Friday, May 30, 2014


Ahhh Friday.  Usually a day I like as it means Stew will be home with me for two whole days.
But... not this week.

We have enjoyed the last 4 days, just the two of us.  Today we will make the most of our last day before the weekend hits, with kids home from school.

OH ... it's a long weekend too... so those that work in this house don't have to go back to work till Tuesday.

Brylee's school has decided next Tuesday and Wednesday will be 'Teacher Only Days'.  That means Brylee is home until next Thursday!  
I have to wonder how many teachers will actually be WORKING (at school) on those extra days off from teaching?  I think it's a wonderful way to get a 5 day 'weekend' myself.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

So, today's plans for Stew and I?  Off to St Lukes mall, have a kid free wander, eye up a few things... just enjoy the day.
Now let me think... are there any fabric shops over that way???   I better check me map!

Bex bought some 'puffer fabric paint' from Spotlight a while ago.  Yesterday she bought some socks for Dante and painted on them.  Then she had to wait a few hours before applying heat from an iron to make them puff up:

ABOVE:  bottom right is before heat was applied, and above was after.  It worked really well, and I'm going to use that paint to name the kids uniforms from now on.
It will be really difficult for anyone to get the names off using this stuff.  

ABOVE:  Our little man is still not 100%, snotty, grotty eyes, coughing and on/off miserable.  Though, he IS getting better.  
I'm not sure how Keera is, I forgot to ask Lacy last night.  But she must be on the mend too or I'm POSITIVE I would have heard all about it!

Lacy always SHARES when Keera isn't well, or driving her nuts!  *smiles*

I have not done ANY sewing this week, or read a single blog, and I even have two women's magazines to read that we bought on Monday!  I simply have not had the time or energy. 

I'm sure I will get back into the groove and catch up with everything/everyone next week.

Time to go....



Clearly I don't know what happens on 'Teacher Only' Days.  It just seemed very convenient to schedule two on the back of a long weekend.  Remember, I'm JUST a parent, so don't know what happens on these days.

I spend all day fluffing around, sewing, shopping and just having fun.  Obviously.  

***P.S. I worked in primary schools caring for special needs kids for 5 years before Brylee and Griffin came into our lives, so I have actually WORKED before.
Oh AND I taught pottery in schools too.
AND .... yeah nah, I will leave it there I think.

Stew and I are going out soon, so I won't be back for a while.

We are back... and I can report that we have had a really lovely morning.  We had a slow wander around St Lukes mall.  
Then we drove over to Mission Bay and had a nice lunch of pizza.  We have brought the left overs home for the kid's afternoon tea.

Driving home on the Southern Motorway, we counted 12 police cars, lights flashing, sirens going heading north... all in a bunch!  I wonder where they were all racing off to?

We just found out that all those Police were chasing 2 stolen cars, they stopped one in the Waikato, but the 2nd car continued up here into Auckland.  The Police chased/followed the 2nd car into Auckland city, then back out to Manurewa, where they finally got the young person driving it.  In all 7 young people were arrested by the sound of it.  

I'm sure it will be on the news tonight.

End of Day:  well it's been an uneventful Friday night. I got to watch my programmes on the telly in the lounge, and the guys got to watch rugby in the family room.  Perfect night! lol
nite nite


  1. Oh, let me correct you. Teacher only days are a nightmare and I hate them. And I am a teacher. We work like absolute dogs! All our training is done then (for first aid, child protection etc) and we work on all curriculum development. We never get the work finished and have to complete it in our time...and because it is group work, that means a fair few very late days.

    I do love it when people slam teachers! We are such slackers, aren't we? Perhaps you would like to come and join us and teach! I teach, on average, 150 teenagers EVERY DAY I WORK.

    What a disappointing comment from you, Chris. Perhaps I could some comments on women who don't work like yourself, wondering what you do all day? Except I wouldn't do that, because I have never been in that position and I couldn't possibly know what it's like!

  2. Enjoy your day shopping and sewing! I've been up since 5am writing Year 8 reports! (couldn't help that one, sorry)

  3. Oh and before you get all hurt and injured and say "I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING WITHOUT BEING ATTACKED!" you did ask to be corrected if wrong...I was only obeying your wishes.

  4. :) I would never suggest seriously that you spend all day fluffing about, or any other SAHM. I spent 8 months doing it and did a bloody average job. I don't have the experience to make grand sweeping statements. My comment above WAS tongue in cheek and payback!

    Our teacher days are usually the last two days of the school year. The worst possible time - we are exhausted but still have to perform. I am sure parents think like you, that it just means two more days holidays.

    Normally I don't bite when people criticise teachers, it's just not worth it. But when friends do, I have to put them right.

  5. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Wholy shit balls bat man.... Not So Cranky, calm the f**k down.....
    Ya do no my Ma was a teachers aid for special needs and one certain little boy did constantly attack her..
    I understand your outburst but now understand mine as Chris's daughter I will jump on and defend her.
    Sorry #2

  6. I have to jump in to agree with what Not so Cranky says...I have never been a teacher (thank god!) but I used to live with one and I totally agree that teacher-only days are hard work. My significant other used to come home from them drained, exhausted and...yes...cranky!

  7. It is Teacher only day at the kids school today, when I drove past the car park was full so there were obviously all of them there ready to work.

  8. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Wow...Dante sure looks like you! hugs~

  9. I'd love to get just one afternoon or morning alone with my wife! Seems like lately there just hasn't been the chance. Hope you really enjoyed your time with Stew today. Have a great long weekend with your family. Sorry for not stopping by your blog sooner I just haven't had the time.

  10. Not so Cranky its your choice to be a teacher ergo if there are training days then yes you have to attend and if your work requires you to do your marking at 5am your choice. AND if teachers don't have enough time in their days to complete the workload THEN complain to your respective employers. Yes we know you all work nights marking and preparing work for next units, we also know school cuts into your SCHOOL holidays we also know teachers have to go back early from xmas holidays to prepare classes once again your choice.

  11. I love Police Ten 7. :)

  12. Enjoy your last day alone! Get ready for action when the kids arrive!

  13. Have a wonderful looooong weekend.

  14. One good thing about being a teacher though is you get a lot of vacation! I get an hour a week so if I'm lucky I might actually get a couple days off a year. My friend works in a school and gets the whole summer off and all the holiday vacations too. Maybe that balances out all that "extra work".


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