Saturday, May 24, 2014


Stew and the kids went down to the supermarket last night. 
When they arrived home they rushed up the stairs all agog, and told me I HAD to come down with my camera.

So... like the paparazzi I am... I did.

ABOVE:  They wanted to show me that spider!
Bex took one look and took off up the stairs again.  

I made sure I was out of jumping distance, and felt really creeped out!
That spider is easily the biggest we have seen before, here in New Zealand!

It's a Vagrant Spider, or a Huntsman spider... they look the same to me!  

I was mega creeped out, thinking it might come into the garage where I sleep, so I asked for fly spray to kill it.

Then I changed my mind.  I didn't think it would be fair to kill it... so I made Stew catch it (cup and paper slid under it), and made him release it over our fence into the neighbours property!

No one is living there at the moment, so I didn't feel guilty.

Today Bex has another Playcentre Course to attend, so Stew and I will look after Dante, and Keera of course.
Steve is at work too.

Perhaps I can finally get to some blog reading even!

Would you believe... since I started a Facebook Weight Loss Support Group on Wednesday, we now have 41 Members!  I am thrilled to bits, and kinda godsmacked too.
It certainly is helping me, to be able to share and support other girls, and have them support me too.  


Just on the 'down side', I've had a nasty headache for the past few days.  Someone mentioned it is probably down to sugar withdrawal.  I tend to agree.
I just hope it eases soon, cos it's rather annoying.


Well half the day is over.  Two toddlers are in bed asleep... and we shall now have our lunch.

The one thing I dislike about weekends is that Blogworld goes quiet!  I know we are all busy doing stuff on the weekends, but I do miss hearing from everyone.

And Yes, I know I'm a crap blogger for not visiting you all so much now days!

Keera is being a handful today...very grizzly with a cold.  Her temp is up a bit too...but not worryingly so.

I'm getting the twitches... wanting to eat something that will fill the void.  No sweet sugary things for days and I'm missing it like crazy.

I even resorted to having a mandarin and banana!   Mildly comforting, but not really.  Will power has to kick in BIG TIME now.

PAULA:  Thanks for reminding me about WW Jelly!  I am off to make some right now.  Maybe two... so I always have some on hand... now where did I put them???? 

End of Day: and it's been a busy day with the two toddlers, shitty weather, washing to get washed and dry before Monday... oh it's a busy life we lead.  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Congratulations on the weightless group - there is nothing like accountability to friends even virtual FB friends to keep you honest. That was the only reason weight watchers worked for me - it was the idea of paying each week and therefore wanting something for paying my money so that is why I ate my points and no treats. You've re-created that but without the financial burden.... Good work! and I hope those headaches ease - they're not fun!

  2. Hi Chris.... that is an impressive spider, but I don't think it's a huntsman. We get them All The Time in the house and they are at least twice the size, judging by Steve's hand! They are *revolting* and I can't bear it if they are hanging around in the room, but most people just live with them. They come in to escape the cold in winter and to escape the heat in summer, so they are a part of our lives. Horrible horrible......

  3. Holy crap... that spider is seriously big!! and Christy... your spiders are twice the size? I can't even contemplate that :)

  4. How funny, look at Steves face, like he's never seen a spider and Stew is looking on not fazed at all. They were really mesmerised by that spider. We get huntsman spiders twice that size here in Aus. Stew and Steve would love it.

  5. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Congrats on the support group! I'm trying to lose as always!
    Yikes...makes the black spider I killed tonight look like a baby!

  6. Well done on the success of the support group! Great idea!

    Sorry to hear Keera is feeling a bit under the weather.

    When I have a sweet tooth - and am being good - I eat WW jelly. I try to keep one made up in the fridge when I'm being good. It seems to be a good alternative to other sweet crap - and my knee seems to like it too - not sure if the gelatine has medicinal purposes when it comes to knee pain or not, but it certainly seems to help on that count.

  7. Do you like yoghurt? I remember making up the WW jellies, cup of boiling water, dissolve then add a cup of natural yoghurt, really nice! Must do them again!

  8. Smoothie with banana added sweetish and filling. THAT is one BIG spider me I have been helping at youth fundraiser BBQ there at 7.15am, went to rugby fundraiser ( Gate duty) picked up son for work picked up corsage for ball went and saw piano recital 3 songs out of the TEN in one day, delivered lunch, home for 5 mins picked up SON got changed for BALL went pre ball visiting etc JUST SITTING down now!!!! waiting for the 12.30am pick me up text please muma!!! then its bedtime

  9. Anonymous1:27 AM

    What is the Facebook weight loss page name? I would love to join it!! Thanks! Kelli

  10. That's the one BIG downside of living on acreage - the creepy crawlies !!! I don't do them well at all - if A is home, I get him to kill them but when he isn't here, I have to do it because there is no way I'm going to sleep knowing that it's still alive and walking around in the house AND I'm not going to be catching it and releasing it anywhere within walking distance of our place !! LOL
    Have the best day and hope the jelly did the trick !
    Me xox


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