Friday, March 22, 2013


Well... it had to be done... and I am so sorry!  Word Verification has been activated on my blog because I can no longer stand getting hundreds of SPAM comments a day.  
Some days I might get ONLY around 100, but on 'BAD DAYS' like yesterday ... I get several hundred.

I hope you understand that I HATE doing it, but I can't spend over an hour a day filtering all the SPAM comments and deleting them.  It is doing me head in and making me right mad!

ABOVE: an example from ONE 'PAGE' of SPAM comments!  In just over 30 minutes... about 35 of them... and that went on ALL DAY until I put Word Verification on mid afternoon.

If you really want to leave me a comment, you will brave Word Verification I'm sure. 

While Lacy was here yesterday she raided BRYLEE'S wardrobe!  She found this dress (it's too big for Brylee): 

ABOVE:  Don't be fooled by the 'cutey cutey' look... she's not cute.  lol

ABOVE: see?  Under that black 'n' white dress was another one that was too big for Brylee...

 ABOVE:  She nicked that one too.  At least it's not up around her knickers.  Yet.

I suggested to Bex that Dante might be big enough now to sit in the Bumbo seat my Mum got him...

ABOVE:  and yes, he sits in it really good now.

ABOVE:  trouble was, he didn't think much of it at all!  He was hungry and tired, so we will try him in it again today.

I took some gorgeous photos of Keera yesterday, so here's my pick of the best out of 96 I took!...

ABOVE X's 2:  Teddy licking Keera's toes!  She love it too.

 ABOVE:  our gorgeous wee Keera.  I can't quite pick the colour of her eyes... sometimes they look greenish, other times grey.

KAREN:  thank you for your lovely comments about Keera yesterday!  I am sure Lacy has never given such an idea a thought.  I will let her know what you suggested.  *smiles*

Today?  The builders are coming back to fit the kick boards in the kitchen.  Oh yaaa... we have to stay home.  That's OK though, I can work on a bag for my sister in law down in the South Island.  Her two girls loved their Mum's bag, so they are both getting one now.  


MARISSA:  yes Marmite is available again.  The only person who eats it in this house is Bex.  And yes, she has some now. The rest of us like Vegemite.

OOO I just remembered... Bex's eldest Brother, Josh, is coming to visit tonight.  Better scurry off and get a bed sorted for him... I think I'll put him in Griffin's bed. Griffin can sleep on a couch, he will love that.

Popped out to get some cord for the next bag I'm making... forgot the cord!
Got fabric instead:

ABOVE:  I was looking for cord, and MAYBE a little bit of blue fabric... and ummm... Kinda got carried away with this lot!   I think it will make a lovely simple block quilt.  

The Bright green/red/yellow fabric is for Bex to have a play with... I will show her how to make the little drawstring bags using that fabric.

What else did I do while out... oh yes!  I checked out the Manukau Salvation Army Thrift Shop.  Quite expensive compared to the local Hospice shop ... but they did have some nice stuff in there.  
I bought these:

ABOVE:  the little fish dish is going in my bathroom.  On me way to bed I put my watch, hairclips, earrings on the sink bench in me bathroom, and last night I said to myself "I need a little dish here to put this stuff in"... so now I have one.

I have masses of cute little dishes that would have suited the purpose perfectly well... but it's got A FISH on it... IN BLUE.  How could I not buy it?

The builders should be here very soon... so I better grab some lunch from the kitchen before they get here...

For the FIRST TIME EVER... I have NO SPAM COMMENTS.  None.  It's amazing!  Word Verification may be a right pain in the butt, but it's saving me hours!

We just ran out of Diet Coke!  OMG I didn't realise how often I reach for me drink... until I don't have any.  Bex has gone for a walk down to the dairy to get me a bottle while I watch over the builder and Dante.  

***As I have already told MarkD60, I was having to go through and check every single SPAM comment as sometimes a genuine comment was  amongst the hundreds of spam ones.  It could take me an hour or more to go through each and every one!  Yesterday was diabolical!***  

Bex's big brother Josh finally arrived... Bex was so looking forward to seeing him and introducing him to his nephew.  Understandably, she was thrilled to see her brother...

ABOVE:  Uncle Josh and Dante.  Gorgeous!  Dante though wasn't that impressed with his Uncle.  Bub was tired.  He can get better acquainted tomorrow, before Josh heads off to Western Springs Speedway.  

End of Day:  well another lovey day, meeting another 'family' member... *smiles*.  Bex has three really nice brothers, lucky girl.
nite nite.


  1. Marissa Medina, Spain6:25 AM

    Glad u got marmite back in your stores?

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    How does work varification work? I bet it's one person making all those leud comments. She probably doesn't have enough to do...perhaps she should try cleaning her house.I bet it's a mess. Love the photos of Keera and little Dante! They are growing up fast Chris!!!.....debbie

  3. love the pics of the babes dante looks so cute in the lil chair and luv the pics of keera. Have a great home day

  4. No one likes Word Verification but you have to do what is best for you.

  5. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Yum Marmite.
    Both little ones are just beautiful
    Keera has beautiful eyes
    Dante well he is a looker also A hungry looker who likes his tucker me thinks.
    Mary H

  6. YOu must have something wrong in your settings BLogger should be blocking all those automatically.

    427 otedfti

  7. MarkD60 - comment above, my spam was going to the spam folder but sometimes there would be a valid message there that was not spam so perhaps this is the case for Chris? I'd still have to go through the spam to check for valid messages. Also, because I receive an email when there is a comment, whether spam or not - you get masses of emails you don't want!!

    My spam seems to have slowed right down now so hopefully yours will too Chris. Don't worry, I don't mind using word verification. It takes me only a second or two and if it saves you masses of time then it is good.

  8. Gorgeous pictures of ALL!

    I read the word 'Marmite' and had to go and have a marmite sandwich.... Love it, and Bovril too..could eat it by the spoonful. My Mum posts me industrial quantities from the UK..and proper chocolate too (sorry. got to have my Maltesers on Sundays!).

    I think that you are amazing, resisting movenpick.. It you know what? If you had given in, I would still think so. Proud of you, though!

  9. ha Dante is classic yeah nah I'm not liking this, Keera lovely lovely eye colour, Lacy you are a noodle and those dresses are fab love the black one.

  10. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Haha I like noodles lol *blondie1* and yes Keera does have lovely eye's they match the rest of her *smiles* hehe.
    Love Lacy & Keera

  11. Oh little Miss Keera is such a wee cutie :)

  12. Love the photos Chris ... and your wee treasures! Have a great weekend. (Also apologies but the other day I think I was logged into my work email when I commented on your blog - so you may not have recognised the name on the post - bad me!!). :)

  13. He's rather hunky :) Spam sucks :(


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