Friday, March 29, 2013


I measured the bed I want a new quilt for, and counted up and realise I have to make 99 blocks!  


Hmmmm... I didn't realise I would need that many!  

Well then, I better make a start on them.
It's not like we can go shopping,  being Easter and all.
OMG it's already Easter!  Where have those first 3 months gone?  

Perhaps sometime over this long Easter Break we will go to a beach? Or just SOMEWHERE new?

Stew often gets gift baskets from people who he deals with ... and I get the baskets to keep.  I love getting baskets!  I've got quite a few now...

ABOVE: this is the one he brought home last night.  With the goodies inside too.

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera visited last night, and I got these cute photos of Keera and Steve. Steve is just so lovely with her!  And she clearly loves him.


I am having the best time!  Making applique blocks for my new quilt.  
Poor Stew is mowing the lawns while everyone else relaxes.  I hope he can just relax after that and actually have some 'time off'.  

Ahh.. just remembered he went into work early this morning and has to go back this afternoon too... some of his work simply cannot wait.  *sigh*

I suppose that's just what you get when you are in a position like his.  The buck stops with him usually.

I will pop back on later and show you what I'm doing ...

I found this fabric at Spotlight the other day... I got the last on the roll sadly... 

ABOVE:  I fell in love with this fabric, so decided to use it as the 'Base' fabric for a new quilt.   I am now making 99 blocks to match it, I will also have about 20 blocks of just that (above) fabric too.  I've kept enough of the 'Base' fabric to make two pillowcases.

ABOVE:  so far today I've made a start on 11 blocks.  Tomorrow when the shops are open I will go and buy some braid or ribbon to use on the 'finer' details of each block.  

I also have to Applique stitch around every single piece of fabric too.

This quilt is going to take me months I think.  It is going to be a labour of love.  

While I've been having fun sewing... the kids have been playing Monopoly again.  Griffin won!  
Lacy and Keera are visiting today too... so the house is humming.
Love it.

End of Day:  well working with little bits of fabric all day ... and now everything is blurry!  As I'm typing, the letters all have a 'double' effect.  Quite interesting!
Anyways, it's been a really nice day, totally on track... and looking forward to Day 60.  Which is on the 8th of April, not that long to go (10 days).
nite nite.


  1. Gorgeous photos of Steve and Keera! And wow to 99 blocks of quilting - that will keep you busy over winter. Have a great day.

  2. Great photos of Keera abusing Steve. Happy Easter!
    opensabi 2253

  3. Lovely photos of Keera and Steve, 99 blocks well with all your people at the house get them to cut some blocks out! nah nah nah nah we have shops open cause we specsh!!

  4. Poor Stew. I hope he gets some time to relax.

  5. Love the colors of the fabrics! Sounds like quite the project.

  6. Such cute pics of Steve and Keera!!!
    You are so very talented, Chris!!! Your work is just devine!!! I so wish I was half as talented. I love quilts, but have never owned a home made one. One day!!!
    Thanks for showing all your pretty work!!
    God Bless~

  7. Love that fabric Chris! Can totally see why you had to have it. Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones. PS: step. away. from. the. chocolate! xxxx

  8. That fabric is so cool! And the blocks are looking awesome too! Can't wait to see the finished quilt now :)
    Yay for family monopoly! I have fond memories of my family playing that (and other board games) in the winters. We did get Junior Monopoly for Rachel sometime ago (2nd hand) so must get it out and play it with her! The downside of her being an only child - any board games require at least one of us (if not both) sitting down and playing with her....

  9. Hope Stew manages to get some down time and relax over the long weekend. Have yourselves a Happy Easter.


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