Sunday, May 18, 2014


If there was ever a time to 'fake' it ... it's now.
So many things are teetering, and I feel like our life is like a pack of cards.

I know that any time in the next few weeks Stew's job situation will be resolved, one way or another.

It's scary.  And it's always a constant in my mind.  7.5 months of uncertainty.  It would do in anyone's head.

I really don't feel confident about my healthy eating resolve.  Yesterday I did not have lunch, purely because I could not think of a single 'healthy' thing I wanted to eat!
So, I had nothing.

Dinner was beef rissoles, potatoes and peas/gravy.  It wasn't the most healthy dinner by any means, but it filled a gap.

A gap that has been filled for the past few months with cookies/lollies and crap like chips and dip.

Today for lunch?  I really have NO IDEA.  Everything I used to do for healthy options makes me just go 'blah'.  If you eat the same stuff day in day out, after a while you don't want to ever eat it again.
So, there goes salads, stir fry's, sushi and just about all the 'healthy' food I used to eat.

I just don't feel EXCITED about anything right now, I think of food and just draw a miserable blank.

The suggestion of getting a cook book or two for diabetics is probably a good idea.

But first, I will check and see if I don't already have something like that among my cookbooks.
I have quite a few cookbooks, which I've not looked at in YEARS!

ABOVE:  Coco.  Isn't her tummy looking good?  She has a check up today at midday.  I'm sure the vet is going to be ever so pleased with her recovery so far.

 ABOVE:  She is much more active now, though I have noticed she gets breathless fast.  Maybe she should be taking it easy?  Try telling that to a DOG!

ABOVE:  I was trying to get a nice photo of Steve, Bex and the dogs.  Bex covered her face, and Teddy laughed at me!  Well, it looks like he's laughing at me.  So funny.

ABOVE:  My new Tupperware, I've already got one of the blue containers in use. (the little green pot was a gift from the Dealer)

The rolling pin is supposed to have cookie cutters on the ends, but they got 'lost' en route, so Bex will probably bring them home after Playcentre on Monday.

I love how big that rolling pin is!  You can put ice in it to help keep the pastry from getting too soft.

Now that I'm trying to eat better, something tells me that home made pies will be a rare event.

Right, time to start the day.

I'm going to hunt for good recipes, MAGPIE:  thanks for the links and ideas.
If anyone has some bright ideas for GOOD desserts for diabetics, let me know.
Both Stew and I have (STRANGELY) developed a sweet tooth.

How unfair is that!  I used to have a total savoury tooth. Pies, pies, pies!  Now?  Cake, cake, cake.


LYNDA: thanks for all the links and suggestions, the 'bombardment' was funny actually!

MAGPIE:  if you have any good recipes just email them to me... and Thanks for the concern.

I went back to bed this morning, after getting up to blog and have a piddle... and I slept till almost 11 am!
I am STILL feeling overwhelmingly tired.  I'm starting to wonder WHY?  I have never felt like this before.... like I could sleep ALL DAY.

Stew wants us to go out this afternoon for a walk, either down by the waterfront (Mission Bay area) or out to Maraetia Beach.  Right now I just want to go back to bed, and I've only been up for 15 minutes!

I must take Coco to the Vets soon.... so I can't go back to bed luckily.

Home from the Vets.  Fiona, the vet, is very pleased with how well Coco is recovering.  We now just have to keep an eye on her and take her back in a week for stitches removal.

I told the Vet that I had been taking a photo each day of Coco's tummy, to make sure no changes go unnoticed.
Seriously, she clapped her hands to her face and laughed at me!

Apparently I'm the only person she knows who would think of doing that.  *smiles*  It seemed sensible to me!

ABOVE:  I found me cookbooks, and found a few with 'healthy' recipes by the look of it.
I will browse through them later.
For now... it's lunchtime and I think I will have some veges and gravy.  Not that I actually feel like anything to be honest.

Steve is cooking dinner tonight, he's making home made sausage rolls and coleslaw. 

Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I just went for a little walk around the Botanic Gardens.  It's so nice having them just down the road from us.
Perfect weather for a walk too... just a little crisp and cloudy.

LOL!  MAGPIE:  'bombardment' is when (in this case) you send someone several comments/emails in the space of a short time.
Lynda sent me several comments and emails pertaining to my struggle with food and how she could recommend certain foods, recipes etc.

I'm SO glad Stew encouraged me to go for that walk.  I'm feeling so much better for it.  All day today I've just felt like death warmed up, and tired.
Now I feel like I'm ready to start the day!  It's almost 6 pm.  Oh well... better late than never.

End of Day:  Steve's sausage rolls were lovely!  Well... the meat ones were.  He made a few vegetable ones too, but they were ikkk.  Him and Bex liked them... so they got to eat mine.
All in all... a funny sorta day.
nite nite


  1. I get that it's a hard time to think about healthy eating - and then you have to wonder... what is healthy eating really? We've been told to not eat fat yet all the latest research is pointing to it being good for you (as long as it's not eaten with carbs). About you wanting sweeter food? That is because you have higher insulin, it feeds your hunger and makes you crave sweeter food. This is why going low carb (or low glycemic) works... it cuts hunger and cuts cravings. I used to have a sweet tooth but now only have the odd desert. I linked to a great article on my blog yesterday called "Always hungry? Here's why". It was in the New York Times - maybe worth a little read :)

  2. I know what you mean about faking it, I have been doing something similar since December. Trying to carry on as if a certain issue isn't happening & focussing on it only when I have to. My lawyer gave me that advice as well but I am finding it is on mind more & more.

    As far as healthy eating goes, baby steps but keep eating regularly, even if you don't feel like it because it is important to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Even just a couple of mouthfuls of something.

  3. Chris, try not to get into a panic about what you are going to eat, what you had for dinner last night was fine, and you can still make your pies, make them once a week, you will be fine, I know it's overwhelming at the moment. I don't think you should do anything too radical, you are not up to it. There are some lovely muffin and cake recipes in the link to diabetic eating you just need to change some of the ingredients to lower glycemic. If you want me to help you, just email me. Xxx

  4. I was thinking that if you like dip and chips maybe you could start dipping carrots and celery into fat-free tomato salsa? I know it's NOT the same, but it still has that dipping hand-to-mouth action that is so satisfying! xxx

  5. Anonymous11:34 AM


    When I mostly stopped eating foods with sugar one of the snacks I had was some peanuts and a few sultanas, that really helped and I lost 5 kilos without trying, amazing really, I still had a few mouthfuls of cake here and there...I started eating sweet stuff again and put the weight back on, but like you am trying again to cut it out. Reading the book "Sugar the sweet poison" is interesting as well. I need to lose a lot of weight too...



  6. Smoothies with chia seeds added Juices I am into juices at the moment mine is apple carrot celery beetroot raw pineapple 1/2 lemon 1/2 lime zingy sweet and cold I keep the fruit I want to juice in fridge and juice in mid arvo. My smoothie is trim milk trim homemade yog frozen blueberries assorted berries kiwifruit, and in the summer I freze thta mix for iceblock things. THE YONANA is an awesome icream maker YOU use frozen fruit only and it churns out sorbet icecream I LOVE IT!

  7. Haha... sorry for the bombardment :)

  8. Hi, what is a bombardment.

  9. I think you are just overwhelmed by everything you are going through and how so much is expected of you. You love your walks with Stew, maybe you could try for every second day, a 30 min walk after dinner together. You don't have to go at it full pelt. I think you always have done that and then it becomes just too much. You are probably feeling a bit depressed too, God knows I would be, with all that you gave been through recently and the worry of Stews job. You will be ok Chris, cause you have so much guts and determination. Just slowly, slowly. Maybe you can help me too, I need to stop my Kate night eating. I eat healthy and no junk during the day, but comes midnight and I get the desire to have my treats.

  10. Not my Kate? night eating lol, late night eating. Who is Kate anyway?

  11. My night eating? ??

  12. I am in the same boat as you guys with work. I found out last year my work was being restructured and I will find out in the next few months if I will still have a job. It is looking unlikely that I will have a job unfortunately. You feel like your whole life is in limbo. It is torture.

    I have gained back at least 30 kilos over the past year while my mum was sick and I used food as a comfort. I really need to get the weight off because I have lost all confidence in myself, my back is killing me all the time, I no clothes that fit and I just feel very unhealthy. With the stress of my mum passing away and the work stress, moving house etc, it has been so hard to focus on being healthy. I am going to see my GP next week and I am going to raise the prospect of a script for Duromine to help me out a bit. I have no idea if it is a terrible idea and my doctor probably won't even give me script because she is quite conservative, but it is worth a try.

    Good luck. I admire that you just don't ever give up!


  13. Anonymous10:10 PM


    There is an injectable medication called Victoza which they give to people with diabetes (google it) and other overweight people, one of my friends has started taking it and is slowly losing weight...I will see how she goes..and maybe give it a try..


  14. Hello Chris! I've been reading your posts, but have been really bad about commenting. Sorry! I feel your anxiety about job and food. Job - I feel like I'm being edged out. Food - I stopped all refined sugar and lost a bunch of weight, stopped taking two meds, and now feel a lot younger than I look! But I still fake it, just like you. I've heard of the saying "act as if" (which is faking it), and after a while, you will think it all the time and it will be how it is! I haven't been diagnosed with diabetes, but expect to at some point. The tests keep coming back negative. What helps me more than anything is just eating healthy, and getting exercise when I can. I ask myself when I think I'm I really hungry...or am I mad, sad, otherwise emotional about something? Sometimes...just putting it off for a bit helps. But, your friend is right about skipping a meal...DON'T DO IT! You need to feed yourself to keep everything working right. Glad to hear about Coco being on the mend. Both of your babies are such cuties! Take care, girlfriend!

  15. When I don't feel like eating but know I should eat, I have a protein shake. I have two current favourites,

    one scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2 cup frozen spinach, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 cup of water and lots of ice -blend until ice is all crushed

    one scoop of vanilla protein powder, 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (the kind for baking, not hot chocolate powder), 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp coffee cream, 1 cup of water, lots of ice - blend until ice is all crushed

    The first one reminds me of a daiquiri (you cannot taste the spinach at all), and the second one is very milkshake-y tasting. They are both very filling and hydrating because of the water and the ice.

    And you absolutely cannot taste the "chalkiness" of the protein powder.

  16. Pinterest is a good place for recipes. Also I really like


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