Monday, May 19, 2014


We have all noticed something different about Coco.

She went into her surgery her 'normal' self... frisky, happy, obedient.


She is still frisky, appears to be happy enough, but obedient?

HELL NO!  She is being downright naughty.   She is constantly jumping up on us, and when we ask her to get down.. she doesn't.
When we tell her to go to bed... she runs the other way and won't!

It's so weird.  She's like, a different dog.

And she's being very demanding too.  In a doggy way.  We are not used to this behaviour from Coco.  And I really don't know why she's being like this.

I hope she morphs back to 'herself' soon!
Cos we are all getting annoyed with her.

Now for cute dogs:  I got some lovely photos from Tracy in Hawera yesterday.
Tracy took home Molly from our 2nd litter, and Ruby from our 3rd litter:

ABOVE:  This was Ruby's first visit to the beach and Tracy said she loved it.  How gorgeous are Tracy's girls!   I'm amazed at how much dark colour Ruby has kept.  And Molly... she is the exact same colouring as Coco. 

I am going to miss having puppies.  I'm already thinking of getting a new girl puppy in a year or so.


 1. Having a go at rolling out pastry on the new Tupperware pastry sheet.

2. It kept moving, so he went to put it in the sink and dropped it on the floor.  He made a big mess, so what did he do?

3.  He slid the rug on top of the mess.  It's probably still there!

4.  Success on the floured bench.

ABOVE: ??? Watching the sausage rolls cook!  It's a bit like standing waiting for the washing machine to stop spinning!

Oh well... dinner was lovely.

Today?  I am going to get out of bed, do me blog, then pull on some 'work out gear' and get on the treadmill.  Then.. do some housework, then Hospice Shop after lunch.

Lunch?  Possibly some veges with gravy.  Green veges.  No potato.  It may seem like a weird lunch, but it's something I know I still like.

I hope to come back later and tell you how awesome I feel after being on the treadmill!
Fingers crossed.

TULLY:  thanks for understanding... we both know how hard it really is to struggle with emotional eating.  {{{HUGS}}} Chick.


I did a 30 minute walk on the treadmill, then I re-arranged my sewing area as it was just too cluttered, and took up too much room.  I'm happy with the result.
I've also tidied up a few cupboards and now I'm knackered.

As it's almost lunchtime, I'm going to finally have me shower and sit down for a little while.

Hospice Shop Duty was kinda slow today, and I only bought a couple of little wooden turned pen holders.  So, no 'treasure' worth showing.

Coco:  I've been thinking about her all day.
Griffin and Bex said she is now 'digging' on the beds.  I am wondering if she's in pain and thinks she's having puppies?  She is panting a lot too... though she was doing that BEFORE the surgery.
Hell I hope she's not got a tumor in her lungs.  
I did mention the panting to the Vet... and she said to just keep an eye on her and if I was really concerned to just take her straight in to be looked at.

Thing is, she stops panting if you hold her.

She's a bit of a puzzle.

Bex is on cooking 'duty' tonight, so it's great to just relax now.  I'm quiet tired after spending almost all day on my feet.

KELLY:  that is a possibility I'd not thought of.

End of Day:  well I'm happy today.  I got heaps done, did my community good deed by working at the Hospice Shop, and stayed 'on track' with food.  2nd day down.  Staying on track is a day by day thing right now.  Fingers crossed I can keep it up.
nite nite


  1. Hi Chris,

    It's been a while. So much going on for you. Not easy. Stress is @#$@. But you know that. My great suggestions ..... No.1 Forget about what you eat .... just be reasonably sensible. Learning to cope with stress is stressful in itself :) But it's always with us so well worth the effort. No.2 is make sure you have evening routine that helps sleep. No.3 is a little exercise. Not to too much or you increase stress. No. 4 choose something you really enjoy, Sewing!!! try to *o a little most *ays. No.5 Smile even when it hurts. No 6. Laugh or cry ... both work. No. 7 Hug someone just because.

    NB I foun* that getting wheat out of my *iet was a big part of the answer for me because that also re*uce* the things that trigger bloo* sugar response. So nice to not have that stress going on. It took about a week to feel better.

    I have yet to take my laptop to have the keyboar* repaire*

    Love - cyber hugs coming your way.


  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Molly and Ruby are beautiful. I was surprised to at how dark colour Ruby has also but still beautiful.
    Nothing much to say about the eating and weigh issues that hasn't been said before. You either do it or you don't up to you. Mary H

  3. Ohhhhhh they are so beautiful, haha nice baking effort...... Steve. Great to see you were on treadmill and sewing tidy.

  4. Good on you mum for getting on the treadmill. So proud

  5. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Sorry to hear things have been so shite RE food/health Chris. Stress is not much fun & wreaks havoc with the best of intentions. ((((hugs))))

  6. Baby steps... Walk yesterday, treadmill today! Good on you :)

  7. Well done on getting on the treadmill - something is always better than nothing when it comes to exercise !
    Have a great evening !

  8. is it a phantom pregnancy?????

  9. My fingers are tightly crossed for you


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