Monday, March 18, 2013


Before I went to bed last night I sorted out a few fabric/colour combinations for Christmas Drawstring Bags for the grandkids:

ABOVE:  I have 8 combo's already sorted out.
I can't wait to make a start on them.

But that won't be this morning.  I have to visit Lacy so the two of us can work on some legal stuff, before she has to go to court again to get a few more kinks ironed out in relation to her ex.

After that I will come home and hopefully make a start on those bags.

We played Monopoly yesterday, it was quite fun... but confusing too as the game Steve bought has totally different names for the streets etc.  

 ABOVE:  I think Steve was rather confident he would win... see the look on Bex's face?  It was like, oh shit.... 

ABOVE:  she needn't have worried.  Steve was the first to go bankrupt... and then me.... and Brylee.   So the tart won.  Her face said it all.

Griffin WAS playing, but he got bored... which is a shame as the game involved reading and counting.  Maybe he needs some sort of incentive to play ... like when you pass 'GO' you get the $200 AND ???  Food would be a good one for him!  Maybe a lollie jar in the middle, lol.

And then again, do I want to start using food as a 'reward' and set him up for problems with food further down the line?  Hmmm... maybe not.  I might have to put me thinking cap on and give it some thought.

Dum dee doooo....


Here is another cute wee video of our Dante:

Off to sort out legal shit now...

Well legal stuff sorted out... have to go in on Thursday to sign Affidavits again.  It just goes on and on... and I'm stuck in the middle.  

Sewing.... lunch... sewing... been busy!  The promised rain for today has not eventuated, so now we are living in a sauna.  Hot and humid.  Just the sort of weather to make me melt.
If only it melted just me fat!  lol

I am really enjoying sewing today... while listening to Taylor Swift!  Yes I know... lightweight music, but it's what I feel like.  

Today has gone so darn fast... seriously when my alarm went at 1 pm to remind me to take my Metformin pill... I was SHOCKED!  And ummm... it's now 3.22 pm and I still haven't taken it.  Whoops.

I took me pill... I am getting really good at actually taking them now.  I am hoping that my next blood test (in 8 weeks?) is going to show an amazing improvement.

Today's sewing efforts so far:

ABOVE:  I really LOVE the brown/pink one!  The other one is cute too... but more for a child.  The other one might just go to an adult.

End of Day:  a lovely peaceful day today.  Feel annoyed with myself though.  While I have NOT been snacking at all on anything, I think my portions could be better.  I'm still giving myself too much.  Dammit.  It's a constant battle to keep myself under control!  Learning.  Baby steps again... but I will win!
I have to.  I hate myself the way I am.  And only I can do anything about it.
Sorry, didn't want to end on a sour note.
nite nite


  1. Oh is that the Junior Monopoly or just a new updated version of the regular game?
    Yay for Bex's winning :)
    Hope you are able to get everything sorted for Lacey.

  2. I dunno, Chris, it's a long game. Maybe some sort of reward every 20 minutes or something. Or every 20 minutes he gets x minutes of video time or whathaveyou for later.

  3. Those bag colours are lovely , Dante was trying so hard to communicate how lovely he is so darn handsome... YAY we finallt got some rain not heavy just fleeting passing showers/drizzle.

  4. Anonymous2:27 PM

    LOVE monopoly!!!! my sister & I used to go stay with our cousins in the school holidays & the 5 of us would have week long monopoly games!!!!!!!!

    Your bags look lovely!!!!!

  5. Love the bags Chris - and go take that pill! (its now 3.50pm!)

  6. Oh my Dante is so stinking cute!!

  7. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Karen I am sorry I am a bit offended by your comment, or mayb its just how you put it, my mum dosent sort everything for me, I do and am doing things for myself and Keera, im very sorry, mayb its this wether getting me all grumpy, but I want people to no I do apreciate my mums help but I am also doing things to better myself for myself and Keera, thank you Lacy & Keera.

  8. sparklingmerlot has left a new comment on your post "KEEPING BUSY":

    Love the bags. What sort of things would you use them for (apart from camera?

    Sorry Chick... I deleted your comment by mistake... so copied it and pasted here.

    Toilet bags, hair accessories, jewellery...

    if I made them longer they could be for holding a bottle of wine.. nice gift idea?

    Keeping ya kindle in?

    Keeping PSP and a few games in?

    Keeping ya knickers in one place in a suitcase?

    Lunch bag?

    Made longer... keep ya GHD's or curling iron in?

    Make up bag?

    Baby bottle holder?

    Feminine product holder?

    Made larger... tog & towel bag?

    Made larger... sleeping bag holder?


  9. Lacy,
    I am so sorry, I certainly didn't mean to offend you at all! I know you are doing a fab job with Keera (I left a comment saying this a few days or so ago). Please accept my apology.

  10. Love the pink and brown bag...

  11. So much TALENT! (who can't use a sewing machine? Yeah.. me). I get inspired when I watch Project Runway, but then I get.. busy doing other stuff. XX Hope it's not still so wet up there and that the shakes didn't scare ya!

  12. That Monopoly game looks different.
    Nice photos.
    Good luck with the legal stuff.


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