can't tell you what his name will be until he's born though.  Some things have to be a surprise!

I now have to make a Cot 'Name' Bumper for him.  But not until I've made a cot quilt for my niece Rowena.  Her baby is due at the same time as Bex's.  But she doesn't know what gender her baby is... so I'm making a neutral gender cot quilt for her.

So, I've actually got lots to do in the sewing room!  Pity I hardly get in there at the moment.

Lastly for now, another darn cute video of our toddlers:

ABOVE:  Two cuties in the bathroom last night.


Well... mid morning and I've not even started painting.  I'm waiting until a bit later as.... TEDDY is coming to visit!
Gayle and Shane are coming into town and are bringing Ted for a visit... we can't wait to see him.
I wonder how he will react to being 'home' again?

Dante is already saying 'Teddy, Teddy'.... I wonder if Teddy will growl at him like 'normal'?

Well 11 am arrived, and so did our visitors.
Teddy got out of the car and apparently ran to the door and started scratching and jumping up on the door to be let in.
They he raced up the stairs super fast.  So cute.

He was mega excited, as was Coco, Tallulah and the rest of us.  Tallulah was such a pest we had to put her out of the room so we could visit with Teddy without her driving him nuts.

Dante took a little while to warm up to Teddy, but that was mostly due to him being shy of Shane and Gayle.

It was WONDERFUL to see Ted, he acted like he's never been away really.  But when Gayle stood up to leave, he wasn't being left behind!
He jumped up and ran to her and got all excited about leaving.  

While it was hard to see him leave again, I was so happy to see him and know he's so well loved and happy.

Some photos:

 ABOVE:  Yep, he still hates that puppy!

 ABOVE: And yep, still not keen on that kid.

 ABOVE:  Yep, still loves having his tummy rubbed. 
Such an elegant pose Teddy!

 ABOVE:  Yep, still loves being on Stew's knee.

ABOVE: Peace reigns.  Though Tallulah was only just calm.  

THANK YOU Gayle and Shane for bringing Teddy 'home' for a visit with his 2nd family.  We loved seeing him and you too!

 ABOVE:  It's a hive of industry around here right now.  Steve is working on an internal deck, with drawers under, for his work van.

ABOVE:  My painting corner all ready to go.  In fact, I put the first coat of paint on my contrasting cupboard doors at 2 pm, and I just finished putting the 2nd coat on now (5 pm).   They are looking awesome!

MAYBE by tomorrow morning they will be set enough to go back on? 

End of Day: an awesome day.  Got to see Teddy and his Mum and Dad, got me cupboards painted at last... and now watching paint dry again!  lol
nite nite


  1. Oh gawd that was funny as, how inquisitive is she Tallulah is too darn cute. Hope the visit with Teddy goes well. Happy painting today.

  2. nawwww Tallulah is just too cute.
    Enjoy your vistit with Teddy :-)

  3. Aww Teddy you are handsome as ever matie! Ohh can not wait to see the cupboards!

  4. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Please don't get this the wrong way, but why does Bex always look miserable? Is she not happy? Maybe it's the way get gets caught on photo. I do hope so. She looks like a nice girl. Dante is so cute. How do you resist not wanting to bite his cheeks?!! And how he mumble jumbles.....
    Julie Mansfield, Croydon, Surrey

  5. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Hey julie im not photogenic at all lol im the happist girl ever as iv got the man of my dreams and the most beatiful boy and another on the way. :) bexs

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Happiest girl ever pfffft lol your a muppett lol and man of your dreams lol they are nightmares lol.....nah jj's as for not photogenic.....ya got that right hahaha :-p

  6. How could you not be happy Bex with that gorgeous boy of yours.... Dante.... oh, and Steve's a bit of all right as well. :-)

  7. christine6:14 AM

    HEEHEE. Bex, I am the same way! People always come up to me and say stupid comments like "Cheer up" "what's wrong?" Ect. And it is so annoying. I must have a glum face and I am happy as a clam! If you catch me off guard in a photo - I won't let it be shown to the world! You and your family are LOVELY!

  8. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Love the bath time antics!!! Glad Teddy is so happy in his new home - lovely you can still visit with him/have him visit :-)


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