Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Today should be a repeat of yesterday's dismal weather... and I just don't care!
The colder it gets, the better I am liking it.
My hot flushes decrease over winter, so it's BLISS.

LINDA (aka WEBBY) !!!  :  I was thrilled to bits to hear from you.  I've missed you, and like you, I've thought of you so often.  I hope all is well with you, and you are safe and happy.

Today?  I must go and post me Mum's Mother's Day/Birthday present.  I've probably left it a bit late to arrive in time, cos I kept forgetting.

Once that's done, I'm coming back home to sew a few mug rugs.  

ABOVE: Last night's Apple and Blackberry pie, we had it with fresh whipped cream.

I initially did the 'blind' baking of the Sweet Short Pastry with rice on baking paper ... and it was a bloody disaster!  

I had it in one of those silicone baking dishes, so of course when I tried to tip the rice out of the dish it went all wobbly and the pastry fell out too.   I was so cross.

Lesson learnt, DON'T use a silicone baking dish for sweet short pastry.
Luckily I had some flaky puff pastry, so I used that on the bottom of the pie, and sweet short on the top.  
That worked.

Treasure from yesterday?
I got some embroidery hoops, and some 'ready to hang' embroidery hoops for Bex.  Cost?  $1.00, then I spied one of these:

ABOVE:  It's one of those seats you can use in the shower/bathroom.  Now while we DON'T actually need one right now, ya just never know when you might, and for the grand price of $3 it just had to come home with me!

In the meantime, Bex suggested I make a cushion for it, or use it as another side table.  I'm sure we can find a secondary use for it.  *smiles*

Right, that's me for now... I'm off to have me shower and head out to post that parcel.


I went out to get some winter tights, as I have NONE that fit.
K-Mart is usually a good place to get cheap tights, but they had NONE over a size 14, and  so I ended up at Farmers, where I got two pair, 30% off.  
Then I also got a warm, long sleeved cardy too.

So, hopefully I've got enough to last me the winter.  AT THIS SIZE.  Once I stop wearing my summer 3/4 tights they are going in THE BIN.

I am NOT going to fit them next summer.  End of Story.

Now, I'm off to have some lunch and watch Home and Away.  I think Bex and I have two episodes to catch up on.  Neat!

Dante had a nasty fall at Playcentre today.  Fell face first onto concrete.  He's got a few bumps and grazes...

ABOVE: he had a really big nap when he got home from playcentre, and now he's up and looks ok.  Thank goodness.

Oh, I forgot to say... it's been a sticky hot day.  NO rain after expecting it!

*sigh*.   Time to think about what to cook for dinner I think.

End of Day: Well, dinner was mince/tomato stew with veges.  Very average fare.
For the rest of the evening we just watched TV.  So nothing to add to today.
nite nite


  1. Those wet area seats tools are the handiest things I have used one twice, my boss once, my mum once or twice like you we bought secondhand and just stored OTHER people have used it over the years too, nice looking pie in the end too BTW.

  2. Typed a whole comment about checking that he doesn't have concussion then remembered his Mum is a nurse - pretty sure she has this one covered :-). Hope it doesn't hurt him too much.

  3. Poor little fellow, seems no worse for wear. Pie looks yum. BTW I love your garden. My yard is a big pile of mud at the moment. Huge trees have killed the grass. I dream of having lush green grass. Take care.

  4. I have now seen my first ever square pie. I did not think it was possible.
    Glad you're enjoying the cool weather.

  5. Poor Dante!

    I wisht you posted a pic of the inside of the pie. I like to live vicariously! :)

  6. Ouch! Glad he's ok!


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