Friday, March 15, 2013


FIRST for the day:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bex!  25 today.  I hope you have a lovely day.

Last night I decided to try making a Drawstring Bag to put my 'Happy Jar' in.

So I went on the net and found a pattern... and this is what I got:

ABOVE:  it took me just over an hour to make... I would have been faster if I was confident with the pattern ... but it was the first time I'd made a bag like this.  They are incredibly easy to make!!

I love it, and will be making more... I just have to think of reason why I need to make more! 

I think Steve was trying to convince Bex he needed her to make him one! 

I was sitting on the floor talking to Dante... when I glanced up and saw this: 

ABOVE:  what was Coco doing lying there like that?

ABOVE:  The silly tart was ASLEEP!!!  Well ... she IS a Blonde I suppose.

I mentioned Dante earlier eh?  Well I got some more amazing photos of him talking to La La :

ABOVE:  he really does LOVE La La!

ABOVE:  Isn't he just amazingly adorable!  This little man makes getting out of bed in the morning a pure joy.
It is going to break my heart when his parents move out.  But at least they won't be going too far ... when they do move.  

AND,  I've been promised that Stew and I can have him for weekends on a regular basis, what more could I ask?  There are no firm plans YET on when they will move out... as quite a few things have to happen first.

Right... time to get the lunches made...


The Plunket Nurse just came to check how Dante is doing.
He has gone from being 'average' on the baby growth charts to almost at the top!  He is now a very long, chubby bubba just like his Dad was.  
Bex is thrilled knowing she is providing enough milk for him to do so well.

Keera:  Isn't doing well at all today.  We are taking her back to the Doctor's this afternoon.  She is now vomiting and listless.  

In fact, I will pop over there shortly and check up on her.

First up, Keera is doing a bit better now... she's taken a bottle and held it down.  She didn't look dehydrated when I called in before lunch, so we have cancelled the Doctors Appointment.   I'm sure she has turned the corner and is going to improve heaps by the end of today.

Bex, Dante and I went to the local mall, I had a parcel to post (on it's way Lucinda), then I bought a couple of music CD's to listen to down in the garage, and a Birthday Cake.  Must have cake for the Birthday girl.

Then we had lunch (I had sushi) and came home.

It is another sweltering day outside.  Best to keep indoors and just chill for a while.

ABOVE: the 2 CD's I got.  I just LOVE Mumford & Sons, and the compilation discs have some nice songs on too. 
Bex got a couple too... Taylor Swift and Rihanna.  I'm sure I will get to listen to them too,  down in the sewing 'room'.  *smiles*

End of Day:  dinner tonight?  Pizza and birthday cake.  So, that's me one meal off a week done and dusted. I will post photos tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. I feel like I say the same thing every week.
    I like it when I'm sitting here at work on a Thursday, reading you post that it's Friday. I can't wait!

  2. Just checking in and wishing you a great Friday and fantastic weekend x

  3. Luv the bag very appropriate fabric lol
    Coco must have had a breeze up there so damn hot
    Have a great friday

  4. I want to make one of those bags for Paige's dancing gear - I have all the bits, now I just need TIME! Am onto Rainbow Cake this weekend for a 10 year old... so don't see sewing in my future. Then my sister comes back from malaysia to live so will pick her up (YAY!) - she's got a job in Hamilton... frequent trips down there me thinks!

    So have a happy weekend... That Dante! Soooo gorgeous!


  5. He really is beautiful boy !!

    Hope Keera is feeling better :)

  6. The bag is gorgeous Chris.
    Happy Birthday to Bex. Hope her day is everything she wishes for.

  7. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Happy birthday Bex. , hope you have a lovely day,

    Love from

    Joan x UK

  8. Happy Birthday Bex!!!!!!

    Chris I hope you realize that LaLA is no longer yours but belongs to Dante now.

  9. Anonymous8:47 AM

    What fantastic pics of the little man and his friend La La
    Some days I am talking to La la also lol
    Happy Birthday Bexs you have done good with your little man Hope your big man buys you something nice.
    Mary H

  10. Anonymous8:48 AM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dante is adorbs - how did they pick his name?

  11. Happy birthday Beca. Enjoy your day .

  12. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Happy Birthday Bex'arooooo lol, Love Ya To Bits and we hope you have a lovelly day, Lots of Love Lacy & Keera Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox :)

  13. Happy Birthday Bex!!! Hope you have a great day!

    Gorgeous photos of Dante as always... and yay for weekends with him once Steve and Bex move out.

    Love the drawstring bag too! You are just so, so clever young lady!!! :) I so wish I could sew!

  14. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Happy birthday bex, hope you have an amazing day from Richard , Lucinda and family xx

  15. Happy Birthday Bex - it was lovely to meet you the other day :)

    Lacy - I hope Keera gets well soon, I'm glad you are taking her back to the doctor. It must be lovely having Mum so close to help (it's what us Nana's love to do) x

  16. Happy birthday Bex.

    Dante is such a beautiful boy.

    Hope Keera is on the mend soon. Poor poppet.

    Love the drawstring bag ... reminded me I have a kit somewhere to make something similar.

  17. Happy birthday to Bex.....I hope she gets to celebrate big.
    I hope little Miss Keera is feeling much better soon. So sad to see a little one sick.

  18. Love the bag!! Too cute! As is Dante, the little chubba :D ... Happy Birthday Bex. And poor poppet Keera, horrible bug to have :(

  19. Happy Birthday Bex!! Have an awesome day.

    Dante is the cutest wee lad :-).

    Poor Keera, I hope the wee mite feels much much better soon.

  20. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Keera is still not right (if not worse). Hope she is ok... sounds like one of those nasty gastro bugs that are going around (or rotovirus). *hugs* to you Lacy! You are doing an awesome job with Kerra! She is such a credit to you!

  21. The bag is great I love that fabric, Dante is so blimmin gorgeous, and LaLa has found a new home me thinks. Happy birthday Bex hope you have a lovely day. Glad to read Keera is a little better and she will no doubt improve over the weekend.

  22. Sorry Bex that I called you Beca... Blame it on my phone auto correct!

  23. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Put glasses & a beard on Dante =

  24. Best wishes to Keera for a speedy recovery. I hate hearing when children are not well. And Dante is the most adorable baby! You are so blessed with all your beautiful grand babies:)

  25. Lorraine8:03 PM

    Happy Birthday Yummy Mummy(Bex)hope you have had a beautiful day with the family.

    Love your Happy Jar cover Chris.

    I hope little Miss Keera is feeling much better.

    Southgirl xx

  26. I love Mumford & Sons too!!

  27. You never need a reason to make another bag. You just do it when you want to and for whomever you want to. That Dante must be getting some awesome feeds. He has the sweet chubby baby thing going on! I can see him smiling at LaLa, but am I the only one who also sees him flipping her the finger!?! :))
    xx debbie

  28. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Happy Birthday Bex!!!!

    Love Mumford & Sons :0)


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