Monday, January 26, 2015


All going well, it's one more sleep till we get our Archgola!
OMG I hope it arrives tomorrow.  I will be so upset if it doesn't.

I've got so much stuff ready for that room, I'm just dying to put it all in there and pull it together.

Today I am getting some nighties.  We didn't get around to finding any yesterday, by the time we'd left the city all we wanted to do was get home and relax, and cool off!
I jumped in the spa pool when we got home, and today I shall probably do the same again.

Stew is going to mow the lawns, I don't envy him ... it's just so bloody hot.  And he doesn't even get in the spa to cool off!  Silly bugger.

ABOVE:  How adorable is this?  Tallulah just loves Coco!   Sadly, the feeling is not always mutual.  Just yesterday I witnessed for the first time something rather funny between these two.

Tallulah was trying to get Coco to play with her, but Coco was having none of it, and was semi-growling at Tallulah.  Poor Tallulah was upset I think, so she howled at Coco!  Again and again.  I grabbed my camera to try and get it on tape, but one of the kids interrupted and the moment was gone.

Oh well... maybe it will happen again and I do catch it.

JACKIE: lovely to know Chico still loves her toy from her birth home.

Right, I should go... it going to be a pretty normal summer's day here.  And I'm gunna go start it.


Well.. finally got a couple of nighties for the rest of the summer.
It wasn't easy though, there is not much out there for us girls with more cuddly bodies!
You can get real boring white or flowery cotton nightgowns, which isn't what I wanted. 
I ended up with two t-shirt type ones from The Warehouse.  Cheap and just perfect.

We grabbed some fresh veges from the supermarket, then came home for lunch.
Now Stew is finally going to mow the lawns and I'm going to muck around the house.

Fun in the mid-afternoon sun:

ABOVE:  the boys in the spa pool.  Our spa has been a godsend this summer... running it on 27 degrees and it's just so nice to get in and cool off.

I just heard from Paul from Archgola, he's definitely coming tomorrow.  Ya yaya yayayayyayayaya!

End of Day:  I hope I can sleep tonight!  Anticipation might keep me awake... but I hope not.
nite nite


  1. OMG! Laughing at the dog story. That exact SAME thing happens here.

  2. Awwww Tallulah looks so cute there, I bet the howling was a must see lil made. How cut.e of her to voice her disapproval he he. I am enjoying a relaxing day and just surfling sites

  3. so exciting.... can't wait to see your new room!!!!!!!

  4. Wow the room ohhhhh how exciting...

  5. Anonymous7:39 PM

    What happens when someone wee wees in the spa pool. How do you get rid of the water? Or do you use chemicals?

    1. Toddler wears a swimming nappy/diaper. And we do use chemicals to keep the water clean.

  6. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. Hope the installation of the Archgola goes as planned. Good luck.


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