Monday, March 11, 2013


I thought the builders were coming today to fix the back wall of the garage, but Bex told me NO, they are coming tomorrow.  Oh well... maybe that is just as well... cos I have sent an email to the Building Company AND the Flooring Company.... to let them know about our Problem...

The problem?
OUR STAIRS.  Steve said something about the stair edge not feeling 'right', and I had to agree that I'd also thought they were done wrong.

So I went on the 'net' to check out how laminate is supposed to be put on stairs.  That just confirmed to me that they are done wrong!

ABOVE: that little 'lip' does not stick up much at all, but it's enough to make you know it's there, and it feels like you could eventually catch something on it.

I have sent an e-mail to the flooring company that supplied the wood laminate to see what they think.

The company that laid the floor was sub-contracted by the flooring company I think.

I hope it IS a mistake, cos I don't like that lip at all, and I've never seen a flight of stairs with an edge like that.  I want it fixed asap... and something tells me that will mean ripping up the entire stairs!!!  At some nasty cost to ???  Not me that's for sure.

We had Keera for a few hours yesterday.  When it came to putting her to bed... man did we have fun.  She has to be wrapped or she will not sleep, so I did what Lacy does ... and the little shit kept getting herself unwrapped ... then screaming! 
OMG ... I was going nuts trying to do the wrapping like Lacy does, and it did not work.  So I grabbed a net throw from the kitchen and bound her up like a Mummy, and used her baby wrap on her legs... and BOOM!  Seconds later:

ABOVE:  Peace reigned.  Big sigh of relief, cos a screaming Keera is NOT nice.  Talk about going beetroot red with snot pouring out her nose, not her best look.  *smiles*

Oh and while she was being a little shit, Dante was watching the sports on TV with Grandad...  So I took some photos.  And then Keera woke up, so I took some more... as ya do!  lol

ABOVE: the first time the dogs have been back in the lounge.  Coco finally stopped being in 'heat', she took ages this time to get over her period!

 ABOVE:  our wee man ... wide awake now and a happy little boy.

 ABOVE:  Dante... utterly gorgeous.

 ABOVE:  yes Griffin, so are you!

ABOVE:  He's gunna break some girl's hearts one day!

ABOVE:  Brylee, she may be a right shit sometimes, but she's a beautiful girl.  Takes after her Grandma/Mum!  lol

 ABOVE: our little cat-nap queen, Miss Keera with her big sister Brylee.

ABOVE:  bloody cute!

ABOVE:  for YOU Martine!  And I will try to get a nice one of Coco today too.  

ABOVE:  this one is for ME.  My darling Stew.


I got an email from the Building Company bright and early this morning.  They are going to talk to the Flooring Company, then get back to me.  At least they are on to it.

I'm washing the floors.
Me knickers just slithered off me butt.
That is all.....  for now!

Floors clean, then I went and got a few fresh supplies as I'm making Sushi tonight for dinner.
I bought a Sushi making thingee on the weekend and want to try it out.
Photos will come... LOL.

We could be heading for some strife.  The Flooring Company reckons the stairs often have a 'lip' so maybe our stairs are just fine.  OR NOT.
They are sending out a person to check them at some point during the week.  
Tomorrow we have the builders here to fix the kitchen and garage wall, and the flooring guys to do the 'finishing' touches to the floor.

Not feeling very confident that they will fix our stairs.  But I will wait and see.

I made sushi in me new thingee:

ABOVE:  I got it from Steven's in Sylvia Park.  Under $30.  

ABOVE: Step One.  Get all fillings prepared... then assemble.  Lay rice in each half...

ABOVE: then add your fillings...  put the plunger bit in the end (that's the long thing on the right)...

ABOVE: join the two sides together, put the clips on and the end cap ...  Screw the plunger into the tube .... which squishes it all together...

ABOVE:  Take the end cap off and, using the plunger, push the tube out onto the seaweed strip.

ABOVE:  There ya have it!  Roll it up in the seaweed, allow to rest for at least 15 minutes.  DONE.

How awesome is that!  Love it.  Bex is gunna buy one now, for when her and Steve set up home together... one day in the distance!



  1. Love the pics of everyone! Hope you can get the stairs straightened out. My brother did his but they look way different and probably not right either lol

  2. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Cor blimey Stew, you're a real hottie! Nice legs man, nice legs.

  3. Gorgeous kiddos. But the stairs? Not ok. They do look downright dangerous.

  4. OH Chris - that is a classic!
    Guess ya need new knickers now!!!

  5. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Pics please
    Mary H

  6. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Glad u r noticing ya clothes getting looser chick xxx


  7. Obviously lost weight if your knickers are falling down, a good incentive to keep going too :-). Maybe a spot of undie shopping is on the cards, we don't want any of these wee mishaps occurring in public now do we?

    I hope the flooring company come to the party and quickly.

  8. Um... Mary H... Pics of the knickers sliding off? Are you sure???

    That's awesome news about your undies though. When you think, 8kg is as big as Keera that is AMAZING. You are doing so well.. and doing it YOUR way which is important. Everyone needs to get into their own groove.


    Have a happy day, even with no knickers on!


  9. If the stairs did not have a lip before then they should not have one now. Besides, I am pretty sure it could be considered a health & safety issue as it would be easy to trip on the lip.

    Under insurance you are entitled to what you had before so id they won't come to the party get the assessor and your insurance company to insist.

  10. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Hey Chris, do you have a picture of the steps before without the lip. They should replace them exactly as they were. Beautiful photos.


  11. I have laminate stairs and the piece that goes to the edge is made with a rounded end so there is not a sperate piece to create a lip.

  12. Yes, I agree with the undie shopping. No pics needed on that one! ha ha!

  13. Totally agree about those stairs! That is absolutely dangerous having a lip at the end like that. The "lip" should be the top of the stair overhanging the underneath part, not the other way around. I would stand my ground on that one!!

  14. Anonymous4:32 PM

    No just on the ground Kittie444
    Mary H

  15. Gorgeous photos especially the ones of Brylee and Keera!!! LOVE them!!!
    Hope the flooring company comes to the party - I agree with the others - get the insurance company involved if needs be!!
    LOL @ your knickers!! I can relate to that! LOL

  16. Chris, that lip on the stairs is a disaster waiting to happen, get in touch with the Insurance Company assessor, make sure they fix it.

  17. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Not like we want a video

    Mary H

  18. All the pictures of the kids are absolutely gorgeous especially Griffin and Brylee Slipping undies haha yes I remember the flashing bum day!!! Explain tot hem whilst the policy of insurance states like for like THEY have to fix to the exact same as before surely....

  19. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Thank you sooooo much for explaining the sushi thingy! We have always wanted one but never knew how to use it!
    Griffin is such a honey!He is so gorgeous.
    Love the pic of Keera and Brylee,you have to get that one framed! the kids ever ask why Lacy gave them up?? Considering their age and the trained "shrink" in me makes me ask,that is all.
    It would be very difficult trying to understand the rejection as esp as Lacy went on to have Keera.
    No offence intended Chris.

  20. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Goodness , griffin is some handsome boy , I,m sure his gentle charm will get himt wherever he wants to be.,

    How is brylee coping with her restrictions , did she say sorry to griffin.

    All your grandchildren are sooooo gorgeous .

    I showed your stairs to a carpenter neighbour , highly dangerous , and if you are carrying one of the babies , does,nt bear thinking about it.... Need health and safety..
    Once again , well done ,on your weight loss.

    Joanx. UK.

  21. Danger! Definite trip hazard on the steps. very dangerous! Get it fixed IMMEDIATELY!
    Great photos.
    Cool sushi maker.

  22. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Do Griffin and Brylee have different fathers? They don't look like each other, that's all.
    Veronica, UK


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