Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So, someone asked me yesterday about Brylee and Griffin and Lacy.
Stew and I have always told them the truth.  Lacy was not ready to be a mother when she had them, so we became their parents.
They have seen for themselves how Lacy has lived her life over the past 11 - 12 years.  They are perfectly able to see why they were with us.

Now that Lacy has finally grown up, she has Keera and is doing an amazing job of being her Mum.  Brylee and Griffin may have questions later on in life, and we will face that when it happens.

But, by being totally honest with them all through their lives, I feel they are both very secure and happy with their lot.

I stayed up late last night doing something I'd planned on doing for ages!  I made a 'FAKE BARK COLLAR'... so both dogs will have a 'bark collar' on, but only one will zap the dog.  I will switch them often so they both get zapped every now and then.

ABOVE:  SEE.... they won't be able to tell the difference.  Let's see the little shits bark in the night now!!!

ABOVE:  Sushi from last night.  Very happy with how they came out in the new gadget.  
Don't ya just love gadgets!  I do.  I probably have one too many... but who's counting.  lol

Today:  The flooring guys come back.  I'm going to say something to them about the stairs.
And a builder is due first thing too, he will be doing the kitchen, skirting boards and the garage wall.
Oh yaaa.  Stuck here supervising, and keeping an eye on men.

Hmmmm.... keeping an eye on men, maybe it won't be THAT bad staying home....


Well... Neil the Builder is here.... he's nice.  I just told him off for wearing jandals (flip flops)... and whoops, I do believe he's gunna put his safety boots on now!  *naughty me*

Woo Hooo btw, we did not have ONE dog bark ALL NIGHT!!!  It would appear the dummy bark collar on Teddy has fooled him into being quiet!
Amazing.  Coco has the real one on right now, tonight I'll switch them over.

Awesome as well... the builder Neil had a look at our steps, and he agreed... NOT GOOD.

And then I got a call from the Flooring Company, they are sending out their floor inspector at 11 am today.  Yaaaa. Fingers crossed he agrees that it is done wrong, and is a   potential hazard, not to meniton how it feels on ya feet.

I took a few photos of Griffin holding Dante before school this morning:

ABOVE:  our happy little man.

ABOVE:  smiling at the camera.  I'm sure he thinks it's part of Grandma's body!  Griffin loves holding him... but I think Bex and Steve are scared he'll drop him!  

Griffin is a bit of a hazard zone... if you have a drink beside you, you have to grab it when Griffin comes near!  He has spilt DOZENS of litres of drink on our floors, 99.9% of the time it's not even HIS own drink!

One hopes he outgrows that... *smiles*

so... Campbell arrived from Floorscape, checked out me stairs.
And agreed 100% that the lip was NOT RIGHT... and he's now headed back to talk to his boss about it.
They will either re-do the stairs with laminate OR I suggested ... Carpet?  Maybe carpet would be quicker and easier and less expensive??? 
We will see what he goes for.

I'm popping out now to get some cord and dowel for the bags I'm making, I've almost got Lucinda's finished... yaaa.

I got the dowel, then popped into David's Emporium for the cord.  $50+ dollars later... cord, ribbon, buttons, D rings.... *sigh*... that shop is evil.

Home and we've had a lovely lunch of carrot salad with some ham & cheese.  Loving my lunches now days. 
Dinner tonight is Lamb Chops in mint sauce.  

Praying for rain... and for the temperatures to drop.  I'm dripping with sweat constantly and it's mucking up me looks ... a bright red face is not pretty.

Our stairs are going to be ripped up and replaces on 25th/26th of March.  So... just when you think it's all fixed... it's not.

Garage back wall... WAS going to be ripped down and replaced too... but I kinda convinced them that maybe it didn't need to be done?  

So, they took some round bore samples out of the wall in various places and said it was all dry so I get my wish.  It is just being repaired (the holes they cut) and repainted.  No massive sanding and dust to worry about now.
That had been really worrying me due to the amount of stuff we have in the garage.

Hopefully by tomorrow my garage can be put back to normal.

Leanne:  Ham, Smoked chicken, cream cheese, Camembert & Brie cheese, capsicums, cucumber, carrot, chives, pineapple slices and Plum Sauce, Cranberry sauce and Teriyaki sauce. 

End of Day: a busy day, and a happy day after the flooring company said I was right about the stairs.
nite nite.


  1. Gee. I'm glad you told us which was the real one and which was the fake one. Otherwise, I couldn't tell the difference.
    I realize you'd probably slug me if we were standing face to face!
    Nice looking sushi!

  2. Ooh work men :) not that I look at work men at all lol


  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Oh Chris, you are naughty! Does Stew know about your secret (wink, wink!)?

  4. Thats a good idea with the collars, barking dogs at night not cutey. Supervising men ha clearly that will be hard work not!

  5. Haha MarkD60 you're lucky I don't jandal slap you for that collar comment cheeky hoowah!

  6. Fantastic results all round today... nice! :)

  7. Great idea about the dog collar....you know your dogs well.
    The sushi looks really yummy.

  8. Glad the stairs are being fixed.

  9. Ooooh that Dante is a cutie !!

  10. Glad you are being taken seriously about the stairs.

    Your sushi looks yummm. Pity I don't like it in any form. Rice does nothing for me.

    Don't forget to check out my new, temporary Blog.

    Thought I'd let you know we are heading out to Hawaii in a couple of days. We arrive in Honolulu Thursday morning to be exact. I've set up a separate Blog called Hawaii 2013 which you can find here http://matarangigirl.blogspot.co.nz/ should you want to follow this New Zealand couple abroad. Most of our time in Hawaii will be on Big Island including a few days on a coffee plantation.


  11. Leanne8:57 PM

    i just brought the sushi maker after seeing yours, they look yummy, what fillings have you been using?

  12. Oh wow what a mess with the stairs...

    I think you are an awesome mom to Brylee and Griffin. I am sure that the children wish their mum were able to care for them and keep them, but she is still in their lives and I think as the kids age more they will appreciate you so much more. I know the teen years can be "fun" no matter the circumstances.

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