Friday, March 08, 2013


This whole week has been dedicated to being home for the builders/flooring chaps... so it's about time I went out and had some retail therapy I reckon!

I want to find a big serving spoon for the kitchen, I've not got one that you can 'ladle' out a decent amount in one go.  Last night I made Butter Chicken for the family and used a cup.  Not ideal.

I'm also thinking of getting some 'Shower Witch' stuff:

ABOVE: this stuff is supposed to work really well at cleaning the shower.  I am over using harsh chemicals like Exit Mould,  that shit  makes me gag!
Has anyone else used this stuff?  It's not exactly cheap, so I wouldn't mind knowing if anyone else has used it, and if it was any good???

Of course, while I'm over that way I might just have to pop into the mall and see if anything else catches me eye!  
I'm sure Bex, Dante, Lacy, Keera and I can kill an hour or two shopping. 

Getting excited!!!  ONE more sleep until I step on the scales.  I alternate between feeling excited that I will have a decent loss, and being shit scared I will be really disappointed.  God I hope I'm not disappointed. 

Right, I better bugger off and make the lunches... 


ABOVE:  Well, I tried something different in the dining/family room.  Can you see what it is?

Remember last week, when Bex scared the shit outta me when I was backing out of Lacy's drive?
Well I finally did the 'PAYBACK'...

ABOVE:  well ... it would appear 'someone' has gone and stitched several pairs of shorts/jeans closed across the legs!

ABOVE:  and that particular 'someone' kindly have her a quick unpick too.  I'm nice like that.  
ha ha ha!


  1. We don't have Shower Witch. I use Soft Scrub and a green meanie scrubber.
    Good luck at the weigh in!

  2. I haven't heard about the shower witch - will be interested as well.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. We have used Shower Witch & it really is good.

  4. You could try use baking soda and white vinegar. I add a little clove oil and tea tree oil and that keeps the mould away.

    There was an article on the news the other night that World Health Organisation and the UN have now proven that many household cleaning products are endocrine disruptors. These interfere with our hormones and cause cancerous tumours, effect fertility and cause development disorders.

    I am no hippy chick, I like me hamburgers and gins too much for that shit. But when a big international study has proven this, I will be switching to chemical free.

    here is a good kiwi site with recipes on how to make your own household chemical free cleaners.

  5. Leigh8:59 AM

    Yeah I've gone to baking soda & vinegar works better than other cleaners. Cream of tartar is great for cleaning the stainless steel floor in my shower too. It just cuts thru the soap scrum and shines the steel up wonderfully without having to rub hard.

  6. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Bex looks great! Motherhood must really agree with her.

  7. Chris, I absolutely love you. What a perfect trick sewing the bottoms together. I bet Bex had a good laugh. When you get a moment and things settle down I want some doggie pictures please.

    Fingers crossed on scales, I am sure you will be very happy - cant wait to hear how much. Martine x

  8. The family room looks great!!
    And I do like your payback to Bex...hahaha!
    Leanne xx

  9. I think the difference in the family room is that you have moved the table to a different place! Think it looks fabulous! I love seeing photos of your house as it is always bright, colourful, tidy and looks like such an awesome place to live/hang out! :)
    LOVE your payback to Bex as well! Fabulous!!! Bet she will think twice about playing a prank on you now! LOL

  10. Yes I think the table is in another location - I am sure photos have shown it under the picture - looks great

  11. Anonymous3:26 PM

    The table was on the rug and the couch was where the table is? Bee - Gold Coast -

  12. Yip baking soda white vinegar and meths baking works well on lime scale i go to binn inn and buy bulk stuff and mix it accordingly solution is quite milky but very effective. You are a devious minx with your payback haha Bex! Shopping is always nice when bargins are to be had and you get ALL the things on your list!

  13. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Hi Chris, where has Tess gone in the sidebar picture? Has something happened with her and Russell? Oh no, I hope not. Love Megan x

  14. No matter what the scales say remember how your clothes feel. In saying that I still think you'll be rewarded.

  15. Chris. I love your resolve. Hope you are rewarded by the scales but if not just kept on with what you are doing. Xx

  16. I am guessing you have lost 5 or 6 kgs

  17. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Clean the shower glass and around the basin taps - cut 1/2 lemon rub all the juice etc on the glass, leave for a while then rinse off, works every time.

  18. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I just went to the Gabriel Method retreat in Kiama for 3 days and picked up an extra copy of Hungry for's an interesting movie. Want me to mail it to you? PM me your address on FB if so.



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