Monday, May 05, 2014


SCHOOL IS BACK...AND, I go back to the Hospice Shop on Monday afternoons.  I have missed it.

Brylee got all her electronic gear back last night.  

Fingers crossed she can stay out of trouble at school this term.  If she doesn't,  I have threatened to pull her out of school altogether and homeschool her.  I do believe that 'threat' might just keep her in line.  Can you imagine how hellish staying home with ME would be for her?  ha ha ha!

ABOVE:  the new succulent garden.  I love it.  All those plants will be twice that size soon enough, it is going to look lovely.

When we got home from the garden centre yesterday, Stew thought all he had to do was put the flowers into 4 pots and he would be 'done'.

Ahhh, nope.  I had more in mind, I got him to dig out all the old hydrangeas and put in Agave's,  and I put in a few succulents too.

ABOVE:  My poor, hardworking man.  And the youngest man around here watching his Granddad working, and Grandma taking photos ... of course!

I really enjoyed getting those gardens sorted out.  

Right, I shall go for now...


I decided to go down and do a bit of sewing... I've got a couple of projects to finish and send off ... when I got down there though, I thought about making my 'Stitches' sample thingee.
So I would know all the default stitches.
But... I had a browse through the books that came with the machine, and right at the back of one was a table of all the stitches.

I don't think I will bother making that Stitches 'book' now!

ABOVE:  it's pretty clear, no more physically scrolling through the stitch menu's now.  Yaaa.

The weather has taken a dramatic turn, it's really COLD and windy today. So, I went through my wardrobe, seeing what I can wear over winter.  NOTHING.

I have gained 5 kilos THIS YEAR alone.  WTF is wrong with me?  I hate hate hate being in this situation AGAIN and AGAIN.

I was doing SO WELL for most of last year... then I just went nuts.

I blame it on emotional eating.  I've been so worried about Stew's job, if he will even HAVE a job once the restructure is over.  The fact that the company managed to drag it out for 7 month already sure hasn't helped.

I HATE the company he works for now.  They (the higher up's) haven't given a bloody thought to how it has stuffed so many people up.  My husband has been treated abysmally.

And that makes me MAD as hell.

Rant over.   I'm off to get ready to do me stint at the Hospice Shop.  It would appear my email is buggering up.   So I am not moderating my comments for now as I have not been getting some for a while, some get through and others not.  Very frustrating I must say.    

Well... I didn't get home until late, just in time for dinner really.  And now I'm making an Apple & Blackberry pie for dessert.  So, busy.

I'll come back later.   

TRACY:  Thank Goodness I don't drink much!  I am sure if I did I'd be bigger than an elephant!

SARAH: I don't really have a favourite flower.  I do love flowers with a strong scent like Freesia's, and ANY that are blue!    

End of Day:  Well a busy day, I expected it to be 'quiet' at the shop today.... given it was a very wet, cold day.  But it wasn't.  I was kept fairly busy all afternoon with sales and stocking the racks.
Very tired after all that, then baking dessert tonight too. 
Which I indulged in.  And am now paying the price with wicked reflux.  I'm eating antacids as I type this!  I hope I can lie down in bed without having reflux choke me.
Oh well... self inflicted misery.
nite nite


  1. Dante looks so grown up in that picture....a right little man.
    Your succulent garden is going to be really pretty.

  2. Hope Stew's job is sorted and settled soon, sounds like 7 months of torture on you guys, thats totally wrong!!

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Sorry to hear Stew's job is still not sorted - must be so hard to deal with.

    On the upside, looks like you had a lovely time over the holidays even though you were happy to see the kids get back to school.

    I do love looking at all your craft work Chris - I am just a little envious of your sewing/knitting/crafting skills!!!!! :-)

    The garden looks fab & Dante as always is a cutie!!!!

    Just caught up on your last weeks worth of posts as I've been away. xo

  4. Lovely garden and it will look better when things grow up a bit more, Dante is getting taller and taller. I do hope for your sake and sanity and Brylee sake and sanity she toes the line. IF STEW does manage to keep hold of his job then I hope the decision comes soon most unfair, Now that Brylee and Griffin are older should you seriously start thinking about work yourself YOU HAVE soooo many great skills to offer.

  5. Hope you hear something re Stew's job soon. Fluffy has just this week gotten some casual work while he tries to find permanent work. It's tough, I can tell you. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon for you. And keep that stitches book handy! I think you'll be needing it! lol

  6. Wow! The backyard looks fantastic! I only wish our yard looked half as good at this point in time. Winter showed it's ugly face again yesterday. At this rate we're going to skip right over spring and head straight into summer. So trying to get our yard in order is way behind. So sorry Stew is having to go through so much at work and that it gets sorted out soon. Companies need to take families lives into account more often and so often they don't.

  7. What a wonderful treat to get to pop in for a visit. I LOVE your new flowers-well really I Love any flowers lol
    I still think of you every day I am in my sewing room as I have your blue purse you made me right in front of the sewing machine:/window and I have just broken over and started to use those BEAUTIFUL mug rugs you made me -only two so far -don't want to get the others dirty -they are so beautiful. And not to forget I have a bin with that beautiful fabric with the birds that you shared with it - I am still Totally Nuts over it! See, I carry you in my heart all the time.
    Hugs, Linda

  8. I agree with you about emotional eating. Stress stuffs up my eating too. Some people can't eat when they're stressed, not me! I hope Stew's job is sorted soon, one way or the other. At least you will know and be able to move on.

  9. Stress eating is so common and so very hard to stop. I hope there is a resolution (in your favour!) soon with Stew's job. Hugs xxxxxxxx

  10. I know all about stress eating, although I tend to stress drink too. I think in the 2 weeks before Christmas I lived on chocolate & wine because I felt too sick to eat anything else. I hope Stews job gets sorted soon, in the meantime do your best to get back on track. I hope the kids had a good day back at school.

  11. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I don't know if you have told us Chris but what is your favorite flower, from Sarah . Te Awamutu

  12. Ugh I can't stop eating crap. I'm up almost 20 from my lowest. Need to get my head back on straight!

    Man Dante sure is getting big now!


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