Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Yesterday, on top of everything else going on to upset me, I felt hurt.

Hurt that I felt like someone seemed to think I was not looking after Teddy properly?

Our dogs are part of our FAMILY.  I treat them the same as I would a child if it was sick or hurt.

Teddy is loved and cared for 100% in our home.

ABOVE:  I have not 'staged' this picture... it is simply their place to nap.  With their own cushions... even though Teddy is hogging them all right now!

ABOVE:  does my dog look neglected?  I don't think so.  He is just cranky about the cone.  And I have already talked about why it HAS to be on him.

ABOVE:  The suggested ointment from a couple of people yesterday ... we have some.
We also have all of this:

ABOVE:  we do already have medication for Teddy's EYES, EARS, ALLERGIES & SKIN.  All prescribed by a VET. I don't know what else I am 'supposed' to do?

We got near desperation point about 3 years ago, and had some serious discussions about Euthanasia.  Teddy's quality of life was miserable, but we have persevered, and we feel Teddy loves being on this earth with us... even with a bloody cone on.

Coco has only had a mild skin problem when we took the dogs to the beach, and they were attacked by sand mites.  Other than that, Coco is very healthy.

Moving on.

The flooring guys are SUPPOSED to turn up today.  Let's hope they do... cos my wick is pretty damn short at the moment.

Having to deal with LYING PRICKS just gets me so hot and bothered.  I'm NOT a violent person.  But sometimes I wish I could beat the shit out of one person in particular.

dumm dee doo.... thank god I've got my emotional eating under control...


ANON:  Thank you for trying to help.  I did feel a bit upset that anyone could insinuate that I was not looking after my dog properly... hence today's post.  

I apologise if I upset you.
When blogging and commenting, it is always best to re-read what you are about to say, as the written word can be interpreted in an entirely different way to how you meant it to sound.

And I am rather quick to be defensive... having blogged for several years now, and had my opinions/actions often criticised ... tis easy for me to just 'fly off the handle'.  

Moving on...

Me Spa pool has died!  I'm trying to get in touch with the shop I bought it from to see what they suggest?  Yikes.

The flooring man is here.  He's not ripping up the stairs!  He's laying new laminate ON TOP of what's already there!  Hope it looks right.

I just went out, picked up Lacy and Keera and then we went over to Mt Wellington and Lacy bought Keera's next size up car seat.  She went all "OMG I LOVE IT"  totally nuts over it!  I swear, she even CRIED ... cos it was SO BEAUTIFUL!
Lacy loves purple.  And pink.  So guess what colour the car seat is?

ABOVE:  Lacy going nuts over Keera's new car seat!  Poor Keera is going to be living in it by the look of it! *smiles*

ABOVE:  the stairs are nearly finished... AGAIN. This time I can see that the edges are flush.  Awesome.  So ready to have the flood damage totally fixed and finished.

This afternoon I almost finished the bag for Sophie.  Yaaaa... should be able to post both bags tomorrow afternoon.

End of Day: a good day, spot on with the OFL Plan... feels great!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    To many people have to much to say they should clean up their own back yard before they pick on others. You can see your dogs are loved and looked after. They are family after all.We think twice about us going to the doctor but we take our dogs to the vets straight away.I can see you have spent hundreds at the vets. Dog Lovers forever.

  2. Oh my goodness Chris - I think we all know you've tried all kinds of things for Teddy and that he is much loved!

    I think I know "who" you are alluding to regarding the other business. What shit you have to deal with there. I don't envy those involved at all :)

  3. There could never be any doubt by anyone who actually reads your blog on even a semi regular basis that those wee dogs are loved & cared for and are a part of your family. Why is it that both bits of "advice" yesterday came from Anonymous' who did not leave their name?

  4. Maybe it was a new reader that was just trying to help and not a criticism. Have faith Chris, we know you love those mutts! :D

  5. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Thank you, Not So Cranky, I am a new reader and since I don't know this family there is no reason to leave my name. For the length of time I've been reading the blog the only reference to help for Teddy is applying flea medication when he starts to itch.

    I dealt with skin itching in pets I had previously and each time it turned out to be a food allergy.

    Just trying to help.

  6. Chris funny how the ointment has paw paw for dogs HAHAHA I thought it funny BUT the truth will be the Active Manuka Honey thats the money shot! I suppose short of shaving all his hair off your right what else are you meant to do sheesh, Do dogs get ingrown hairs?

  7. I doubt that you've mistreated your animals, unless spoiling them counts.

  8. I just want to reach out and give you a big freaking hug!

  9. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Chris, I just showed my 20 month old the video of Lacey and Keera..... She laughed her head off! I think she wants a pretty new car seat too now!

  10. hehehe just loved the wee video of Lay and Keera...priceless!!

  11. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Cue Martine
    Fab video What a hoot
    Mary H

  12. I'm thinking you take better care of your dogs than most people take of their children. Not sure if that is an indictment of everyone's poor parenting or a kudos to you for being a good doggie mom, but there it is. :)

  13. I love the wee video of Lacey and Keera! It's so nice to see them together and having fun, such special mummy and daughter moments :-)

  14. Chris after reading your blog for years. Today seeing Lacey with Keera I couldn't help but feel so proud of the turn around she has had. What a fun fantastic mummy she is. You must be so proud of her.

    Oh surely anyone who reads regular would know those puppies are bloody well just like any other kid of yours. Well loved and cared for. Jillx

  15. Gold star for staying spot on with your OFL plan, great work Chris!

  16. Poor Teddy . Neither of you seem to win at present
    The stairs look good . I think Lacy and Keera look very alike
    Good luck all round, thankyou for your kind words yesterday

  17. Hope the poor little fellow is feeling better soon. Great video. Glad to hear you are near the end of sorting out the flooding troubles. Take Care

  18. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Loved Dante's bath time. I think his parents had more fun however!! Chris! You should get some "Tar-ific" Shampoo for your pups. It's an amazing Tar based shampoo and will relieve them of their itching. Also get the Tar-ific Spray for the individual hot spots. Each are about $8.89 for a 13.8 oz and 8 0z spray. Go on-line to Amazon and type in Tar-ific and order a bottle of each! ...debbie


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