Sunday, March 17, 2013


BUT I'm doing it anyway!

I'm sorting out my clothes. 

If it doesn't fit me now and I am never likely to want to wear it again (or at all) ... I'm throwing it OUT.

I made a start on it yesterday afternoon, and after an hour or so of sorting... I had one big black sack full for the rubbish, and another one full of stuff for the Hospice Shop.

Today I'm going through all the clothes in my drawers.

AND I am going to get all the clothes in the roof (attic) down and go through them too!  There is heaps up there, most of it is small stuff that I wore after I lost all the weight years ago.

I don't expect to fit even half of it again, so I'm going to get rid of a lot of it.  It is only going to bother me knowing I can't wear it.

I expect this job to take me all morning!  

Apart from that, no other plans for the day.

Oh and before I forget... I spent almost all day yesterday catching up on blogs!  And I used a new site instead of Google Reader... because Google Reader is going to kill itself on the 1st of July.   Arse. 

I'm hoping I've done the move over to a new Reader/Feeder properly?  Now I'm using 'Feedly'. I used it yesterday and I like it.  
Best feature?
You can delete blogs from your list with a simple click.  Unlike Google Reader, which never let me delete ANYONE no matter how hard I tried!

Fingers crossed it performs well and doesn't die on July 1st too!  

The other change today:  I have had to put Comment Moderation on for ALL COMMENTS.  A particularly disgusting, vulgar comment got through the SPAM filter and was published on my blog yesterday morning!   I deleted it as soon as I saw it, but a few people did see it too... sorry, but that was beyond my control.   NOT ANYMORE THOUGH.  

Now if you leave a comment, it will not be published until I have had a chance to moderate  comments during the day.

This is most annoying as the system I had going was working well.  But there is no way in hell I want any comments like yesterday's getting published again!

Lastly for now, I made another one of those cute Drawstring Bags, this time I put padding in the 'body' of the bag and quilted it.  I plan on putting my camera in this pretty bag when I want to just throw me camera in me handbag, giving it some protection from bumps.

ABOVE:  I love this bag!  The three primary colours go together so well.  What do you think?

Give me ideas for the next one... what colours?  I plan on making all my grandkids one for next Christmas, with a little personal gift inside.


 My little bags are this big:

ABOVE:  thanks Brylee.... the bag on the left is not padded, the one on the right is.
Weird how I've gone for yellow both times!  I'm not a fan of yellow at all, but they look so cute!

ABOVE:  WE HAVE RAIN!!!  Here's hoping it rains all day, and tomorrow too. 

Kelly.... not today you can't!  You are staying with Lacy and Keera, who have both had a nasty tummy bug.  You could already have caught it, so you cannot come to my house!  I will bring them down to Hamilton next weekend when we come down for Rena's 5th Birthday.

It's done.  All the clothes that I hope to fit again, those that Kelly can look through and those for the Hospice Shop... all sorted.
Such a good feeling.

ABOVE: two big boxes for ME.  I can't wait to actually fit them again.
All the SMALLER stuff has either gone in a pile for Kelly or I had already given it away.  
I have held onto several pairs of small jeans.... I just can't part with them right now!  (they are sizes 10, 11 and 12)  I'm never going to fit them again... but I still can't part with them yet.

Is that silly?

We have had steady rain/heavy drizzle all day!  I hope it's falling where it's desperately needed.... on farms all over the country.

I'm off to play MONOPOLY with the kids... it's that sort of day.  *smiles*

Stew and I went and did the grocery shopping.  While we were out, Auckland experienced two moderate earthquakes!  Very rare event.  No damage done.  Just rattled a lot of people.  

End of Day: Steve cooked his chicken/mushroom/leek dish again tonight.  It is just so damn nice not to be cooking every night!  I love it!
No damage or injuries from this afternoons little earthquake... and I didn't even feel it.  
nite nite


  1. Well done on the sorting of clothes Chris - it will free up mind space for sure!
    Fingers crossed for rain

  2. I love these bags a bit difficult to judge size though!! The colours of your latest bag is gorgeous and I love the quilting. You are so clever, you will have lucky grandchildren at Christmas.

  3. Oh damn. I always miss the juicy comments....

    It's RAINING! Can't believe it.. well, a drizzle. It's DRIZZLING.

    THose bags are lookin good - I haven't seen my sewing machine for so long now, I think I'll have forgotten how to turn it on!

    Have a super Sunday. I'm off to the airport to collect my sister! Can't wait.

    See ya


  4. Love the bags you've made.
    Can you leave comments with Feedly?

  5. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Can I go through the clothes before you throw them away. Kelly.

  6. Good morning - yes it is raining!!!!!!

    I too have moved to Feedly and have it on my iPhone, iPad and computer. Seems to be working fine. It was easy to delete blogs on Google reader, you just needed to know how :) i did it all the time.

    Still Feedly it is now so I'm getting used to it too.

    About some of the smaller clothes - don't write them all off because that in a way is saying you won't succeed. Keep the ones you love, put them back up high and you never know! I did that and ended up having to take them in. Positive attitude, you never know.

  7. Just so you know - on reader highlight the blog to delete... let's say mine hehe, then go up and click Feed Settings, and then "unsubscribe". ... gone :)

  8. Lorraine9:22 AM

    Good for you having a clean out of the clothes.They are all your past it is all the future ahead of you.

    Yes I saw that rubbish that got through and my thoughts about those animals is not printable.

    Love your new bag for the camera.Also think that's a great idea for the grandchildren for xmas.

    Hope we get some rain today it doesn't look to much like we are going to get any down here today.

    Southgirl xx

  9. I love the bags....and the cute pics of Brylee showing them.
    It is a pain sorting through clothes but always feels good once it is done.
    I hope you get lots of rain.

  10. YOU HAVE RAIN! Oh, I am so envious. Not a drop here. It's not even very cloudy.

    Love those bags.

  11. Oh gosh I didnt realise how BIG the small bags were, great idea though, I desperately need pants/trousers and am trying to hang out for easter sales I don't think I'm going to make it my work trousers I had to throw out yesterday I'm down to 2 pairs of wearable in public pants. you should see my around the house pants SHOCKING!

  12. Oh! You are so clever! I love your little bags! If I Was over there I would definitely convince you to run classes! And I would be there with bells on : )

  13. You could sew a plastic liner inside the bags and they could be used as toiletry bags.

  14. No rain here today waaaaaaaa.

  15. We have only very light patchy rain here.,,,for a couple of minutes at a time. Not even shown an mm's on the met service website

  16. Love the bags and love Lucy's idea of lining them and being able to use them as a toiletry bag :)

    Yay for you going through your clothes - I need to do that to but plan to do it at the 20 kilo mark :)

  17. No clue about the comment, sorry if someone was being an ass again.

    ((hug)) you are really rocking the weight loss thing, aren't you? :)

  18. Gary & I were in the car and didn't feel a thing. We got a text from Siobhan to say "the house moved by itself". Steve's dinner sounds yummy, any chance of the recipe?

  19. Your wee bags look gorgeous Chris. Glad to see you got some rain. I'm blaming you for spending money this afternoon ... lol ... your recent picture of the sushi you made looked so good that I took myself off to Stevens to buy one of those sushi contraptions. Fingers crossed mine look as good as yours did!

  20. Anonymous3:54 AM

    What dirty comments....damn missed them again!

  21. Bags for christmas ? Eeeeek !
    Not thinking of that one yet

  22. You never know, they might fit again!!


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