Thursday, March 07, 2013


THE GOOD:  the flooring should be finished today.  

THE BAD:  Lacy and I have to go all the way over to bloody Henderson this afternoon for a meeting that none of us wanted EXCEPT for a damn lawyer.  

I am so pissed that we have to go!  Worse, we have to leave Bex looking after not only Dante, but Keera too.  And Brylee and Griffin when they get home from school.  

Even more annoying... we will be coming home in rush hour traffic... so a trip that should only take 40 minutes will probably take twice as long.   

I already feel super crabby about it, so I hope the meeting is VERY straight forward, cos I really don't want to lose me cool.  

Right, here's something nice.  I won a blog Giveaway:

ABOVE:  How gorgeous is this table runner!!!  Thank you so much Naomi, you ROCK!
It is going on my dining table, cos I LOVE IT! 

ABOVE:Keeping with the blue theme I've got going now...  I got this picture off Facebook.  Can you imagine having blue strawberries?  I might even like eating blue ones!

Stew and Steve put the furniture back in the kitchen and family room late last night...

 ABOVE:  the guys pulling the marble top unit over to it's corner... they didn't realise it had wheels....
... until they fell off.  *sigh*

Right, lets end the blue theme now.  I need to make the lunches and get the kids off to school.  Here's hoping there are no 'incidents' today.


MANDY DALE:  re your comment yesterday.
Brylee has been living with us full time since she was 6 weeks old.  Griffin has been living with us since the day of his birth.

Lacy has not been in their lives much until this past year or so.

We have brought up Brylee and Griffin as if they were our own children.  They have known since they could understand that Stew and I are their Mum and Dad, AND their Grandparents.
So, as we are their Mum and Dad, it is up to us 100% to do the raising, discipline etc... NOT Lacy.

YES, she is their birth mother, but does not interfere with how we are bringing them up. She is more like an Aunty to them. They have never looked on her as their 'Mum'.

I  hope that has cleared things up for you.

So, the flooring guys are back, but they can't finish the job today as the capping bits have not arrived in the country yet... so it looks like the job won't be finished until Monday.  Oh well.. at least we can use the family room again.

Nearly time to leave for Henderson... so, so not looking forward to this meeting.  It has the potential to go belly up ... 

Well... we traveled over to Henderson, and after an hour long meeting it was decided that 'we' would continue with the status quo.  So, a total waste of our time.

AND... so much for the 'round table'!
Keera's lawyer didn't attend.
Wade and his lawyer were in one room, and Lacy, her lawyer and I were in another room... AND...

ABOVE:  I feel cheated!  Where was me round table?  Tis a bloody rectangle if ya ask me.  lol

Luckily we just missed the rush hour traffic too.  
Home, and the flooring men are still here.  Looks like they might finish the stairs today.  Yaaaa.

End of Day: very lucky we got home when we did as there was an accident on the southern motorway that caused massive traffic jams!
The flooring guys worked until after 7 pm getting the stairs re-floored!!!
What amazing guys, mega impressed with them all.
Winding down for the night now... thank goodness.
nite nite


  1. Good luck with the traffic coming home from the lawyers. Hope it's not too bad.
    Blue strawberries...

  2. Oh doesn't that rip ya nightie when you do something and find there was an easier way re: wheels! Oh I don't envy you with a meeting and then traffic next time make them come closer to you! Nah blue strawberries its like originally there was purple carrots they were manufactured to be orange for a BIG IRISH shindig and orange they stayed.

  3. The traffic is a shocker today. Hope the court goes well.

  4. Damn lawyers. I hope he explains very clearly why it was so necessary to have the meeting when the parties involved didn't think it was. Oh ... silly me, he wants the money!

  5. I really hope that the lawyers trip goes ok and that it doesn't go belly up for you guys!!! I have my fingers crossed for you!!!

  6. Good luck with the lawyer and traffic!

  7. Glad the tablerunner got there super fast....looks way brighter in the pic than I remembered it lol

    What a rip round table, how rude.

    Hope all went well with the flooring and the lawyer hun.


  8. You are lucky you missed the traffic. There was a major accident & the motorways were a mess!!!

  9. Maybe one of your DELICIOUS ginger cake thingies for the stair guys!!! they would love it I BET....

  10. Very impressed with how quickly the floor guys got through the work - as you must also be. Shame there is a hold up on the delivery of the other bits required, but hopefully it will all be done and dusted soon. Glad the legal appointment went well.

  11. Sounds like such a hassle for nothing. At least everything ended on a good note.

  12. Oh I sure hope it went well...


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