Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Well... today is 'it'.
The flooring guys should be here around 8.30am to start ripping up the old wood laminate flooring in readiness for putting the new down.

This is our kitchen/family room right now:

ABOVE:  of course it will be minus our Dante when they get here!  lol
You can see all the planks where they are lifting in the light.  That is because they were swollen from the water, and as they dried they curled up.  I'll be glad to see it all gone and new flooring down.

Then we just have to hope we NEVER have another flood.

Ummm... so, apart from hanging around the house while the floor is being done, that's all I plan on doing today!

I will hopefully get photos of the process during the day.  If it's like, really, really boring I might go down to the garage and do some sewing... I've got three bags on the go at the moment, and would like to have them finished by the weekend, or at the latest maybe midway through next week.

So... until later...


Shit, the flooring guys arrived early!  I didn't even have half me face on!  But, they are rip-shit-and bust going for it!
I think they have half the flooring off already!

ABOVE:  apparently it takes no time to get the old flooring off, but quite a lot of time to put the new down.  I can't get over how THIN this shit is.  I don't like it at all... but the insurance company will only replace like for like.

The 'Boss Man' just said there is mould under the flooring lining, so they have to lift that too... it's the light blue stuff on the floor.  Wonderful.

MARK: yes they are.  Exactly the same thickness, and almost the same colour, just a wee bit darker.

It's noisy in my house, with the guys, their radio on, and a machine cutting the planks to size.  

Bex has put Dante down in my room, as it's the quietest room in the house.

ABOVE:  down to bare concrete!  It looks ... naked.

ABOVE:  new lining down, and look how many new planks they have already laid!  I have a feeling it will definitely be finished by tomorrow.
They are waiting for special capping bits for the stairs to arrive from Singapore, hopefully they arrive today and then they can finish up tomorrow.

I have been taking advantage of the time spent in the lounge by reading a few blogs... while Bex cares for Dante and has a play around with felt:
ABOVE:  flowers, very cute!  She is having fun being creative.  I might make some too at some point, I even bought felt to do exactly that months ago.  Just haven't gotten around to it.
So much one wants to do... so little time!

One must MAKE TIME I think.

THREE SLEEPS to go until I can do my first weigh in ! ! !   Every time I spy our scales under the bedroom drawers I have to mentally say 'NO'!  I have been so, so tempted to jump on them.  

I'm so glad my resolve to stay off them is holding so well.  This is a MAJOR WIN for me, as my day and my moods can be so easily ruined by what the scales show.

That being said, I am still hanging out for Saturday... DAY 30.

It's NEVER good news when the school rings you in the middle of the day eh?

Today.  Lunchtime.  Brylee wants to join in with Griffin and his friend, who are playing on wooded stilts.  But the boys don't want her to join in.  Fair enough.  Griffin is sick to death of Brylee always annoying him at school.

Did Brylee take the rebuff nicely?

ABOVE:  it would appear NOT!  Oh sure, she got her hands on a stilt... but it was only so she could throw it into Griffin's face. 
The photo does not show how much the bump is sticking out, or how much of a headache he now has.

Darling Stew, I might just leave this one up to you to sort out... I am inclined to ban her from EVERYTHING for a month!  But that might be a bit harsh.  *sigh*

Seriously, I'm just so relieved the stilt didn't end up in his eye.  He could have been blinded.  Just thinking about that makes my blood boil.

Best I don't say anything when she gets home too, cos I might just blow my top!

Brylee rocked on home.... full of bravado... and said TO GRIFFIN : "Don't worry about it Griffin, it's been dealt with at school" ! ! !

Ummm... Bex and I are standing there, right in front of her and she acts like NOTHING is wrong???  And she can decide, FOR US,  that we don't need to 'deal with it' because she says it's been dealt with at school???

OMG I almost saw red... but instead just told her to get herself some afternoon tea and go to her room, and close the door.  She is not to come out until her Dad gets home, unless she needs to use the bathroom.

Incredulous at her audacity.  Utterly wanted to scream at her because when I told her to go to her room she pulled a sour face and FLOUNCED off to her room.   OMG... hormones are kicking in something rotten.

I don't know if I can stand all that shit again.  Raising 6 kids already has only highlighted what we have to look forward to with these two kids.

Shoot.  Me.  NOW.

ABOVE:  look how much they got done today!  We can put all the furniture etc back when the guys get home from work!
All they have to do tomorrow is the finishing on the edges, and the stairs and front door area.  I am really impressed.
Those men worked from 8 am until 4 pm without stopping, not even for lunch! 

End of Day:  well... it's been an eventful day.  LOVE the new flooring, thank goodness.

Punishment doled out to Brylee after reminding her YET AGAIN how telling lies over and over again means NO ONE will believe you when you say you didn't do such 'n' such.  Though in this instance we believe the 3 other people who had the same account of the 'incident' as opposed to HER account.   

Stew was totally on board with dealing out an appropriate punishment.  Two weeks no electronic games, and an hour earlier bedtime.  She ain't a happy girl, but then, Griffin ain't that happy either with his sore head.
nite nite.


  1. The very best of luck Chris I hope everything goes well and you love your home even more when everything is completed.

  2. We have the same stuff in the foyer entranceway. I mentioned to Craig that I didn't like it (it felt cheap) and replied that it is the 'best of the best' when it comes to flooring (he's an ex builder) I can't work out why but ok! lol. Fingers crossed they get it down as quick smart as they pulled it up ;)

  3. Are the new planks the same thickness as the old ones? I think that's what is important.
    I hope you don't ever have another flood either.

  4. Glad they not at my place I have the mother of all headaches and 4 panadol later a sinus tablet MAY have to hunt out nurofen soon!!!!

  5. I can't believe you have managed to stay off the scales for all this time during your excellent work!

    You are in for a GREAT surprise when you finally weigh-in.

    Keep up the good work... :)

  6. Floor looks awesome Mrs H!! Hope its finished soon.

    WOW ouch poor G he is having a bit of a sh*t week really. !!!

  7. I don't have children but I don't think a one month ban from everything is too harsh. Her actions could have had very serious consequences for Griffin so they should for her as well.

    PS Awesome on the no-weigh thing and the fast progress on the floor.

  8. OUCH!! The only consolation is that you know who did this so you can at least deal with it.

  9. I feel so sad for Griffin, he cops it at school from his teacher who does not want to try and understand him or even work with Griffin at a level he can manage. What Brylee did to him is very vicious and I don't know how I would handle that, Good on you for the way you handled it. Griffin has a lovely kind look and he is a special boy. He will grow up to be a beautiful man, believe me, my son was troubled as a child, he was bullied and taunted by teachers and was deeply unhappy, we did not realise the extent of his sadness, now he is 30 and is a Head Chef at a fine restaurant in Melbourne, and he is fine, decent human being. I have such a soft spot for Griffin, give him a hug from me. xx

  10. "Rip-shit-and-bust"!?! I LOVE that!

    I replaced my 1980's hideous marble floor (chopped brown brains..ugh) with hardwood, and I'm very happy with it. They had to jackhammer the marble out...but the new wood went down fast. LOVE my contractor.

    Poor Griffin. He's going to have one hell of a headache. And well done you for restraining yourself when Brylee got home. My kids finally figured it out, that if they physically or mentally hurt each other, they're gonna lose something for a month. Usually ALL electronic stuff, including tv. And if they try and sneak round it, the clock starts from the beginning again....

    Sigh. It's a good thing we love them, right?!

  11. I love that floor!!!!! I mean I know it is like the old floor but I liked that too :)

  12. OMG she sounds so much like Dobby. Only Dobby would have used a few choice words at me on the way out. Grrrr!

  13. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Brylee you little shit! You are older enough to know better!
    I would of smacked her ass.Sorry Chris!
    How nasty of her!

  14. Love the new floor! Didn't take them long at all!
    And OUCH to Griffin's encounter with the stilt! I think Stew's punishment given to Brylee is appropriate! I admire you for not loosing your cool with her when she got home from school! She is definitely old enough to know better! What a naughty girl!!!

  15. Anonymous12:40 AM

    How on earth did you manage to keep calm, I really would have blown a gasket, does ,nt she realise she could have blinded her brother. Poor Griffin , he is lovely, do any of your other children behave like them.....
    Griffin has enough to deal with , poor darling wonder none of the others want her near them.. ..
    You sound as if you are are doing great with your diet just wish I could ..At 5 foot nought I am like a rolly lump, so watching your diet with great interest...... By the way love your hair do.

    And the floor. Wonderful

    Joan x UK

  16. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Chris, shouldn't Lacey be 'dealing' the the G and B situation? Afterall, she is the birth mother. You've raised 6 kids of your own..... they are your Grandies not your kids. Just saying.....
    Mandy Dale, Sth London SW16, UK

  17. First off good luck with your weigh in. Sorry to hear of the troubles with the kids. Glad to hear Griffin will be ok. The new floor looks lovely.

  18. The new floor looks great. We are going to have to do that soon, within 2 years. Wow-you have your hands full. Good luck!

  19. Congrats on a lovely floor. The fact that you held your temper and tongue with Brylee is a testament to your good mothering skills. Hormones-been there done that. Good luck!
    Floor looks great. Good luck with the weigh-in.

  20. Oh my gosh! Couldn't help but laugh about you not wanting to deal with this age again. Aren't they fun? NOT lol.

    Poor kid with that big bump on his head!


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