Thursday, May 29, 2014


Finally.  Today is going to be more about us RELAXING instead of rushing here and there, getting both our vehicles fit for their Warrants of Fitness and Rego in the next couple of months.

So.  We are dropping my car off at the Dealers for it's yearly check up, oil changes etc.

While it's in there, we will cross the road and go see a movie in Manukau.  We are going to see 'The Other Woman' with Cameron Diaz.  I'm not a  huge fan of Cameron, but I've heard it's a good movie... so fingers crossed I enjoy it..

After the movie I think we will grab some lunch, pick up me car and head home.

So, a fairly quiet morning is planned.

I kinda forgot to post my fabric pictures from yesterday, so here they are:

 ABOVE:  Stew spotted this panel on the wall of the Craft Shop yesterday... and he said we should get one.  Dante ADORES dogs.  So I'm not sure what I shall do with it yet.  Maybe a wall hanging?  

ABOVE: I spied this one... it's a soft flannelet, so I think it will become a baby's cot quilt or cuddly blankie.   I think it's utterly ADORABLE.

ABOVE:  on the left some fat quarters and an end of bolt (top left) ... about 3/4's of a metre.  I'm loving the soft girly colours, and am dying to make a really pretty quilt with these fabrics in it.

The balls of wool?  They are TINY...

ABOVE:  SEE?  That's me phone to give an indication of their size.  They are for crocheting or knitting little flowers, motifs etc.  I'm thinking I will give that a go at some point.  I couldn't resist getting some cos they are so bloody cute!

Got some good news yesterday ... our son in Australia is feeling a bit better now, he is safe and that is all that matters right now.

When my brother's marriage disintegrated he was devastated.  He had us so frightened he would do something silly with his life.  That is how I felt about Russell the other day... he was just so hurt and broken.  If I ever doubted my son loved his kids, I don't now.  

I wish he had NEVER gone to Australia. 

OK... I better get a move on, and get ready to hit the road again! 


I forgot we had a glazier coming this morning to fit the new dog door in our laundry door.  He arrived a full hour earlier than we were expecting him.  And he needed to be paid today, so Stew went hunting for our cheque book.
After much searching, we found it and would you believe the last cheque we wrote was back in July, 2011 !

Just goes to show how much Internet banking, and EFTPOS have changed the way we all pay for things.

It's a crisp morning here again, but no frost.  Still darn cold though.

ABOVE:  The movie was quite good.  I expected Cameron to be ditzy, but she wasn't for a change. We enjoyed the movie and thought the 'wife' in the movie was the stand out best character and not Cameron, as expected.

While we were watching the movie, my car was in getting it's service... advertised at $280.
We agreed to the "service charge"  and an added amount for a couple of other little things, so signed on the dotted line for $310 all up.

Then Stew took a call from them and they said the car needed new wipers and a couple of filters... no mention of HOW MUCH that would add up to.  But Stew said OK.

Can you see where this is heading?

Yep.  We get back there and the 'extra' charges added up to the total being.... get this.... $545!!!

WTF?  So Stew questioned the amount and asked for a run down.  The new filters cost almost $100 ... and the BRAKE PADS were another $50 something, and the WOF was another $45.   

Ummmm excuse me, but we didn't ask them to do anything with the brakes or do a WOF.

So, Stew got a bit cross and said he should have listened to his wife (that would be ME) ... because I had already told him they would rip us off!
Did he listen to me?  NOPE.

Anyway, the refunded us the money for the brake work.  But we are still out of pocket by $180.  I'm so crabby now.

WE ARE NEVER EVER going back there.  

Anyone dealing with Toyota, don't go to their dealership for any sort of 'work' on ya car, cos they DO RIP YOU OFF.

Right, we are now home, it's cool and I'm going to sit down and get warm.

LYNDA: the Warrant was not due for another 6 weeks or so, and we did not ask them to do a WOF.  The brakes were just fine, probably needed new front break pads in about 6-9 months, certainly NOT now.  

As it turned out, they hadn't done the brakes at all, the guy billing us got the number plates mucked up and thought our car had it's brakes done.  Don't know how you can mistake my number plate for another one, mine is D C ROX.  Pretty distinctive number plate if ya ask me.

End of Day:  it was another lovely day spent with my hubby.  We have certainly packed a fair bit into our 5 days together, without the kids.
Mostly getting our vehicles serviced and repairs done.  We are both tired!  We have done heaps of walking around so far this week.
Time to hit the sack...
nite nite


  1. Hi, just looking at the panel with the dogs - what about making a kind of 'I Spy' quilt? Could you fussy cut the dogs, put some sashing around them, maybe alternate them with pieced blocks in coordinating fabrics (four patch, log cabin or sim.) etc.? Panels are lovely but the size is often not big enough for a throw etc. A few years ago I used a dinosaur panel in a quilt for my youngest boy - I had a repeat so I fussy cut some of the creatures and appliqued them over the top in some places, too. Ended up with a single size quilt (well, obviously I added a fair bit from my stash to it - that's what a stash is for, isn't it? Lol)
    After two frosty mornings no frost here today - YAY - still cold though!!!!

  2. What did you think of the movie? I reckon the "wife" stole the show. Brilliant, and I'd actually see it again!

  3. I love the barnyard fabric a picture book of dogs? Have a lovely day at the movies and what not I think me hat scarf and gloves are now surgically attached!!!! overcast but not so cold!! another front coming though!!

  4. Will be waiting to hear what you think of the movie - I haven't seen it yet but have thought about watching it.

  5. We use Toyota at Mt Wellington - had every single service done there since the car was new and it's 17 years old now. Never had any bother at all. If it needed the filters and stuff and they didn't do it you'd only have to rebook it and get it done another time. They phoned which is what they always do. Not sure why they did a warrant though? Strange if it didn't need it, when was that due? When I get a service I expect them to look at anything and everything that needs doing.

  6. Bugger about your car. :(. We use Toyota in Levin and have never had any bother. They are always up front with anything that needs doing including prices. Guess it all boils down to whoever owns the dealership.
    You will be very busy with those new materials.....clever girl.
    Good to hear your son is ok too :)

  7. OK that's not good. Jeez why would you want a warrant that's not due!! I would have been annoyed too then.

  8. Toyota Taupo don't have a good rep here ......

  9. Well glad to hear you managed to squeeze in a little bit of relaxation. I hate having the car serviced, they do the same thing here running up the bill, however one would never get a credit for a darn thing. Keep warm.

  10. Flannelet, I never heard that word before....

    I saw the previews of that move, I think it'd be pretty good.

  11. Oh yeah they were totally ripping you off! Saying they got the cars mixed up, yeah right!

  12. Ohhh they "mixed" it up, did they? HOW much do these union lackeys get paid per hour? Minimum wage is $7.30 here... so...

  13. The yellow lab is just like Murphy . Gee I miss him!


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