Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So get ready for me moaning and groaning about being cold!
It's called 'sharing'.



First thing Stew and I have to do is take my car down into Newmarket (inner city) to get two new tyres fitted.  While we are waiting for them to be done and balanced etc, we plan on having a browse around the shops.
We don't get down to Newmarket that often, so it should be nice.  Even NICER... NO KIDS!

I just hope it's not pissing down with rain, that would put a damper on our enjoying the wandering.  Newmarket can be like a nasty wind tunnel and be really unpleasant to walk along in shitty weather.

I plan on taking my camera and getting some photos of Newmarket.  Perhaps some of the funky shops they have down there... quite a few 'high end' shops, very pricey.  So, "Just LOOKING" will be said a lot to shop assistants I bet!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Keera and Dante trying to open the stair guard latch.  It's too stiff for them ... for now.
They had a little battle too, of who was going to touch the latch first.  Little ratbags.

Well... that's all for now.  I shall be back in a few hours no doubt ... hopefully with a few photos to share.


What was I thinking?  It has become a stunning winter's day!  Very cold morning start, but a glorious clear sky and sunshine!  Wow.  Condensation on the windows, heaters definitely ON this morning!

Coco:  she's totally back to her old self, racing around this morning like a dog on steroids!  So neat to see her happy again.

We are off soon, so I better go and do me face/hair etc!  Can't go out looking like a hag.

OMG!  I found a new-to- me fabric shop in Newmarket... and Stew found a Tea shop. I don't know which one of us is happier. *smiles*   We are still out and about. .. photos when we get home.

 ABOVE:  I found another Rhino.  Now I have to find a place to hang him.

ABOVE:  Poor Stew.  Though, he does like shopping!

 ABOVE:  We had a hot chocolate here.  But none of the cakes or slices.
Did well eh!

ABOVE:  see that fabric on the shelves?  It was around $80 a metre!  I left it there!   But I did get a few fat quarters and a small end of roll piece.

ABOVE: 6 FQ's and on the right the cutest alphabet fabric I've seen in a while.

ABOVE:  Stew got some new Tea to drink and a few 'tea accessories.  And that yellow thing is for the beach. You can put your keys/phones etc in it, strap it to your waist (well Stew's waist!) and you never have to worry about anyone thieving your car/wallet/phone while you are in the water.  

ABOVE:  At the Tea Shop.  The girl there did all she could to get me to consider drinking some of their tea... she really tried hard.  DIDN'T WORK.  Silly girl didn't know who she was dealing with.  I did take a sip of some Mint Tea, it was DISGUSTING.  

She even tried to get me to buy a pretty cup to drink my DIET COKE out of!   Still didn't work.  I like my sipper bottle.  It was funny having them on.  

During our conversations with them, I said I only drink Diet coke, my car is named Diet Coke, my number plate is D C ROX, my blog is Diet Coke Rocks.... and the girl said "oh, let's have a look at your blog right now!"  and she did.

So, her and the young bloke are expecting to see themselves  on me blog now!  DONE.

ABOVE:  under the Newmarket viaduct... cool old tree!  I don't think I've ever stood under the new viaduct before.  Massive concrete flyover!

5 pm and all I'm going to say about the last hour  is:  We are NOT The Waltons.  {{{huge sigh}}} 

End of Day:  Can only say the day was going well until late afternoon, then it turned to shit.
Oh well... let's hope tomorrow is better.
nite nite


  1. Those two wee ones are just the cutest….

  2. Have a lovely day with Stew.

  3. Cold haha try -3 here this morning I stayed in me PJ's right up to 5 mins out the door for Zumba!!! not a good look. BUT our pay off that stunning beautiful flat lake stunning mountain views! Don't envy tonight though or tomorrow morning!

  4. haha! I am laughing at todays p[ost because it contains the word SHITTY. JUst last night I said "buts and bobs" in one of my posts. That is a phrase I stole from you. Also, I mentiooned mosquitoes and someone else called them "mozzies". I thought that was cute and clever and something I had never heard of before. But - I will totally be using it from now on as Minnesota is the land of 10,000 MOZZIES! So - after that I was telling hubby about other phrases you use (like GOB). And I was trying to remember one that meant "temper tantrum" and contained the word SHITTY. So I searched the word SHITTY on your blog. And there were about 20 occurrences. And then you used it again today! That is why I was laughing. The phrase I found, that i was looking for, is "packing a shitty". I must say I do love your lingo! I really do!

  5. Bits and bobs, is what I meant. Not Buts and bobs.....

  6. Sounds like a nice day out.

  7. Hi Chris... sorry if my comments and things on Facebook have been a bit weird! Tom has upgraded my whole computer and errrrthing is now not working. Uggg, so annoying. Hope things are improving on your end.....

  8. Looks like you and Stew had a fun time out and about.

  9. Too funny about the girl in the shop haha

  10. I don't get drinking tea. K loves going to the tea shops as well - I just can't.


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