Thursday, January 15, 2015


I know we don't even have the Archgola yet, but I am starting to gather a few things that are going in it.

Like... mostly nautical bits 'n' bobs:

 ABOVE: This is a big shell with a lightbulb inside it.  I've had it for many, many years.  I can't remember who gave it to me now, but it was someone in me family.  I thought I had lost it, but it was in our 'old' bedroom and Bex found it for me.

ABOVE:  A few of my nautical treasures from around the house.  I am sure I will hunt out more.

Today the kids and I are going down to Manukau, I would like to find some cheap white baskets to put under the Marble Top Unit to hold stuff like tableclothes and placemats.

That will free up a little room in the over crowded linen cupboard.  

That's ANOTHER job I have to do AGAIN.  I swear my linen multiplies on it's own.  It's spilling out of the freakin' cupboard!

I also plan on finishing off those two extra boards today, weather permitting.  I think the forecast was for the odd shower? That would be good as the ground is already bone dry... it's like lumpy concrete when you kneel on it.  
Suppose one shouldn't kneel on it then eh?  *smiles*

Right, I'll bugger off for now and get the kids outta bed.  


Fook it's SO HOT today!   The kids and I went out and about, but after only an hour or so we were done with being outside.
I did manage to find some containers for my linen, but not white cane, there's none around, so I opted for these instead: 

ABOVE:  I probably got more than I needed, but I can use the spare ones on the wall unit, once it comes back from storage.

ABOVE:  I got this as well.  I couldn't resist.  It's rather cute.

ABOVE : after petrol prices skyrocketing over the past couple of years, up to $2.24 a litre ... can you believe it is now $1.57.9 !!!   Amazing.  I filled up me car and it cos $88, before it was costing up to $130!  I'm rapt.

I hope it lasts.

Lunchtime.  Then I'm tidying up the linen, then putting the last (white) coat on the beams.

I text'd the Archgola man (Paul) to see when we might expect to see him... and he said end of next week!  *squeals*
I am so excited.  I have everything 'placed' in the space already.

AND the best thing is I can get all our stuff out of storage too, cos quite a bit of it is going in the new dining room.  The rest I will squeeze in the house and store room under the house again.  That will be a saving of $120 a month for me.  Yaaa.  

Just finished tidying up the linen cupboard, with Bex's help it didn't take as long.  But so drained now... sweat running down everywhere.  So gross.

End of Day:  well it didn't rain.... dammit.  We did get one really big, black/grey cloud come over late afternoon, but it fizzled into nothing.
I can't believe how freakin' sticky hot it is at the moment.  Sure makes doing ANYTHING hard.
Time to hit the sack, another hot day expected tomorrow.  Oh ya.
nite nite


  1. Oh I want your petrol prices!! We are still paying $1.819 here in Christchurch (per litre).

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    love the lamp & anchor!!

  3. Would you girls like to come and do my linen cupboard too???

  4. N.O. Do ya own ya little tart! We got enough to do here. *smiles* Do it now before you have to go back to work... or it will haunt you. lol

    1. I'm getting through a heap of jobs.... Although one almost nine year old is going to get the shock of her life when I "black sack" her room tomorrow! ! I can't even walk in there! So very over it. She's got too much stuff.

  5. Our gas price has gone down maybe 10 cents only. Funny how when the price of gas goes up, it's bad, but when it goes down, the news talks about the "slump in gas prices" and it's bad too.

  6. I was REALLY impressed by your gas prices until I realized you didn't sell it by the gallon there. :)

  7. I thought it was just here that gas was so much lower but there too! I've been filling up for under $40 and it's awesome!

  8. Our petrol in Melbourne is now down to $1.05 a litre! Wonder why it's still so much more in NZ? I do love your nautical knick knacks... every time I see something like that, I think of you! :-)


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