Sunday, May 04, 2014


I'm doing a happy dance in me head.
Tomorrow the kids go back to school, and I know Bex and I are both very happy about that.

Even though the kids have been really good on a whole, they do get under one's skin after a while.

Because we had such a nice time yesterday visiting a couple of suburban shopping centres, I'm going to suggest to Stew that we do it again today.

I wouldn't mind checking out a couple of suburbs on the North Shore.
Anyone got a good suggestion?  Where's the nicest ones?  We have been to Devonport on numerous occasions, so don't suggest that one.

What else?  I finished the Chevron knitting strip, crocheted it together and have it hanging over the wing back chair for now.  I have started making some plain pink strips for the arms now.

I have decided to save up and just get the chair recovered professionally.  I could never do it justice myself.

 ABOVE:  For now, the chair shall remain like this.

ABOVE: Dante in a jacket we got at the Hospice Shop in Mount Eden.  He's such a happy little man most of the time. Running everywhere now, and adding new words to his repertoire all the time.  At the moment he's trying to say:  "3, 2, 1, GO".  He's so cute.


After a bit of thought, we decided to go to the Pokeno Market.  So off we went, it only took about 20 minutes to get there.

We ambled around, it wasn't too crowded, so was quite nice.  I can't say very much took my eye, except for this ...

 ABOVE:  super cheap wool.  At David's Emporium it's about $3.50 a ball.  Here I got some for $2.00 a ball, which is a bargin.

 ABOVE:  I really enjoyed this man's music.  
We gave him a few bucks.

 ABOVE: it certainly seemed to be a popular place to be on a lazy sunday.  There is a really lovely gift shop in the 'shopping block', and I saw a really cute mini sewing machine, I would have bought it... but it was a hundred bucks.  So it stayed there.  Sadly.

I think I will start a 'collection' of sewing machine ornaments one day.

ABOVE:  I took this photo of Auckland from the top of the Bombay hills, and then I tweaked the shit outta it, and came up with that.  It's different!

ABOVE:  Of course I got some wool!  Bex saw it, and guess what?  They are going out there next Sunday.  I'm not surprised.

We bought a few pots of flowers on our way home too.  I'm going to have them in the front garden I think.
AND I'm going to put succulents in pots too... just cuttings from what we already have.
Off to do that right now.

Well... I kinda got carried away with the gardens.  Stew put the new flowers in pots in the front garden. 
Then I decided I wanted the hydrangeas hauled out of the garden around the side of the house, and I also decided to put succulents in the vege patch... we ain't much on growing our own sadly.
While we did get some lovely tomatoes from our 'patch', that's about all we got.

So I've turned that strip into a succulent garden.

I will show you tomorrow, right now I need a wash, gardening is dirty work.  And I LOATHE dirt on my hands.  I wore gloves, but some fingertips split, so I've got dirt under me nails and I'm getting creeped out ...  OCD I think!

TRACY:  no, we had a hotdog and chips instead.  We know their ice creams are amazing, it was hard to resist, but I did it.  As for Pokeno Bacon, nope.  We have had some of their produce before and I agree, it's awesome.  But we didn't get any today.

***There was a Pokeno Bacon shop at Mount Eden too.***

KATE:  What do they sell at the Grey Lynn market?


  1. That's a great idea to check out other suburbs shops. Have fun.

  2. Torbay Browns Bay I miss AKLD so much at times, was there on FRIDAY night actually did A FLYING trip up and back in one night!!!! phew to the sirport to see in Smauel girlfriend she had been in Europe for 5 weeks squeals and tears and hugs and kisses so CUTE! but one tired mumma....left at 5.30pm got home 3.30am!

  3. We went to the grey lynn market. ..nothing too exciting to report but a few weird fruit items to try. Gorgeous day though...

  4. Did you get an ice cream or go to the butcher at Pokeno? The pork is fantastic & even their sausages, and I generally don't like sausages. The ice creams are cheap as and generous sizes.

  5. Fancy-pants breads and veges and a lot of gourmet cheeses etc. But in all it was pretty small. The market out at clevedon is one of my faves and they used to have a good one at the racecourse. I'm going to suss out the Hamilton one one day soon... it looks good.

  6. Good for you remembering to pay the musician. :) I love the look of that open-air market. Sounds like a great day!

  7. Can you find a premade slip cover to fit that chair?


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