Saturday, May 03, 2014


I've finished knitting the Chevron Strips, now I have to do the shit job... stitching in all the freakin' ends!
Why didn't I do that as I went along?  It would have been so much less daunting if I'd done that.

I started on the first one last night, and it is going to take a few hours to do both of them.

ABOVE:  See what I mean?  Nightmare.
But, I'm going to sit down and just do it.  Then I will join them... maybe by crochet?  Not sure yet.
Then perhaps I will make up my mind what to do with it.  I'm tossing up between a small throw over the back of the Wing Back chair, or do another strip and turn it into a baby blanket?

Probably won't make up me mind today, I like to give some things LOTS of consideration.

Which is actually quite good, because I'm REALLY good at changing me mind.  Sometimes I do it over and over again, just ask me family!

So, it's Saturday.  Steve (son) is working.  Stew is home of course, so maybe a trip to the mall, or even a stroll along the waterfront somewhere?  It is supposed to be a nice weekend weather-wise.

We should make the most of it eh?

Right... off to get some washing on, then stitch in those ends maybe.


Well, it's been a lovely morning/afternoon.

ABOVE: Nicky and Alex (Friends from Hamilton) arrived to pick up Bex and Dante.  They were off to spend some time together at Lollipops, a children's indoor playground.
They had a lot of fun.

Stew, the two kids and I decided to go to check out a cafe' in Mount Eden that has a very good reputation.

We had lunch there.  It's a lovely BIG shop:

ABOVE:  'Circus Circus', taken from the side street, the shop extends back up the side street quite a long way.  It's like two old houses joined together to  make one big cafe/restaurant.  It is 'decorated' with circus type articles.

ABOVE:  The food was amazing.  Brylee and I only had a piece of cake, and neither of us could finish it.  And just look at that pie of Stew's!  He said it was simply divine.

ABOVE: Griffin had a chicken burger and chips. It also tasted and looked delicious. 

ABOVE:  parts of the interior of the cafe'.  While it was very busy, there was plenty of room and tables due to it being spread over two entire 'houses'.  
It was a lovely place to spend time over lunch.

ABOVE:  we fell in love with this building.  Can you imagine converting it into your home?  I would love to do something like that.  

ABOVE:  the Hospice Shop in Mount Eden.  It's a small shop, but it has some lovely stuff in it.  I got the ducks here... (what ducks?),  just wait...

ABOVE:  after Mount Eden, we went over to Ellerslie, cos they have a Hospice Shop there too.

ABOVE: upstairs at Ellerslie they have all the clothes, bric-a-brac, linen etc.  Then you leave the shop and head down the side of the building to...

All the electrical, sports, furniture, music records, DVD's, CD's, mirrors, paintings and a while heap more stuff!
An awesome shop.

ABOVE:  We managed to find quite a bit of 'treasure'.  And those three ducks!   

It's 'Duck Season' here, so I got me some ducks without killing them!  lol

So we had lots of fun while out today.  And of course finding two more awesome Hospice Shops was a bonus.

I might just be taking Lacy and Bex back to the Ellerslie one next week.  I'm sure they will love the shop.


  1. Chris, when the pieces are crocheted together you can include the ends then. I did that when I made my blanket. Lie them along the seam and crochet them under the stitching. Certainly easier than sewing them all in first!! Worked for me anyway.

  2. Eeeek rather you than me that's for sure! bit cold and dreary here not much of a day for anything!!!

  3. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Love Circus Circus. I have a friend who lives in Mount Eden and she loves it there, and I have eaten in a few cafes there with her. Olaf's is also worth checking out (on one of the side streets at the city end) - it is a bakery and cafe. The bread is fantastic. Penny xo

  4. Anonymous6:41 PM

    ...Lacy? Sorry she only has 1 day spare next week and that's Monday....the rest are full.

  5. Hi there! My brother lives in Mt Eden and every time we visit we have a drink in De Post!, we walk up his street and then sit outside for a vino! Havent been for a while ( to Auckland I mean). Love Circus Circus too and the place on the corner does amazing breakfasts, just love Mt Eden village x

  6. That looks like a great day! Love the ducks.


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