Thursday, May 15, 2014


Coco goes to the Vets first thing this morning for her operation.
I'm not feeling too anxious about it... I am going to be positive that this tumour will be removed easily, and her spay will go well.

I have to get her in there by 8 am, and pick her up around 4 pm this afternoon.

Something tells me I will need to have a cone ready for her, so she can't pull at her stitches.

Apart from that, I don't have anything pressing to do today.

Bex and Dante are going to visit Lacy and Keera this morning.  Lacy is going for her Drivers License Theory test.  She's been swatting for weeks, so hopefully she passes first attempt!

So... maybe I shall do some sewing!
Yeah, that's a lovely idea... I love sewing.  It's relaxing. 

Last night I got another couple of Stitch Menu's sewn out.
I felt really CROSS to discover that Stitch Menu 11 is virtually exactly the same as Menus 1,2 & 3!  
AND...take a look at Menu 1, Stitches 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 25 & 33.  They are all the same stitch!
Ripped off feeling?  Much.

ABOVE:  The only thing that did excite me was the Buttonholes (blue arrow).  They are incredibly easy to do.  Virtually so simple a 5 year old could do them.

I don't have many left to go before I start stitching out the Alphabet stitches.   At least they won't be exactly the same.  Yaa.

Right, I better get a move on, and get Coco to her appointment on time.


Well... Coco is at the Vet's.  She was as frisky as, jumping all over the place.  Bet she won't be like that tonight!
They are going to ring me after her surgery just to let me know how it went.

So, I won't be straying far from the phone today, that's for sure.

It is wet and miserable today, and COLD!  Might just have to turn a heater on soon.
My right arm is like a block of ice!

It is white compared to me left arm... it's so WEIRD.
I'm not tempted to go down to the garage and sew right now.... hmmmm, what to do?

Some GOOD NEWS!  The US company that 'stole' $1,700 from our Visa Account has reversed the charges!
Our bank said that because of the exchange rate, we got back all but $80 of it.  And OUR BANK paid the difference for us!  How AWESOME is that? 
THANK YOU Bank of New Zealand, you fulla's rock.  

Because I am so cold today, I'm vacuming the house and doing a general tidy up.  That is warming me up, thank you very much.

NOW I remember why I don't vacum as much as I used to.
My lower back simply cannot stand it.  I've stopped midway through the job as I need a panadol.  Or two.

I am still buzzing about that Visa charge being reversed.  Such good news.  We needed some good news to be real.

ME:  we hate the cones for that very reason too... plus in makes the dogs coats matt way faster, and they give Teddy and ear infection too!  So, here's hoping Coco doesn't have to wear one for long.

Just had a call from the Vet.  Coco is out of surgery.  It went 'ok'.  

The operation was quite a bit 'bigger' than anticipated, her entire mammary gland which was tumerous had to be removed.  She will have to be watched VERY carefully for the next two - three days, to make sure she does not suffer any bleeding, as that COULD happen.  

So, no playing with Teddy!  No rough handling at all.... peace and quiet for our girl for now.
I am going to pick her up after 4 pm.

I have caved in and turned on the heat pump too.
I simply can't get warm.  Lunch time soon, and I will snuggle in me warm blankie.

Teddy is crying, crying, crying.  Missing Coco.
Poor boy.

LACY... Passed the Theory test.  I knew she would, she's studied day in day out for it.
The next step will be the practical test.

Only an hour to go before I can go and bring Coco home.  Anxious now.  

If there's one thing that pisses me off BIG TIME, it's a kid ringing from school asking for XYZ and putting me 'on the spot'.  Luckily I have NO PROBLEM saying NO.  My kids know they will always get a 'NO' if they put me on the spot.
Brylee is starting to make a bad habit of it.

Coco is safely home again.  Very sad looking, walking like an old lady, very gingerly.
I've settled her in the lounge on a warm woollen blanket with a hot water bottle.  She will be sleeping with me tonight I think, probably in the spare bedroom, so she's warm.

I let Teddy have a good sniff before locking him out of the lounge.  Coco needs peace and quiet for now.

I've taken photos, and will share them tomorrow.  Be warned ahead of time, they are a bit ikky.

Her incision is really BIG, much bigger than even I expected.

End of Day:  a quiet evening.  Kept a close eye on Coco, she's hardly moved though.  Poor girl.
We are now off to bed, hopefully she sleeps well and wakes up feeling a bit better.
nite nite


  1. I hope Coco's op goes well. I'm sure it will. XX

  2. ((Coco)) Hope it's smooth sailing for her! Sad there will be no more puppies, though...

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Wishing Coco well for her operation and a speedy recovery. Such good news on the Visa reversal. I know how worrying it is, happened to hubbys card and they had to close it and issue a new one for him due to the fraud. Also a message to Lacy, "Good Luck for your drivers test!".

  4. Great news on the Visa, you can buy extender pipes for vaccums? ring around OR hop into your heated blankey thingy and sew like that OR just hop into the heated blanket and read!

  5. Good luck Lacy!!!!!

    1. Woohoo you go girl!!!! - Lacy
      Ek hope Coco is ok - Chris

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Hahaha thanks chick :-) yea I'm pretty happy aye lol been swatting for ages for today and yea got it lol.... :-)

  6. I'm sure Coco will be fine, though she probably won't feel very good tonight.
    Glad to hear you got the Visa issue sorted in a positive way....those things can sometimes be such a mess to fix.
    That is odd about your arms. Might be worth asking your doctor about.

  7. Good news about the refund - that doesn't happen very often. I hope Coco is OK after her operation - K calls it the Cone of Shame because our dogs hate having it on. Actually I hate them having it on because they always walk up behind me and catch me on the legs !!!!!!
    We have a fire place installer coming over tomorrow morning to talk to us about where we can put a fire place in at our new house - I can't wait !!!! Not that it's that cold at the moment but it certainly is a lot colder out where we are now compared to where we lived before.
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  8. Well done Lacy :) That arm going white is a worry - very strange. I remember my mother's fingers used to do this. Yes, banks do refund for fraud like that but great it was done so quickly. I regularly check our statements for stuff like this.

  9. Anonymous1:03 PM


    You might have Raynaud's condition in your arm, one of my friends has it in her hands, arms. Hope your day goes well.


  10. Poor Coco, I hope she recovers well. She will be in good hands with you as her nurse.

    Well done Lacy, hard work pays off :-)

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Thank you Tracy :-)

  11. Well done Lacy! Glad Coco has come out of surgery OK even if the opp was bigger than expected!!

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Thank you AlleyCat :-)

  12. What was the doctor's prognosis on why your arm goes cold? Sounds somewhat odd to me. Glad lacy passed step one of her licence! Well done! hugs for Coco too. xx

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Thanks lol kinda wasn't step one....but hay...getting back in the right side of the law is always good

  13. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Hope everything goes OK for Coco. When we had our 2 small female dogs desexed (one had a hernia removal as well) we bought "dog t-shirts" for them. We made sure they were loose enough not to irritate their stitches but it also stopped them nawwing at their own and each others stitches as well. Plus they looked so cute :-) They were only about $7 each from the reject shop but you do have to make sure you get the ones that are just a soft t-shirt material with no velcro and that they cover their belly - some dog coats only cover the dogs back. Cheers Michelle from Sydney

  14. Good that cocoa op is over. Good luck with the next few days. Hope she recovers well

  15. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Well done LacyπŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Thank you Kym /Australia

  16. Well done Lacy, bring on the practical.
    Good to hear Coco is home after her op, hope she recovers well. x

  17. Good to hear you got the VISA scam taken care of. Hope Coco is her old self soon. Keep warm.

  18. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Great work Lacy, well done! Very sorry for Coco, hope she gets better soon. Penny xo

  19. Since your dogs spend a lot of time in surgical cones, why don't you invest in comfortable inflatable collars for them? These inflatable collars are much more humane and a dogs like them much better.

  20. Hope Coco is doing good. So cute. Your left arm is probably expose to the sun more than the right. You could wear gloves on the left until the right catches up in color :)


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