Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Another day dawns, and if all goes well our kitchen and garage will be all fixed and I can put things in their 'proper' place in the garage by dinner time.

I should also finish 2 bags today... had a minor hiccup last night and couldn't finish them.  The hiccup?   Splitting headache and just too hot.  

I have been getting blasted cramps in my legs for a few days now, and I'm sure it's due to all the sweating I've been doing!  It's totally gross how much fluid I've been sweating out.  GROSS.
Wet knickers ... yeah, not a good look on a grown woman!

Steve is coming home after lunch, he's going to spend some time with Dante while Bex goes to the Dr.  
I was slightly offended when he said he was coming home to watch the baby, but I get it... he didn't want me inconvenienced, what with the builder here etc.  
At least, that's what I'm telling myself.  *sniff*

Dante was on my bed for a little while yesterday, so I propped my Teletubbie 'La La' up so he could talk to her... and he loved her!  He kept smiling his head off and coo'ing.  OMG it was so cute.
Then I put him in his bouncer with La La:

ABOVE:  Dante and La La... how utterly gorgeous is he?  
Steve was not impressed.  I don't know what he's got against La La, she's cute... even if she's yellow!   

Now... question.  Just how much junk mail is too much?
Seriously, yesterday this is what was put in my letterbox:

ABOVE:  18 separate flyers.  What a bloody waste of paper.  I only looked at 4 out of all of them, and even that was fleeting.

I had been meaning to keep every single one that came through my letterbox for the whole year... just to see how HUGE the pile would be.  But I forgot ... so will do it next year now.  (If I remember!) 

Where you live, on average, how many do YOU get a day? Week?  Any idea?  Or are we all so used to them we don't even notice and just throw them out immediately? Do you?  I wonder how much businesses spend on them, and do they know most of us just throw them out?  Surely they do?

Now... enough on that... how am I doing?  Still doing fabulously on the OFL Plan.  Still totally in control, still happy as a pig in mud.  Still looking forward so much to next summer, when I will be a 'normal' size again. 

F*#K did I just say I was looking forward to next summer?  Maybe I won't feel the heat so bad next summer?   I live in hope.


SUE:  I have not cut out ANYTHING at all!  If I feel like something like cake, ice cream, fish 'n' chips and the like, I have it as my ONE 'whatever I desire' meal a week.
My 'plan' is nothing but cutting back on portions, and eating healthy meals as much as possible. And getting some exercise whenever possible.  

I'm not going fanatical on the exercise either...I've been down that road and don't want to go there again!  Going to the gym for 2-3 hours EVERY DAY is not sustainable, and I'm just not in that headspace anymore.

I think cutting back on portion size has been the biggest factor in my ONWARD FOR LIFE Plan working.  It is far too easy to slowly give yourself more and more over time... so I suggest if you want to lose some weight, put your dinner on a LITTLE plate.  AND don't pile it 8 inches high!  lol

Yaaa, two bags done:

ABOVE:  Lucinda, you get to choose which one you would like.

Now I move on to a baby bag (same pattern, different fabric)...  BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.

Steve is going with Bex to the Dr's and I am babysitting Dante after all!   Wowzers!
Looking after the baby.... cool.

Neil the builder has been here all day painting and fixing skirting boards.  The kickboards in the kitchen have not arrived yet, so he or another bloke will come out and replace them when they arrive.
So... it's turning into a long haul this repair job!

Sushi Rice:  I buy the rice labelled 'Sushi Rice' for a start.  Then I put it in me rice cooker... 1 and a half cups water to every cup of dry rice.  Cook until  soft.  While it is cooking, put in a pot 2 tablespoons of Rice Wine Vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar for every dry cup of rice ... heat to dissolve the sugar and put aside until the rice is cooked.
Pour the vinegar solution over the cooked rice and stir carefully, don't mash the rice up.
Then turn the rice out onto a flat surface and fan to cool it down.  Once cool commence making your sushi.
I have a bowl of water with rice wine vinegar in it, it's handy to dip my hands in, it stops the rice from sticking to your hands.

Steve is cooking dinner tonight.  I can smell bacon...
And for dinner tonight, courtesy of Steve and Bex:  Bacon wrapped steak strips, roast veges, mushroom & bacon with a mushroom mash.  It was delicious.
Thanks so much, there is nothing better than a home cooked meal... that I didn't have to cook myself.

End of Day:  I've felt ill all day.  The heat is really draining me at the moment.  My hot flushes have come back during the day something rotten.  It now just makes me feel ill every time I get a flush.
It might be time I explored other options to help with them again.
nite nite.


  1. Marianne6:51 AM

    Been reading your blog for a long time and this is my first time commenting. Where I live in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A we get a ton of junk mail - everyday it is so much. Much more than you get. Too many catalogs and they all go straight in the trash. By the way I really enjoy reading your blog. It is one of the blogs I read everyday. For one the pictures of New Zealand are great. I would definitely like to visit your country one day. Love the pictures you take of your grandchildren and dogs.

  2. Junk mail is like spam. Unwanted messages in your inbox

  3. I get very few due to the "No JUnk Mail" on our letter box, but occasionally someone ignores it and we get a couple. Especially if it is put inside the local community newspaper.

  4. Yesterday must have been the day for it - we seem to have got the same catalogues. I normally browse through the Warehouse and Kmart ones then chuck the rest. My hubby throws them all out (including my Ezibuys if he gets a chance!!!)

    They are a pain in the arse... but I guess, its an easy way to advertise... even if there were 10 out of 100 people that actually read it, it'll be worth their while.

    Dante is so cute - reminds me of Paige's chubbiness when she was that small. Ahh those were the days.

    Have a great day!


  5. Sue UK7:31 AM

    Chris can you tell me, with this new plan you are on, have you cut out on oils and sugars? These are full of calories and I was wondering whether that has helped you this month.
    Dante is too cute. Makes me want to bite his cheeks!
    Sue UK

  6. Maybe the leaflet people know how much you LOVE to shop!!! xxx

  7. Anonymous9:52 AM

    No junk mail sign works Brought one from Warehouse Stationery and now get nothing but local paper. Sadly neighbour didn't do the same so on a windy day I get trash blown out of their letter box up my drive. Grrrr
    Mary H

  8. I too have no junk mail or circulars on my letterbox I either ring in or go online to look at specials I suggest you save each stores mailers in a plastic rubbish bag ie warehouse harvey norman countdown farmers etc etc and drop them off to them !!! and see how they like it.

    La La and Dante just gorgeous!!! Maybe Steve cam home cause you might bust out Po and Dipsy Twinky Winky? haha

  9. Surprisingly we don't actually get that much here ... a flyer every couple of days. When we lived in Manurewa we got HEAPS!! And I get that Steve is coming home to look after Dante. Along with not wanting to inconvenience you, it's probably also his way of feeling like a dad, supporting his girl and baby how he can. He's a good dad!!

  10. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Regular reader, occassional comment leaver.

    Something I was told a while ago, to combat cramps - put a cake of soap in your bed. The soap contains salt, and your body will absorb what it needs.

    Can't help with whether it works, but given that the soap is not destroyed in the excercies it might be worth a try.


  11. Chris, do please try not to be offended when Steve comes to watch the baby. Someday you WANT them to be on their own and self-sufficient. I'm so pleased at how well Bex and Steve are parenting (at least what I see on the blog, unfortunately I do not know you in real life).

    I hope the builders get the floor all sorted and give you something for your trouble to boot.

  12. Awww look at Dante, so cute!! Most men hate the Teletubbies lol.

    We get tons of junk mail too. Most if it goes to the recycle bin.

    The bags are lovely!

  13. Those bags look amazing Chris! -
    Oh the Teletubbies - Courtney loved them - she is nearly 16 now!
    Dante looks so cute!

  14. Yeap lots of junk mail here too! Sometimes I enjoy going through them othertimes they just get biffed!!
    Love the photos of Dante and La La - gorgeous!
    The bags are fabulous too! Now to find the spare $$ so I can ask you to make me one... hopefully my request won't be to far away :)

  15. Not only do I get junk mail in my mailbox, just walking to get food or to the supermarket where I live, I get junk mail waved at my face. People everywhere, at every entrance/exit with heaps of junk mail to give to you whether you like it or not.

  16. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Chris, just wondering how you make your sushi rice please?

  17. Steve & Bex come up with some yummy meals.

    Hopefully the weather will cool down soon & that will help with the hot flushes.

  18. The ladies I work with swear by Remifemin (a natural product)

  19. Dinner sounds devine... Yum yum...
    Bummer it is taking to many stages to get your flood damaged areas fixed :(

  20. Hi Chris. I was wondering if you would post a photo of you after you lost all that weight last time? I would love to see how you looked. You must have done an amazing job! Karen

  21. I work for a junk mail company and have to handle complaints and most of them are from people who don't get their junk mail. Easy solution if you don't want it is to put a no junk mail sticker on your letterbox. I agree that many is one hit is just ridiculous. You find it increases around xmas, easter, fathers and mothers day.

  22. I was really suffering yesterday with the heat, too. It must have been EXTRA hot or extra humid or something as I felt quite ill. I ended up in my knickers, under the heat pump on air conditioning mode, with a cold glass of water, just sitting as still as I could so I would stop feeling so sluggish.

    And I'm not sure if being thin helps with the heat, it depends on your metabolism, I reckon. My boyfriend's rail thin and he really, really suffers in the heat. Which is a surprise, I thought thin people never suffered the ill-effects of this kind of summer!!!

  23. Ok guess I should have caught up on yesterday before I asked about the flushes today lol


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