Saturday, March 30, 2013


I mentioned last week that our Spa Pool had packed a shitty and died.
So I rang the shop where we got it from, and they told me they would send out a serviceman next week... at a cost of $128 call out fee.

*sigh*... I was all ready to pay and see what was wrong with it.

Until Lacy came over.

She jumped over the spa to where it was plugged in... pushed a few buttons and TAAA DAAA!  The thing went again.

I cleaned the filters, emptied the pool and refilled with fresh water, and hopefully it's still going this morning!

I will pop outside in a mo and have a look.
All going well it's still heating up, and we can use it again.

ABOVE:  that was the temperature of the water last night.  Fingers are crossed...

CHRISTY:  I have had NO chocolate, and I have no intention of having any.  I have already had my 'meal off' for the week. And... I am one darn determined TART, I will be where I want to be next summer... I WILL!

KAREN B:  This quilt is going to take months girl, you will be waiting a long time to see the finished quilt I'm afraid. 

ABOVE:  talking of the quilt.... here's the first 3 flag blocks.  I'm not too keen on the one on the left... too busy. The flags need to be fairly simple on that fabric.  I really LOVE the one on the right... I think I'm getting the fabric/colour combinations better as I go.  

Today:  off to Spotlight or David's Emporium to buy some braid for me quilt blocks.  I am going to keep working on it today I think.
Unless someone comes up with a bright idea for the day?


AND... the pool is at 35.5 degrees!  It's working, yaaa.   I rang the pool shop and left a message cancelling the serviceman.  I hope they get it.  

Next thing on me agenda?  Spotlight. 

 ABOVE:  Spotlight purchases today.  Quick way to spend $100.  
Stew and I were ordered out of the house by our big kids!  They told us to go and have lunch together, before doing the grocery shopping!  So we did.
Lunch at Columbus Cafe in Syliva Park, then a spot of dress shopping (for next summer):

ABOVE: bright and cheerful!  Next summer is looking good ... I've got quite a few new items waiting for me to wear now.

Grocery shopping went well.  We are now home and all the shopping is put away.

We have Miss Muppet for the night ... Lacy is going to a friend's BBQ.  Keera's cot is in Griffin's room... hope she sleeps all night!

End of Day:  a rather nice day, and hoping tomorrow will be too.
nite nite


  1. Score well done Lacy! 35.5 degrees that's lobster cooking temperature. lol I like the right hand block but don't like the others. Happy shopping Taupo as usual is hectic. How's the spam or lack of it going? some of the numbers are very hard to see to retype and some of the words WTF?!

  2. I wish I had a spa! I really do! I think it would do my chronic pain so much good! Good on you for staying the course without chocolate! Have a great Easter!

  3. I should reitirate the words arent annoying they are at times faint and hard to see well for me anyway... and some of the sords don't make sense haha I know they are meant too but gee make up some random things crazy as..... I havent as yet had any chocolate I feel that may change as of tonight tomorrow.


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