Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Ahhh Whoops!  I forgot to hit 'PUBLISH', so this post is a bit late.

Sheesh!  I do believe I have a new weight loss group!

How wonderful to have the support from 15 (so far) girls!!!   

PINKY, SANDIE & JANINE:  I need your email address so I can COMMUNICATE  with you!

Just for a starter, here is the email I sent out last night to everyone:


Hi girls!

I will make this a 'mass' email to start the ball rolling.

There's a couple of girls whose emails I don't have, so will catch up with them on my blog tomorrow.

For the rest of you....THANK YOU for joining me in NOT TRYING... but actually DOING, what we all need to do, which is lose a few kilos (or a lot) ... and NEVER, EVER FIND THE BUGGERS AGAIN!

Because of YOU, tonight I have not waited till everyone was in bed before raiding the pantry!  I was CRAVING a giant chocolate, Cookie Time Cookie... but I HAVE NOT HAD ONE.  And it IS DOWN TO YOU.

I hope by being a support for each other we will all feel better about ourselves... and less likely to jump head first into whatever we can lay our hands and gobs on!

There are no RULES here.  Just try your best, and if you have a loss at the end of the initial 4 weeks.... freakin' awesome!
NO one is allowed to end up after 4 weeks with NO LOSS... ya hear me???  Even if you 'only' lose a pound, or 500 grams... it's a loss and THAT MAKES YOU A WINNER.

AND guess what?  After the first 4 weeks, I'm gunna do it all again!  

Are you?  How much do you want this?  Cos if your heart is not 100% set on losing some weight and getting healthier, piss off now!

I do not want anyone to lie about how they are feeling, or what they have eaten.  If you caved and had a giant cookie for instance, own up and move on.  MOVE ON.  To doing better tomorrow.  But never, ever give up.

I'm not going to.  And if I'm not ... I hope you will not too.

Weight is a silent killer.  It whispers in our heads... eat that, who the hell cares?  I'm already fat and ugly.  So eat it.

Well I say... NO MORE. Turn that nasty switch off in your head.  We are worth it.  We are more than a bloody number on the scale (so freaking cliche that saying),  BUT SO TRUE. 

If you have ever actually got down to the right size FOR YOU, then you will know just how AMAZING that feels... right?
Don't ya want that feeling again? 

Well... that's what I want for MYSELF... and you girls too.


Well, how's that for an opener?

If you think you want to join in, just jump on board.  Send me your email address and before you know it, I will reply and be there to support you, as will the other girls in the group I'm sure.
Emails are going to be flying around I'm sure.  Cos, I am hoping we can all keep in touch during the day (if possible) and yak about our day, how it's going, what little hiccups we might be facing etc.   

OH and before I forget.  NO starting 'numbers'.  Just weigh once a week, write it down, and after 4 weeks, we can all share HOW MUCH we have lost.  
No one needs to feel agonised over having to reveal their 'starting number'... cos shit, I don't want to!

Now, on to me 'normal' blog day.

ABOVE:  the swelling at the exact site where Coco's tumor was is a bit larger.  I'm still fairly certain it's only fluid, but still.... a bit concerned.  If it's bigger tomorrow I will probably take her back to see the Vet.

 ABOVE: Dante LOVES Tallulah.  He screamed holy blue murder when I wanted to take her back.  Next time I shall just wait until he's asleep.

 ABOVE:  "No Daddy, it's MINE".

ABOVE:  I am going to slowly replace the candles with Britton soft toys.  I know they are toys, but who says I can't collect them?

I think I will 'gift' myself one Britto collectible for every 6.5 kilos (1 stone) I lose.  

That is one incentive.  Another is feeling healthier.  And enjoying clothes shopping again. And ... oh hell... we all know the benefits of being at a healthy weight don't we?

Right, before I harp on any more about weight, I better go check me emails!


Busy morning for me.  I went down to the Vet's to make a payment on Coco's surgery... they have been WONDERFUL in letting me pay it off, it was an expensive surgery and I never have that kinda money 'on hand'.  

Then I came home and did a little housework, and at some point I WILL get on the treadmill.  I had hoped to by now, but I have a massive headache... lack of sleep no doubt.

Waiting for pills to kick in.

I HAVE A POSITIVE (sort of) RESULT to report.
The Auckland Transport Authority rang me just now, and let me know that the Bus Company that runs the buses in this area have been spoken to.   

The bloke at Howick and Eastern Bus Company (let's call him Troy),  said that they have GPS on their buses and as far as they are concerned, the bus I clocked doing almost 70 kms an hour WAS NOT speeding!

What a crock of shit.  But I now have his private cell phone number if I want to talk to him directly.  I hope I don't have to!

I have followed a few of the buses over the past week on my way to the mall etc, and WOW.  None of them were speeding, and they even APPLIED their brakes to slow down on the corners.

Now that is a RESULT.  I hope it lasts, cos no one really wants me to stand in the middle of the road in front of an oncoming bus, to slow the buggers down!  I have threatened to do that ya see.  AND I WOULD.

ENZ:  NOPE.  There is another girl in the USA doing this too.
Most are from New Zealand or Australia though.

JEN:  send me your email address, clearly I've used the wrong one for you.  Sorry, of course you are in!

Just had a late lunch of fish cake and spagetti.  Not exactly healthy, but it keeps me going longer to have a bigger meal at midday.
Bearing in mind I'm one of those terrible people who does not have breakfast.
Can't bear the thought of food before about 11 am!

We now have 20 21 in our happy little group!


End of Day:  and I can't believe how much time I've had on this freakin computer sorting out my little Weight Loss Support Group!
But, it's coming together... slowly.
nite nite


  1. U I mean WE can do this . Im on board and im not just doing this to a part of something cause we both know that I need to

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Ill help kick ya butt if you over indulge lol xo #2

  2. This is going to be an awesome group of people - thanks for co-ordinating it all !!!!
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  3. It was so great to wake up to your email this morning !
    Am I the only one on the other side of the world?

  4. You can and will do this, go team.
    I didn't get an email, was I too late...

  5. Tallulah has been lost to Dante me thinks!! great to hear the response to your BUS concerns go you, great to read support rolling in.... well done you.

  6. You don't have to go hungry Chris, loosing weight by not eating is not going to work, you just gain it back and feel carp.

  7. Please facebook me where you got the bear from !! I want one!!! BTW WOHOOO go you good things, well done ladies for supporting each other !

  8. I am binge eating so bad right now that I want some one to tie me up and gag me. I don't even want to talk about it. Probably had 1500 calories in just hard cider today, it's getting hot. Not to mention the ice cream Sunday and chocolate "real food" cheese, crackers, anything left in the house? Maybe not

  9. I love support groups and I am willing to offer any help for anyone seeking to lose weight naturally. I have a strong passion for fitness and joining a support group increases the chances of successful weight loss.

    fat loss

  10. Me too I'm in 😊 ....sending u an email now

  11. Sorry Chris, at work today and couldn't get back to you earlier.
    Thanks for the in. x

  12. Thank you for putting the group together :-)

  13. Best of luck with the challenge.

  14. Count me in too Chris! I started at a gym a couple f weeks ago and finally pulling my head in to get this weight off AGAIN!!

  15. My email is


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