Friday, May 09, 2014


As far as I know, Bex and Dante are going to Playcentre.
Keera and I will stay home and just have some nice one on one time.

From yesterday:

 ABOVE:  with a room full of toys just a few feet away, what do they play with?   A cot mattress on the floor!  Typical.  Ya really don't need much to entertain littlies.

ABOVE:  somehow I don't think it's going to be long before that little bugger can get over that board.

ABOVE:  is there something in there that's interesting then?

ABOVE:  Oh look!  FISH.  Let's see if they can get them off eventually.

 ABOVE:  Last night I managed to get the 175 stitches from MENU 6 stitched out, and ready to be bound.  Just 14 MENU'S to go!   Some of them are nowhere near as huge as this one though, thank goodness.

Right, off to do something with Miss Muppet...


'Something' turned out to be housework.  I've just gone around and washed around all the light switches.  And a few fingermarks from walls.  I've only touched the surface of the grim.  But I'm just not that into it today.
I could spend all day wiping and scrubbing, but I just don't want to.

It would appear I'm the only one who sees the mess, so I give up.  Why slog away for nothing? 

ABOVE:  is it wrong to want a dog free zone?   I'm just totally over the dogs lying on my cushions and making them smell all doggy.  
Now that winter is here, they get wet and smell. So, no more in the lounge for them. 

I'm having an 'off' day.  Feeling very flat and crabby.  No idea why.  Keera is being a perfect little girl, luckily.  She is such a cute wee kid.

FROGGY:  I have written the number of each stitch beside it in ink.  No way was I going to sew the number in, it would have taken FOREVER to get it done doing it that way.

Keera is getting grizzly, so maybe she needs a nap after all.  I had wanted to keep her up all day so she slept in tomorrow morning.  Oh well, ya have to be flexible with littlies.
She's off to bed and I am going to have me lunch... and watch Home and Away. 

Keera slept for 2 hours!  Wow.  Excellent sleep, I hope she still sleeps overnight now.

I'm on the warpath.  I asked Griffin to do the vacuming after he got home from school.

OMG, you'd think I'd asked him to chop his arm off.
So, because he didn't want to do it, he tried doing a half arse job, so I had to literally yell at him to do it again... and again... and now I'm so angry at him he might just be going to bed straight after dinner.   

Shit I really don't like kids sometimes.  Stroppy, moody, sulking bloody pre-teen boy, and friggin know-it-all, back chatting, smart mouthed, only just a teenager girl.

Save me NOW... before I burst a blood vessel and bleed to death!!!  

End of Day: Have felt kinda 'off' all day.  I blame the stress from waiting for the axe to fall on Stew's job.  It's really doing my head in the closer it gets to the resolution.  Which could be soon.
nite nite


  1. WOW...That's a lot of stitches.... when I saw that stitch sampler I thought of those height charts that you can get to mark a childs growth against.... How cool would that be, a beautiful fabric one stitched with Dante and Keera's names and the dates, watching them grow... :-)

  2. Dammit, I hate how this window takes my typing before I finish what I want to say! I was saying our lounge is way smaller than yours and our dogs way bigger, so I totally agree you need dog free space. Unfortunately Fluffy disagrees and they sit on the floor or on the chair with him. They play all the time and they stink when they do. Yucky! Hey, do you have to remember what "number" in the menu all those stitches are or did you sew them into the sampler? It's looking great! can't wait to see the finished "pages!" Great job! xx

  3. Mwa ha ha ha!! Emperor was talking today about having third world problems because he had to make TWO sandwiches for his brother. And I'm unfair! And bla bla bla! You are NOT alone in dealing with young-man hormones today...

  4. Dante and Keera so cute together so inquisitive.Oh great smelly dogs sulky kids at least the toodlers are good and the adults?hope you good too have a tipple or three!

  5. Remind him of THE CAMP!

  6. I feel your pain re the vacuuming. Remind Griffin that you can still change your mind about camp, nothing is set in stone, perfect behaviour required :-)

  7. Anonymous7:52 PM

    We definetely have dog free zones in our house but then they just sit and look pathetically at me through the gates and I give in :-/ I bet you do too! They actually make crying noises just like a baby. It's very weird.
    Michelle / Sydney

  8. Hmmm gotta love teenagers.. my kids hate helping too!!

  9. I hope you find out soon re Stew's job and I hope you have some options if it's not good. Enjoy the babies... you've gotta love those cuddles.

  10. The little ones are so very cute together. Hope your spirits lift. Take care have a good weekend.

  11. I have six children of my own (all grown up now) and I was a teacher for 30 years before I retired. I only ever taught elementary or high school. I wanted no part of the junior high age. The toughest years for parenting are ages 12 to 16.


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