Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I hope it brings NOTHING!
Nothing but boring housework, sewing, watching Home and Away at lunchtime, and just peace.

I am so over shit.

I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND SOME PEOPLE, and the drama and worry they bring to others.

Yesterday I forgot to show you my 'treasure' from the Hospice shop!  So, I shall rectify that right now:

ABOVE: I hummed and haaa'ed over that cane thingee, then I got it.  And I'm so glad I did as it looks really good at the top of the stairs.

ABOVE:  It's a magazine holder I reckon.  I bet it never gets magazines put in it!  
It's so cute.  I think it cost me $2. 

ABOVE:  Three more melamine trays.  I have a fixation with them.  Shoot me now... cos I think we have about 25-30 now.  I find them so handy to put stuff in/on.  Not just food either.  I've got two next to my sewing machine to hold cottons I'm currently using, etc.

And a pretty dress for next summer, for Keera. 

So.  It's a new day, with all the possibilities of being a better day than yesterday.  It won't take much to be better, *smiles*.

I'm off to get some housework done before sewing something.


Oh hell, I have the headache from hell and am going back to bed!   

UP again.  And would you believe this?  Kelly's step son Leigh has had a car accident today!  He was run into by another driver..  But thankfully no harm done to either driver!

I think Gordon (Kelly's partner) is shitting himself now... cos things DO go in 3's!

Just got a phone call from Stew.  SOME HOW someone has managed to access our Visa and charge US over $1700 in internet security!  OMG!  I hope the bank can sort out how THAT happened?  Scary.

BLONDIE:  I do not think having a drink will help.  Alcohol should never be the answer to anything.  I am a very rare drinker anyway.  

End of Day: well it's been a quiet day thank goodness.
I've been nursing a cracker jack headache all day too.  Stress no doubt.
nite nite


  1. Drama and worry ?

  2. $2 for that rack what a score and I love melamine trays I have Beach setting ones Keera will look gorgeous in that colour.

  3. I thought you found a new man at the hospice shop ;)

  4. So the hospice shop is selling sexy men? Oh, it's the cane thing ... sorry, I was distracted!

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Try nor to worry about the credit card. We have had it happen and the bank took care of it.

  6. oh Chris I am sorry this shit at bank is adding to your stresses hugs

  7. OMG drink yep that's my answer have a stiff drink !

  8. Anonymous9:47 PM

    My PayPal account was hacked and money was taken :(

  9. Sound like you are having a rough couple of days. Hope the problems have come to an end. Take care.

  10. All too familiar with the banking stuff. Hopefully things don't take too long to get sorted out.


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