Thursday, May 22, 2014


OK... it started out small... then it got a bit bigger, and became a bit of a monster by the end of the day, with emails flying all over the place.
So, some clever tart suggested we create a Private Facebook Group.  So I did!

I have sent invites out to everyone who has wanted to join... except:

Tina.... I don't have your Facebook Profile/Account to send a Friend request to.

If you don't have a Facebook account, all good. I can just email you instead and bug the shit outta you on a daily basis!

If anyone else wants to join our Weight Loss SUPPORT Group, send me your Facebook Profile name and I will add you.  (

TODAY?  I'm going to do a few things I didn't get around to yesterday!  Seriously, I hardly got up from that bloody computer chair.

I want to get on the treadmill. And I want to do some sewing.  And read some blogs.  And do some housework.  And, and, and... heaps more stuff.

And then some more stuff.  The days are simply NOT long enough!

After having Takeaways for dinner last night, I feel ikkk... and like I've let myself down in a way.  But, I have promised myself, I will allow myself ONE evil meal a week.

Changing your eating habits is all very fine and dandy, but ya need to have a little treat now and again, or you are bound to fall off the wagon.

I have had my treat.  NOW it's time to knuckle down and do good by myself, and help my girlfriends by being a good role model.   It's the only sort of 'model' I'm ever gunna be after all!

Dante has been a very fussy eater for a while now, so Bex keeps coming up with ideas to tempt him to eat.

ABOVE: Last night the kid had blue rice and veges.  Looks more green to me though.

He did eat some, but he's still not that interested.  He'll come right eventually.
They all do.

So, that's what I'm doing today.  What are you doing?  I hope some of you are getting to do some fun stuff... like shopping!

Next week Stew is off work, he's having to use up some of his holiday leave, as he's simply got too many days accumulated.
So I am sure he and I will get to spend some lovely one on one time together.  I really can't wait.  


I woke up HUNGRY.  That does not happen very often. I know why I'm hungry too.  I didn't raid the pantry last night.  I was GOOD.  So.... brunch will be a little earlier than usual.  But that's OK. 

Who else is hungry?  I used to think if I felt hungry I was doing something right!  But maybe it's not the right frame of mind?  Maybe I should start having smaller meals more often, rather than a big lunch and dinner?

I'm going to cut my lunch quantity down by half.  I know I've been eating far too much at lunchtime.

The main thing I have done to help myself is:  NO SNACKING, No raiding the pantry, no cakes/biscuits or chocolate.

That is a bloody good start!

Steph and Michelle... done.  

Bugger.  I've got a headache AGAIN.  I don't usually get many, so having quite a few in a row makes me crabby.  I suppose it's down to my stress levels being too high.

Still got 2-3 weeks to go before knowing if my hubby has kept his job, been allocated a 'new' one in the same company, or been made redundant!  It is doing me head in.

FROGGY:  awesome news about your hubby's job.  Way less stress for you now. 

As of this minute, there are now 29 members of the Weight Loss Support Group, with 2 more pending!   Wowzers.  How cool is that?

It shows you are never alone in this particular struggle for sure. 

I took Griffin to the dentist today to start work on his dead tooth.

More on that tomorrow.

It's been a quiet day ... which was nice.

I cooked a hearty winter meal of pasta with bacon/onion/tomato and cheese.  Very filling.  I'm still getting cravings for something sweet after dinner, but so far I'm managing to quell the craving with time.

Time?  Well I just keep saying "NO NO NO" to myself until I go to bed.  Then me problem is solved and I wake up feeling empowered and happy with myself.

Still small steps, but, oh so positive again.

End of Day:  it's been a fab day!  Totally in control of the diet... and the Support Group is growing and growing!
Time to sign off for the day.
nite nite


  1. Chris, can I join your fb group? I need a kickstart!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Oh yea...should I book Pa in for some 'drives' now or latter.....still haven't gotten in a car yet.....geeesh what is wrong with me....

  4. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Could I joy please ?

  5. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Join even

  6. Wow it has morphed into an identity of its own that group haha! great stuff. Kids and eating swings and roundabouts eh. Have a great day doing whatever you do and judging from the list it will be alot!!! lol

  7. I know that the best thing for your metabolism is smaller meals more often and lots of studies recommend your larger meal at lunch time rather than night time.
    Thanks for everything - have the best day !

  8. It's all the extras that bring us to where we are. Moderation, though, is not always easy.

  9. If Stew has been networking, getting his resume out there and talking to all his contacts, then whatever happens he'll be ready. If he's made redundant he will have had time to be "looking" in case the possibility arises. But just remember, whatever happens, happens. It's tough, as you know! But he'll be okay.

    PS Fluffy started a new job last week. Touch wood, it's going well :-) xx

  10. Dante is just a gorgeous little boy and growing up so fast. Love seeing his photos. Hopefully life will settle once you get news about Stews job. It is not a very nice thing to go through.......we've been there, done that :( Thinking of you and wishing you strength for whatever happens.. xx
    My blogging and commenting doesn't happen much at all these days but I do think of you. Too busy coming and going from home and when we are here it's all about catching up lol Take care and all the best for your support group. x

  11. Eew Blue rice, please tell me she doesn't put food colouring in it. I used to give the kids n=mince and just grate heaps of veges into it, I also used to mash up the roast veges, add an egg & some cheese and make them into patties - they wolfed them down yet would not eat them dished up the night before as part of the roast dinner.

    Try to put Stew's job situation out of your head, I know it is hard but unfortunately you can't change it. In the meantime is Stew getting together a CV and references etc in case he has to go job hunting?

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      What's wrong with blue rice...and yea food colouring...coz rice dosnt usually come in many colours....
      Sorry....annything to get a kid to eat aye I say shot Bex...
      ♥ ya sis #2

    2. I would love to join your facebook group:) my facebook profile is Leighanne Davison Smith

  12. Its been great having the extra support, usually I am just accountable to me and my weekly weigh in on Monday evening, now I have a group that can help me stay focused. Thanks Chris for the group and getting it set up.

  13. Probably getting a headache from the sugar withdrawls. WTG!

  14. I agree that making small changes to your diet is a good start but treating yourself is not a bad thing either. Eating balanced meals is more important than exercising but you still need both for effective weight loss and a sexy body.

    fat loss

  15. The headaches could be because you've stopped sugar suddenly, or you may be dehydrated - I know you don't like water - but try and get more fluids into you!

  16. Can I join the weight loss group please. I am in Africa at moment so can't come on inept much but will be hoe in a couple of weeks


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