Wednesday, March 27, 2013


OMG I paid for it!

I missed taking my Anti-Depressants (for relief from hot flushes & misery) on Monday night, so yesterday I started feeling really ill by late afternoon, and I'm thinking???  Why am I feeling sick?  Why am I having hot flush after hot flush today?

DERRRR... just one day of forgetting to take those bloody pills and I'm sick!  Far out... they must be pretty powerful to do that!

Somehow I think it's going to take a LONG, LONG TIME to wean myself off them... when it's the right time of course.  

Today Bex and I are popping out to get a couple of things so I can finish a bag... and then we will come home in time for the flooring guy.  He's due back this afternoon to take the tape off the stairs.  Then they will be DONE.

Waiting for communication from Lacy's Lawyer re: Developments?  We already know that we will have to go back into the city before next Thursday to sign totally new Affidavits.   Amazing how fast some things can change... someone went and shot themself in the foot, what an idiot.

I was asked to come and see Dante in the bath last night... 


Finally getting washed instead of playing.  Mummy and Daddy got wet too.

Dante is so lucky to have such fun parents is all I can say.  And I'm lucky Bex cleans that bathroom too.  *smiles*


CHRISTINE:  Yes Teddy does have 'Hot Spots'... under his chin and his rump.  And yes, it is always worse over summer.  It is an environmental allergy to something.  And I'm not so rich that I can afford the $Hundreds$ to have Teddy go through Allergy Testing.

Bex and I did indeed pop out this morning... and I got the necessary to finish the bag.
Now it's almost lunchtime and I can sit down and put me feet up for a little while.

 ABOVE:  The dogs watching over Dante.  Well... Coco is, Teddy is just there cos he likes being on the bed.

ABOVE:  Bex trying her hand at a drawstring bag.  She should have it finished later on tonight.

ABOVE:  Meanwhile, Dante hangs out on the garage floor!   He was perfectly happy there for a good half an hour, little darling.

Bex will have to stop sewing shortly.  It's her turn to cook dinner!  She's doing something with mince and pasta...

End of Day:  well dinner was lovely, Bex made Spag Bog.  Then we all had some fruit salad for dessert.  I was craving something sweet, hence dessert.
Looking forward to tomorrow for the first time in a long time.
nite nite.


  1. Great idea using the bumbo seat in the bath!! And what a cute little family they are!! Lovely to see :)

  2. I do hope your day gets better the bathtime looks hilarious in your house and Dante looks comfy in the seat.

  3. Does Teddy have a "Hot Spot" ? Or some other type of irritation. My dog used to get hot spots and we had a spray for it. He got them at certain times of the year. Summer time allergy or something.

  4. I love all the looks on Dante's face in the bath pics....what a cute little man he is.
    I hope a pill today gets you back on track and feeling better.

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Love it I used to do yellow ducks sitting on the side of bath singing 10 green bottles changed to 10 yellow ducks. Nephew loved it thought it was hilarious as they went up the wall higher & higher to fall into the water.
    Mary H

  6. Don't forget your meds.
    I want a chair like that!!!!
    3101 enwoma

  7. Love the photos - Dante is so lucky to have such awesome parents as Steve and Bexs! And of course such amazing grandparents like you and Stew who love and dote on him so much! Love the idea of the Bumbo seat in the bath - never seen one used like that - so nifty!
    Don't forget your Med's today :)

  8. Lorraine1:27 PM

    I was going to remind you to take your meds but others have already done it.You have got people that are all looking out for you.

    I can just see little Dante's mind ticking over while he's in the bath."I'm going to get you" Yea look out Mummy & Daddy.

    Southgirl xx

  9. Dante is just so adorable!

    My Jack Russell terrier was grass! Only when it was actually growing, in spring/summer, as opposed to when it was just sitting around being green. It nearly drove him nuts, poor bugger. Me too, that incessant chewing and scratching. It didn't help, being a short-legged dog, that his belly etc was always against it.

    I use a homeopathic thing, against fleas and ticks, and suchlike, on my hounds, as the younger can't tolerate Frontline etc. it seems to work well, and no skin problems (yet!). It is called Dyna-Mite. It seems expensive, but you dilute it greatly. I can't get it in Canada, so my Mum brings it over from the UK. One can dilute and spray/comb through the hair, or use it as a rinse after washing. Though they prefer the river to a bath!

  10. Hi Chris,
    I replied to your post on my blog, but not sure if you get a notice of that? If not, email me if you like. xx

  11. What an adorable little baby. Hope you are feeling better.

  12. Dante is growing soooooooo fast...what a little sugar!!!!! He is lucky to have those awesome parents AND garandparents!!! My dream is for someone to clean the bathroom hahahaha my bathroom doesn't bother me to clean it is the one the boys share.....gag a maggot!!!!! hahaha


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