Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Because I bought diddly squat from the Hospice Shop yesterday, I think I shall go visit some of the other Hospice Shops around the area, see if I can find some treasure!

 ABOVE:  these are the two little wooden pen holders I did manage to find yesterday.  They are rather cute.

ABOVE:  I'm enjoying this stuff ... but something tells me it's not too good for me.  I bet pure, unadulterated popcorn would be fine though.  Can someone work out just how 'bad' this stuff is?  It ain't go much sugar in it!

ABOVE:  the result of me labours yesterday morning.  All tidy, organised to within an inch of me life!  lol

ABOVE:  Bex gave Dante the old rolling pin to play with.  Rather typically he put it in his gob.  By the look on his face (left), it didn't taste too good.  And YES, there is still flour on the floor.  I was hoping ANYONE but me would clean it up. DUMM DEE DOOooo....

Well... time to get me sneakers on and get on the treadmill... get the exercise out of the way for the day.
Hoping for another 30 minutes.

*** Just as a side note.  I've got a little 'challenge' going on with a fellow blogger.  We both aim to lose AT LEAST 4 kilos in the next 4 weeks.  

Anyone want to join in?  We are just keeping in touch via email, probably just one or two a day... sharing how our day is going any blimps 
along the way, etc.  My email is stewandchris@hotmail.com  IF you want to 
join in. 


I DID IT AGAIN.   I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill, listening to Glee!  It sure makes the time go faster if you are listening to something you like.

Why do exercise in the morning?  Because it sets you up for the day in a good frame of mind.
And you are less inclined to 'blow it' when you are feeling good about having done your exercise!

If you wait until the evening to exercise, for me anyway, I tend to think ... if I eat this evil piece of cake, I can 'work it off' tonight on the treadmill.  DOES NOT HAPPEN.  You get to the end of the day and you just don't have the energy to exercise.  

So.  Morning exercise works best for me.  What about you?

And come on girls.  Who's joining me and L with the 4 week challenge?

I'm really happy on one hand, and crabby as shit on the other!

HAPPY:  because I resisted EVERY SINGLE THING that assaulted my nose while walking through the mall this morning!  I ate NOTHING at all.

CRABBY?  Cos I decided to try on some clothes... I wanted another top for winter.  And OMG!  There is nothing more demoralising than trying on clothes with HUGE BLOODY MIRRORS showing you JUST HOW FAT YOU LOOK.
From the front, the back AND the sides.  NOT pretty.  Nope, not at all.

If there was anything that will spur me on it's those freakin' mirrors.  Nasty things they are.

I did find a top that I am happy with ... eventually.
Do you have any idea how many HOT FLUSHES I get from trying on clothes?  TOOoooo many.

So.   I have fallen in LOVE with a gift range called 'Britto'.
Gorgeous Disney characters, figurines, soft toys etc.
Today I got my FIRST one.  It's my 'well done on pulling ya finger out' gift to myself.


 ABOVE:  Tallulah!   She is only little, but so cute!

While I was taking Tallulah's photo, I dropped me lens cap on the floor.  Dante looked for it for me:

ABOVE:  on the left is his "Where did it go, it's GONE!"  look.  Then he found 

it and tried putting it back on me camera.  This kid is just so bloody 


*** There's now 5 of us in the 4 week challenge!  Ya, welcome to Linda, 

Maggie, Janine and Kate.  

Right, I really must have some lunch... today?  Fish cake and egg. 

***And now there's 8 of us! 

MAKE THAT  12! (that includes me).

Linda, Maggie, Janine, Kate, Enz, Sandie, Penny, Pinky, Anne, Tina and Karen 

B... thanks for jumping on board and helping us all lose 4 kilos (or 4 

pounds), no pressure, just support.
If you don't lose 4... well hell...1,2 or 3 will be just fine too.   

I will email everyone tonight before I go to bed, and again in the morning.  

Let's get this 4X4 underway!

End of Day: really happy to have a little group of girlfriends to help with the 

weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.  Together, we can do it.
nite nite


  1. I will join in, but from my work email.

  2. I had a foot scare (swelling) about 8 months ago the community gym lady says this go lite and or salt reduced tinned food that's a start just with that I lost 6kg making that change 8 grain bread! and avocado or hummus instead of butter marg where possible, VEGES FRUIT a must in the arvoI eat celery carrot and cherry tomatoes.

  3. I want to join in Chris, I don't know about 4kg ,because I can't walk at all much at the moment. Be in touch
    After by email.

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I walk 5 klms on my treadmill every day Chris - I bought a cheap TV and have it set up attached to a DVD player in front of it. I didn't get a TV point installed as I only watch DVD's to keep me entertained. My daughter has all the Glee seasons and they are my favourite to watch - the music and dancing makes the time go so much quicker and I find I also work harder when music is involved. I also subscribe to a free website called Calorie King which you can track all your food and exercise on during the day. It works out what you are allowed based on your weight and height etc. It's basically like a free Weight Watchers! It's great when you are just starting out to give you a good idea of how much you should be eating. Sometimes it shocking (depressing) to realise how little of your favourite things you should be having! Even if you don't use it every day, it's a good data base for things like your popcorn treat. Good luck with everything :-) Michelle / Sydney.

  5. The more the merrier. I'm feeling so much more positive today so a HUGE BIG thank you !!!
    Have a great day !

  6. Oh I am so jelly of your gorgeous sewing area! And good job getting on the treadmill... I have one that I have been avoiding for oooohh about FIVE years! I should really get on it.... but I have been upping my fruit and vege intake since getting my Vitamix. And I add coconut powder and chia seeds etc.

  7. I sent you an email. My big goal right now is to get back up to 10,000 steps a day every day. I'm managing about 4-5 days a week right now. This week, I'm committed to 10,000 every day. I managed today! Only 6 days left!

  8. Yes, I know all about hot flushes.. especially when trying on clothes. My God those mirrors are awful aren't they? It's the bright lights in there, don't help at all. I don't need to lose weight really but I'm making an effort to get down another kilo just to be more comfortable. Good luck to you and the others !! I am aiming to get a little fitter though but I'm sure once Joanna finished work and I don't have Cole to look after then I'll have more opportunity to get out walking etc.

    Your sewing area looks like Spotlight!! LOL... I'm spending so much time there these days getting wool for my crochet projects. Kinda of fun, I've got four more adult size blankets to make.

  9. I am in too, but just for last two weeks :) got to get myself sorted first

  10. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I'm in, will email you this afternoon. Penny xo

  11. I hope all is well with Coco. Fancy there still being flour on the floor. Steeeeeve, it's part of cooking! Ya sweep after! :)

  12. Im in too CHris!

  13. I'm in as well!! Will email you!

  14. Ohhhh, I'm so done with trying to lose weight. I used to just shed weight doing nothing! Now I'm gaining slowly but surely. I'm 30lbs over what I usually am.

  15. I love the material room!

  16. Hey count me in too. I need to get started again. Not sure I can email more than once a day but would love to tAke part and have support from everyone.

  17. Don't know if my comment came through to you but I want to be 13!

  18. I am in too, even though I go to my ww meeting…all the support I can get, and give is better.

    Love those pics of Dante...

  19. That e-mail tonight was EXACTLY what I needed - so finishing off having had a great first day on track - here's to a gazillion more - for all of us !!!
    Good night and talk to you tomorrow !


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