Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Today I am going to school with Griffin.
We are meeting with the Principal, and moving Griffin into a new class, with a new teacher.

This HAD to be done... there is no way my son is staying in a class where the Teacher treats him with disdain and derision... and tells him to his face that he is "JUST LAZY" !  

ABOVE:  Griffin's handwriting... do you think my 11 year old son wants to be writing like this???

My son has dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyspraxia... it has been PROVEN over and over again by various 'experts'. 

For some ignorant pick of a man to poo-hoo all those reports and thinks my son is lazy is beyond belief!

I just hope I don't see him today... I might not be able to hold my tongue!
Fingers crossed for that not happening, cos I know lots of very, very bad words.  *smiles*

At this point, I do not know if the flooring men will be arriving today or tomorrow.  I will probably find out sometime this morning.

So, I went up to school and saw Griffin into his new class, but didn't meet his new teacher as she wasn't to be found, even though the Principal and I searched for her.  Oh well... I'm sure I will meet her eventually.

Home now and I haven't heard from the flooring guys, so maybe they won't be here today.
That's OK, now I can relax for the day!

ABOVE: my lounge. 

ABOVE:  I feel trapped in me corner!  Thank god it's only for a few days.

I'm off now to sweep the floor... there was a fair bit of dust under some stuff in the kitchen/family room.

VICTORIA:  Griffin used a laptop and 'WORD Q' for all his work in his class last year... but the male teacher this year wouldn't let him use the computer, or Word Q it would appear.  
I intend to still push for an IEP so that these things can be sorted out asap, so Griffin can actually DO something in class.

Mildly annoyed.  Lacy and I have to attend a 'round table' meeting with Wade, his lawyer, our lawyer and us to discuss how the access visits are going, and to sign off the amendments that we have made.
Wade and I didn't think there was a need to have this meeting, as we were both happy with how it was going... but Wade's lawyer is insisting so dammit... we have to go.
On Thursday.  While the flooring people are here.  Grrrrrr.  

There is to be some talk about the Protection Order Lacy has out on Wade too.... that should be fun. NOT.   Luckily THAT part of the meeting will not involve me, I hope!  

Things are very amicable between Wade, his family and me, and I don't want that to change. It is in the best interests of Keera that we get on with each other.

Griffin enjoyed his day in the new class, what a relief.  Now I just have to wait and see how it goes.... because Griffin LIKED his first day with the other teacher... and look how THAT turned out!

I fell asleep on the couch after lunch today... been really tired lately.  Could be due to having less energy due to the changed eating?  Not sure... just know everything is an effort right now.  

ABOVE:  three bracelets I bought at the mall this morning.  The top two are mine and the bottom one is for the girl from the bus.  

She is still in hospital as she cannot stand on her own yet due to the broken collarbone and leg, both being on the same side of her body.  Poor kid, I hope she continues to improve and is out of hospital soon.

End of Day:  just took left over dinner to Lacy, it was nice to sit and just chat with her for a while.  Keera had her first tumble today, fell forward while in her bouncinette, but not much damage done... except to Lacy's stress levels !
nite nite


  1. Good on you for advocating for him Chris. All those 'D' words are real and their symptoms well documented. The teacher sounds like he's the PLAIN LAZY one for not bothering to learn about the needs of his pupil. GRRRRR, makes me so angry :(

  2. You go and whoop that teachers ass! I've told you before, nobody ever stuck up for me in school. My parents were always on the teachers side. (except once, in 6th grade)

  3. I too am very disappointed that a teacher would say that. BUT just let me say that at 11, my son could not write a sentence either. He was a great reader and did not have any diagnosed disorders but he could not write. In form one, he luckily had a brilliant teacher called Mr Walker who single handedly turned my son around! He gave him confidence and told him he was brilliant and as you know, my son has turned out very well indeed.

    Griffin need belief in him, not being told he is just "lazy". Don't write him off yet though guys, his writing was not that bad and those are skills he will always need regardless. I was actually surprised his writing was that good!!

    I hope he enjoys his new class and that the new teacher makes it easy for him and shows belief in him :)

  4. All the best to Griffin today. It has to be an improvement! :)

  5. I hope Grffin has an awesome day in his new class and he has a teacher who will encourage him & make him feel good about himself.

  6. Good on your for sticking up for Griffin, alot of parents would want to make a fuss or think it's just too hard to fight the system!! THAT'S why he has YOU in his life!!!

  7. I was talking to a teacher about dyspraxia today and he said a lot of teachers don't think it's real even though there is a lot of research about it. These teachers get very annoyed with the child as they are always very slow to do tasks and respond. He said Brain Gym was good for it, and pairing the child up with another child in the class that has a reading age a couple of years above the child with dyspraxia. This is less pressure for the child than a teacher aways over them!
    You probably know all this already but I thought you might be interested that the teacher said it is a problem getting some teachers to believe it is real.

  8. Chris why is he not using a program like WordQ it would be perfect for him, he still has to chose/correct spelling errors and things like that but takes away the formation of letters as its typing not writing ?? it also reads it back so he can hear the errors etc.
    Ask the school its a great program and we have it our school our RTLB cluster brought it. ( I think you can buy it for home computer to.)

  9. I am sure we are all waiting to hear how Griffin's day went with the new teacher!

  10. I feel for griffin and you. My youngest daughter was very similar and I was back and forth to different people with reading program's, etc, we found an ex school principal as a tutor when she hit high school and she seemed to just really keep at it and high school was better for her. She is 18 now and so proud of herself that she has now read The Harry potter books, back then I got her the books on cd and was advised to have her read along with the cd. Don't have any answers just always reassured her she was loved and worthy and she pushed through. Her earliest memory of having to read in front of the class at 6 years old still upsets her. Take care whilst all the work is going on at home.

  11. Bummer about having to have the meeting, still if you & Wade are on the same page it should be easy enough. I guess his lawyer is just making sure everything is done correctly and all signed off properly - Lacy's lawyer probably should have made the same suggestions.

  12. What mental planet did that teacher fall off.. Pleased he is using the program its awesome, it will allow him access to learning etc.. Hopefully the new teacher will get it sorted and he can get back to what he is ment to be doing at school.. LEARNING !

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  14. Bless you! I hope this little girl learns that in the midst of sadness there are people who step in to help out, be there and lend a hand. And I hope she can grow up to be such a person. :)

    I hope your round table goes well. And that all is calm.

  15. Gosh alot going on I hope Lacy doesn't lose it at the meeting. Although Wade is smart he knows he has to be on best behaviour or he blows it big time. I still feel the male Teacher needs to apologise for his appaling behaviour. I love the bracelets and how sweet of you to think of that little girl, she will be happy to see you I'm sure.

  16. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Haha thanks Ma for the Pie ingredients, am looking forward to making it tomorrow lol, and 'blondie1' I will be ok at the meeting, its for Keera's sake so I will tough it up and handle it for my girl :) yes today got me stress levels a bit crazy with Keera's wee tumble but there will be alot more of those i have been told :/ Well night all Love Lacy & Keera xoxo

  17. Hate to say it Chris but my 19 year old son writes worse that that but that okay because there is 'nothing wrong with him' and never has been !
    The best I got was a recommendation to see a behavioral optometrist.


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