Friday, May 16, 2014


*Yawn*... quite tired this morning. 
I kept on waking and checking on Coco!
Oh well, I can catch 40 winks after lunchtime if need be.

Poor wee Coco.  Last night she would get up on her feet, go to move and kinda stop... and wobble, then just keep deadly still.  Either standing up, or flopped down on her haunches.

I kept putting her back in her bed, as she simply didn't have the energy to, or was too sore to move.

***WARNING***  ***Gory photo***

Here is why:

As you can see, the incision to do the sterilization was TINY.  The incision to remove the entire mammary gland and tumor is really big.  And there's lots of bruising and swelling too.

No wonder she's sore, poor wee girl.

I have taken this gory photo so I know what she looks like NOW, and then if I think I can see  any worrisome changes, I will know for sure by comparing the 'then and now'.

Friday.  I love Fridays.  (and Mondays!) ... weird?  
I love Fridays as it means Stew is home all day ... I really love him.

Mondays?  I love them cos he's going back to work, and the kids back to school!  lol
Two days of sports on TV is enough for me!

Today?  Well... I am going to pamper Coco and keep her near me, primarily so I can keep an eye on her.  Make sure she's comfortable and not being bothered by anyone.

I've got a Doctor's appointment this afternoon.  Diabetes Check up.  I am not expecting good results this quarter.  I've been bad.  VERY bad.
Massive emotional eating going on.


And none of it of my making.  

I'm hoping like mad that the stress from this week is going to fade fast, and better things are on the way.

I really can't believe how many shit things happened this week!

1.  Family trouble.
2. Car crashes (2).
3. Sick Dog.
4. Visa fraud.

Oh there were a couple of good things!  

1. We managed to re-finance our mortgage with a different bank, and it is a very favourable change for us.
2. Lacy passed her driving test.  She would have been hell to be around if she hadn't!

Say it's not so Lacy!


Lack of sleep makes me crabby.
BOTH my hands are freezing this morning.
Coco is much happier... moving easier, tail wagging... hungry!  All good on that front then.

I looked up Raynards, it certainly sounds like I might have Raynards Phenomenon in my hand(s).  Thing is, my hand goes freezing cold and aches, but it doesn't change from white to blue to red like a typical Raynards hand.

One of my BFF, Sandra down in Palmy has Raynards, so I do know how it looks.
Anyway, while it's not causing problems, I will just live with it I suppose.

Oooooo... I just remembered!  Bex is bringing my new Tupperware home today.  She is picking it up from the Tupperware girl at Playcentre.  Exciting!  I know, I'm a sad git.  But... I do love Tupperware.

ABOVE:  Look how much better Coco's tummy looks this morning!  So relieved lots of the swelling has gone down, and it looks clean.

ABOVE:  taken just now.  They are both curled up in the Family Room, under the heat pump... which is on to keep Coco warm.

ME:  Bring on the sport!  my arse.  I can sew to my heart's content while he's watching sport though!  *smiles*

Sheesh.... forgot to update when I got home from the Dr's.
My blood results sucked.
They have doubled my metformin.
Put me back on high dose of Losec for reflux.
And told me off.

I deserved it.  I have been 'self medicating' with food.  I blame the stress of the past few months.
No real excuses except food it my 'medicine', just as alcohol/drugs is others.

Thing is ... you can actually LIVE without alcohol or drugs.  But food?  You simply can't live without it.  So ya can't just stop eating eh?

I have promised to try and be more mindful of what I am eating, and realise that I am only hurting myself with silly food choices.  

I KNOW ALL THIS.  But it's hard.

End of Day:  been thinking about a lot of things tonight.  My health for one.  Might need help on that front.  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Poor Coco. Hope everything is going well with her. She will bounce back.

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Haha na I wouldn't have been utter hell lol, would of just sat it again next week, would of just been a bit bummbed If didn't past specially with all the study I had done lol

  3. Poor wee Coco ... but she's very lucky to have such a wonderful nurse (you) taking care of her. I hope her swelling, bruising etc goes down quickly and she bounces back fast. Teddy will be missing hanging out with her too I'm sure.

    Maybe as you are already going to the Doctor's today, you should mention your cold hands while there. Maybe there is something they can do to make things more comfortable for you on that front.

    Mortgage refinancing can be a good thing ... we've just done ours too, and whilst unfortunately our interest rate is higher, it was a good chance for me to nab some funds back for a new car for me (we were way ahead in our payments, and still are - so it hasn't affected us paying off our mortgage earlier which is good) - now I just need to find some motivation to go shopping! Glad you got such a good deal.

  4. Friday is my favourite day of the week because it means the weekends just around the corner !!!!!
    I hope Coco recovers quickly. We had both dogs 'fixed' at the same time so we had both of them running around with the 'Cone of Shame' on - the back of my legs didn't like it at all.
    Good luck at the dr - I'm sure when A goes for his next diabetes check up he is going to be in trouble - M&M's don't go well with diabetes check ups.
    Have a great weekend - bring on the sport !!!!
    Me xox

  5. I feel ur pain Chris. Mine are purple right now hopefully won't be long before they are back to pink but they hurt like a mo foo right now. Not a happy camper today I'm afraid :(

  6. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Poor Coco! Glad it wasn't serious - she has an excellent care giver :)
    Have a great weekend!!!
    ~Nicole in CA

  7. ohhhhh that's some stitches alright. Hope you all have a quiet weekend and get and n about in the glorious sunshine.....

  8. I'm glad that Coco seems to be on the mend. Sorry about your dr's visit, but believe me I understand about stress and comfort eating, it's my downfall too. It's hard! Have a good weekend.

  9. Righty ho, as of NOW you are back on track with your food. The next visit to the Dr will have them praising you. Don't let the stress get the better of you - don't let the Bastards win!!!

  10. Poor coco, she looks very tired, but glad the surgery is over and she is on the mend. The incision does look much better in the second pic.

  11. Hi Chris! I've been terrible about blogging myself but wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm glad Coco is doing well. Thank goodness they bounce back so quickly. I'll be trying to catch up on all of your happenings, but wanted to be sure to say hello. xoxo


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