Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today the men are going to the One Day International Cricket game being held here in Auckland.  They will be gone all day.

So I decided to go to Devonport with the kids and asked Bex if she wanted to tag along?

She said "Yep", then she got online to see if she could find a wool shop over on the North Shore that we could visit.

Well... she found a shop in Milford that sells wool AND fabric AND is a coffee cafe too.  So we are going there, after Devonport.

ABOVE:  Best thing?  They are having a 50% OFF SALE!  How can we resist?

So, once we are all sorted we are leaving.  Fingers crossed that rain we have been expecting for the past two days does not decide to arrive today and bugger up our plans... or the guys enjoyment of watching cricket all day.

Cricket.  Far out, I can't imagine anything more excruciatingly BORING.  I suppose the beers will help them cope with the boredom... lol.

Catch ya later...


Well... we have had a really lovely time out and about!
We went to the shop in Milford first and got quite a few good buys, then we went to Devonport, where I got a good deal at Cushla's as well because I had a full 'Reward Card', so I got $35 off my purchase there today too.


After shopping, we got some lunch and had it down by the water in Devonport.  I love it there, the harbour is constantly changing, busy with boats and ships coming and going.

ABOVE:  on a wall in the shopping centre!  Cute idea.

 ABOVE: All my yummy fabrics!

 ABOVE:  I've been wanting one of these for months, Griffin spotted it thankfully.  MINE now.

 ABOVE: Got these in a flower/gift shop in Devonport.  I will add a bit more white to them, they will go in the new dining room.

 ABOVE: Lovely funky, bright buttons.  You can never have enough funky buttons.  *smiles*

ABOVE: On the beach after lunch.  He tried running in and getting totally drenched, but Bex stopped him in time.  We didn't have any towels or changes of clothes sadly.

So now it's mid-afternoon, we had have a bit of heavy drizzle, so it's incredibly hot and sticky.  Time to just chill out for a while.

I hope the guys are having fun watching cricket.

SADLY...It is raining, the first decent rain in weeks and it had to be today.
The guys cricket game has been called off, and so they are on their way home again.  What a bloody shame, I knew they were really looking forward to their man-time together too.

Hopefully they get a refund or tickets to the next ODI.

Well the guys don't get a refund or new tickets... that sucks!  Such a shame.

End of Day:  us girls had a lovely day! The kids did too I think.  It hasn't stopped raining, so that's excellent for the garden and lawn I suppose.
Off to bed, it might be cooler tonight, ya.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    What is it with men and Cricket? My husband loves it too. It is so boring to me. He wishes he was at that game. He had to work today. Oh well. Good for you and Bex! Hope you have great fun at the shop. Sounds like fun to me. :-) You'll have to post pictures of whatever you buy. Then we can shop vicariously through you.

  2. I love Cricket wish I was going lucky buggers, happy shopping 50% shopping the best shopping.

  3. Looks like you have had a great day shopping and out and about. Glad you have finally found the ruler gripper. Only a little light drizzle here-hoping for more so I don't have to water the garden.

  4. I love the ruler grip idea! That's very clever! Your pics are beautiful.

  5. Those flip flops, so cute!


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