Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So much seems to have happened in the past couple of days!  It's going to be a loooooong week.

It's my Mum's Birthday today.  I better remember to give her a phone call and wish her a Happy Birthday!  As they are a couple of hours behind us in Australia, I better not ring right now!  

Today I am going out to get a blood test done.  It's been on my 'to do' list for about 2-3 weeks.

WHOOPS!   It's for my regular 3 monthly Diabetes check up.   I just looked at me medications, and if I don't get in and see the 'Diabetes Nurse' by Friday, I WILL have NO PILLS.  Something tells me that would not be a good thing!

Those freakin' pills I take at night for hot flushes and depression MUST be taken or I get rather ill.  I feel sick and can't eat....  Now that would be one way to lose weight... said no one ever.

What else?  I am going to hunt around for some stackable plastic containers for the herbs and spices in me cupboard.
I do have a Tupperware Spice Rack, but it's not big enough for all the stuff I seem to have.

That's about all I want to do out of the house today.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  I love how Coco is lovely around Dante, even lying down so he can tickle her tummy.  And Dante just loves her too.  Teddy, well he's just not into little kids! 

ABOVE:  a tiny video of the kid... and him saying one of his new words:  "this".

McDREAMY:  I love the machine, but have found out that the advertised "561 stitches" is a bit of a rip off. 

ABOVE:  as you can see, and this is a SMALL sample, there's a lot of stitches that are exactly the same, only smaller, or longer, or wider.
So, I'm a teensy bit disappointed about that.

I'm still working on the 'stitches book', and am finding out about all these double/triple/quadruple-up's,  stitches that are all the same essentially.

Oh well... it IS still a gorgeous machine.

OK... gunna go for now.  Catch ya later.


BLOOD TEST ... Done.  AND it bloody hurt!

HERB & SPICES CONTAINERS?  I went to 6 different shops, priced them at each, and ended up getting Sistema containers from The Warehouse in Sylvia Park.
AND The Warehouse @ Sylvia Park had them for $0.50 less each, than The Warehouse @ Manukau.  That added up to about a $10 saving!

So, I'm very happy about my morning's hunt.

Now it's way past lunch time, and I need to eat or I shall get the shakes.  Can't have that!

I have been a bit busy... lunch, catch up of Home and Away on the telly, then this:

ABOVE: just a jumbled up mess in me cupboard... 

ABOVE:  And now!  So tidy!   I had thought of getting more Tupperware containers for me herbs and spices, but it would have cost a few hundred dollars... so this lot cost about $45.00!

ABOVE:  Baking spices etc.  I've actually got 5 containers EMPTY!  I'm sure I can find something to put in them!   *smiles*

I'm now sorting out dinner, it's going to be sausages and chips by the look of it!
I simply did not notice the time flying by this afternoon!

End of Day:  after dinner I managed to stitch out another 3 Menu's from my sewing machine.
An eye opener that was.
More on that tomorrow.
Right now, I'm going to try and get to bed ON TIME (11 pm).  I have to be up and ready to leave the house by 7.30.  Coco has to be at the Vet's by 8 am for her operation.
nite nite


  1. Wow awesome to hear Dante speak. Hope everything goes well today?

  2. Dante is so energetic and Coco what a darling to sit there patiently. Doctors pills yep all of those things creep up on us at times. Another cool day and yep I.m folding washing or trying to get yesterdays washing in and dried off and today out and starting to dry! ( oh joy).

  3. Maybe you are the only person to log exactly how many stitches this sewing machine has! They are beautiful, even if they are just different sizes. I hope you feel better soon and more pills come in.

  4. Hmmmm, weird........Your birthday is the same as my hubbys and your Mum is the same as my sons girlfriend!

  5. Good luck with Coco. Hope everything goes well

  6. Hope your blood tests go well. Dante is certainly a sweet little guy.


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