Saturday, March 16, 2013


Nah, hardly ever happens.

There is always a reason to get up, drat it all.

Today?  Well Stew needs to rehang the pictures on the stairway wall.  I will 'supervise' that.

Housework high on the agenda.  

And with any luck it's going to rain this weekend. 

New Zealand is made up primarily of two large islands.  Very cleverly called "The NORTH Island" and "The SOUTH Island".  Someone deserves a medal for those ingenious names.... but I digress.... the North Island is gripped by a 70 year drought, and has been 'officially' declared in drought.  The South Island is not much better.

So, rain is desperately needed.  The farmers are in dire straights, having to sell off much of their stock as they are losing condition.  

There was a very interesting satellite picture on the News :

ABOVE: on the LEFT, an image of the North Island in March 2012, and on the RIGHT, an image of the North Island in March 2013.  The only green you can see this year is forests or mountain ranges basically.  Everywhere else is dry, parched land.

ABOVE:  the cracks in my "lawn" are getting bigger, even the bloody weeds are dying now!  *note me foot for size comparison*  

 ABOVE:  Bex's Birthday Cake.  Thanks for the chocolate Lacy!  ha ha ha!

ABOVE:  I love this photo. 

Someone asked how Steve and Bex came to name their son Dante?

They had a short list of names for him... but kept coming back to Dante.  Dante means:  'Enduring, Lasting, Steadfast' in Latin.

They are already thinking of names for No# 2 baby!  And NO, he/she is not on the way yet!

ABOVE: ... our sunset last night.  See the hills in the distance?  Grey.  NO green on them fields.  Looks so strange.

I am in love with music by James Arthur from The X-Factor (2012 UK version):

Every song he sang in X-Factor was AMAZING, so if you get time, check him out on Youtube.  You won't be sorry.   I could listen to him EVERY DAY, but he hasn't got an album out yet.
I keep going into JB HiFi to check, but sadly ... none out yet.


Got a good job done this morning.  Tidied the linen cupboard AGAIN... you couldn't shut the doors it was that messed up.

Washing is out as it's another stinking hot day... NO sign of that rain we are supposed to get yet.

We will have to go grocery shopping sometime this weekend.  That's enough to put me in a shitty.  Actually, I'm already in a shitty!

But... moving on.  After last night's blow-out meal, I feel cross with myself.  Kinda knew I would... just confirms to me that if I want to be where I want to be next summer I shouldn't have quite such a BIG blow-out meal!  It was almost verging on A MASSIVE BINGE.  Thankfully I didn't go back for a second piece of cake.

There is cake left over... but I will NOT have any.  It's not worth ruining my day for.

Update on Keera:  she's still a bit sickly, but certainly on the road to being all better.  Lacy on the other hand is now sick too.   SO glad I covered by face before checking on Keera yesterday!  Here's hoping Kelly and Rena don't catch the bug. 

After hanging a lot of washing outside, I've just had to get it all in!  We have a few spits of rain!!!  Let's hope it gets worse.
It's so strange praying for rain!  But seriously, this country NEED rain.

It's all about the rain today!  It's getting dark... EARLY.  We have clouds!  Griffin is sure he saw some spots of rain!  Everyone keeps looking outside... waiting for rain......  

End of Day:  well no rain to speak of today... but it is promised for tomorrow for 75% of the country.  Fingers crossed for everyone.
nite nite.


  1. Very nice feet Chris. Hope it rains soon for you .

  2. What a beautiful photo of Steve Bex and Dante, and another beautiful photo of that sunset. We have fluffy clouds and NOTHING else some rain will happen and it will fall all around The central plateau region but just not on us!

  3. Ohhhhhhh I love James Arthur too we saw that youtube a few weeks ago when he auditioned in the top 10 he was amazing then and so humble.

  4. Thanks for sharing the clip of James Arthur - I'd not seen him and he is amazing. Do you use iTunes? Seriuosly woman get with the play here!! The music is much cheaper than buying CDs and you can burn the music to a CD at home if you want. You can pick an choose the songs you want. We have a package you pay $30 for a year an it means we can access every CD we own (hard copy ones that we have loaded onto iTunes) anywhere at anytime. It also means every bit of music you own is backed up in the clouds.

    If you don't want to pay that, iTunes is free apart from buying the songs.

  5. Oh and forgot to say - I think Steve and Bex and Dante are adorable :) Not only has Bex had a magic effect on Steve, their little family has had a magic effect on you all.

  6. All I have ever heard of New Zealand is how it is so beautiful!

    Hope you get plenty of rain to keep it that way.

    North Island and South simple? You all probably just name your sports teams by their uniform color. Something silly like the "All Blacks!"

  7. I hope you get rain soon Chris, those images say it all!

  8. No rain here in Palmy!

  9. We had a thing in our local news about the drought down there.


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