Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It looks like a nice day... could be an idea to go for a walk?  Walking in a mall count's doesn't it?
I am on the hunt (still) for a few more music DVD's or CD's so I've got more to listen to down in the garage.
I think Bex wants to get out too... might see if Lacy wants an outing too.  
A girly morning perhaps?  Will let ya know later.

Right now it's time to make the lunches.  *sigh*  such a pain in the butt... but necessary I suppose.

I got a lovely photo of Teddy and Coco last night:

ABOVE:  I always think of my friend Martine when I post photos of Teddy & Coco.. she loved them just as much as I do I reckon!

You know how I said the other day how difficult it is to get nice photos of them?  Well I had no trouble last night....

... that was only because they were both hoping I would take pity on them while I was making dinner and give them something.  They only love me when I'm cooking or eating.  Scavengers.  Cupboard love.  *sniff*

One more photo from last night. ... same setting:

ABOVE:  I just love the expression on my son's face while he's looking at his son.  Little Dante is so, so loved by everyone in this house.  



  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    morning thank you very much for the bag, its awesome and thank you for the lovely cards they are fabulous, you are so very talented, hope you all have a lovely day and once again thanks heaps cheers lucinda:)

  2. Hope you have a great day in them all - sorry to here Lacey isn't feeling well. Love the photos of Steve and his son - Priceless!

  3. Lorraine9:46 AM

    Wow.One sexy lady in the last two photo's.Definately lost weigh.You are looking great.

    Southgirl xx

  4. Yep I can see a difference in your lower jaw area ... and loving your happy jar!! Happiness breeds happiness :)

  5. Definitely see a difference in your face. I did a while back, but even more now. Steve looks so loving and proud. Really special picture. Have fun today!

  6. You did get some great pics of the dogs....even if they were just looking to you for a handout.
    Great to hear that your happy jar is filling up quickly.

  7. "I just love the expression on my son's face while he's looking at his son."
    That must bring you indescribable joy.

  8. Yes Chris, I love them as much as you. I find dogs give you unconditional love and accept you for you, I would rather spend time with a dog than humans sometimes. You go girl, so pleased the health stuff is working and yes you can see the weight loss. I am going to pinch your idea with the jar. I wonder how all Coco's puppies are going - see Chico from time to time online. Glad you are in a happy spot. Martine xx

  9. cute cute photos of the dogs who says they not photogenic, Dante sure knows how to make his dad melt eh! Yes you are starting to look thinner in the face......

  10. Yeap can definitely see a difference! Keep up the fabulous work! And I ditto to what Lyn says "Happiness breeds Happiness" - so so true!!!
    And LOVE the photo of Steve looking at Dante - it is gorgeous! You can really see the love!

  11. Anonymous1:04 PM

    My favorite posts are with Steve and his little family. So adorable!!

  12. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Looking like one hot Granny Chris! Welldone! Kate in Welly

  13. Looking Good Chris!
    Love the happy jar concept!

  14. Penny2:56 PM

    I just want to warn you that Sleeping with the Enemy is quite dark - a thriller. It is good, but dark, so pick your moment to watch it carefully. I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to these things and wouldn't watch it alone, but that's just me. Enjoy!

    Penny xo

  15. Agree about sleeping with the enemy. Loved dying young. You'll need bucket loads of tissues x music was great too. I bought the music tape ( omg) a long time ago.

  16. If I were to gaze adoringly at my kids now that they're teenagers, (which I still do sometimes), I'll get a "WHAT?"

  17. That is a great photo of the dogs :) And of course Daddy watching his boy. It's great to see photos of dads and their babes I think.

  18. Great pictures. Looking good Chris, keep up the good work.

  19. WTG you're looking great! Lovely pictures of the dogs too!

  20. I never seem to have enough storage space or cute socks.


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