Saturday, March 23, 2013


Usually our Saturday's are quiet affairs.  Ya know, housework, lawns mown, maybe lunch out, grocery shopping... but today will be slightly different.

For a start, as we had to visit a lawyer on Thursday, our access visit to Keera's father had to be deferred to today.

So, Stew is picking Keera up and taking her to meet Wade at Sylvia Park.

While he's doing that, Bex, the kids and I will be taking Josh to meet up with his cronies from Invercargill... and they will be doing some shopping in  "THE BIG SMOKE".
Auckland is New Zealand's biggest City, so anyone who lives down in the deep south (like Invercargill) of course wants to go shopping while here!

It's like they don't have shops down there!  *laughing ever so quietly*...  cos ... of course they don't have many shops down there!  It's INVERCARGILL eh?

ABOVE:  See?  He lives a freakin long way from Auckland!  Bex used to live there too... it's her 'home town'.  I'm so glad she moved north!

So, how about a few more photos from last night?  Yeah I thought you'd like that... lol

 ABOVE:  Josh arrived with a gift for Dante... some very interesting socks and mittens!  

 ABOVE:  see?  How colourful are they?

ABOVE:  they rattle!  Very cute.

 ABOVE:  Men.  Sharing a mutual interest.  Any idea what?  .....  freakin rugby!  Josh is actually up here because he is involved in racing motorbikes of some sort?  I must ask him.

Right... what else?  I've started making a bag for one of our nieces down in Canterbury.  Her Mum got one a little while ago, and now she's getting one each for the girls.

ABOVE: this one is going to be for Sophie... It's not finished yet.

ABOVE: and this one (already made) is for Mikayla.
I hope they like them.

Back to today... after we drop Josh off with his mates, Bex, the kids and I will meet Stew at Sylvia Park and sort ourselves out from there.  
We are hoping to get down to Hamilton after lunchtime to attend our Granddaughter Rena's 5th Birthday party.   

Something tells me we might be a bit late, but it can't be helped.  We did not know Josh's plans until he arrived last night.


Plans changed.  Josh's mates picked him up from here... so now I just have to wait for Stew to get home from Sylvia Park... then we can leave for Hamilton.

And again, change of plans.  Stew is knackered... the guys stayed up talking & drinking till 2 am, so Stew is now having a sleep!

We feel bad about not going, but I was not going to drive ... I'm really tired too.

I had an afternoon nap!  I slept from 1 pm to 5 pm!!  Must have been tired.  Feeling like a box of birds now... and I don't even have to cook dinner.  It's Stew's turn.  

He's doing a mince/pasta dish.  Might give it a miss... I had Hot Cross Bun BREAD for lunch.  OMG it was yum.  We had never seen a full loaf made to look like 2 large hot cross buns before. I suppose it was just a fruit loaf at the end of the day?  Still lovely.  

He also bought Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, but I didn't have any... it just wasn't a 'Hot Cross Bun' to me... and I didn't want the chocolate.

End of Day:  a fairly wishy-washy day, didn't do much of anything we had planned at all.
Oh well... it was still a nice day.
nite nite


  1. Oh wow, it must be cold and full of penguins there!! Happy shopping, guys!

  2. Dante socks are gorgeous I love them how utterly cute, Bex's brothers are utterly gorgeous men all of them Dante with there family looks and Your family looks is GOING to melt girls hearts all over the place!

  3. Gotta agree with blondies comment - all of Bex's brothers are gorgeous so Dante is going to be so handsome as he grows up with those looks combined with Steve's good looks too :)
    Love Dante's new socks - Rachel got given a pair like that and loved playing with them :)
    Have fun at Rena's birthday party :) Can't wait to see more photos! Wow she is 5 already!!! Time sure does fly!

  4. Shame you can't go to Hamilton but better to be safe.

  5. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Happy birthday to rena hope she has a lovely day, Sophie will love the colour of her bag, it looks great, hope your day is going ok, have a lovely weekend cheers Lucinda

  6. Hi Chris, Don't feel guilty, you are too hard on yourself. I would love one of the bags to take to hospital with me, I am having my operation 23rd April, There probably is not enough time though.

    Have a lovely restful day.


  7. Anonymous1:47 AM

    What darling socks!! I've never seen any like that! Such a good idea! Baby can roll on his back and play with his feet!! cute, Cute!! Seems like plans change all the time on Sat. It happens here too! ...debbie

  8. Anne Walker, ON, Canada3:06 AM

    Poor Rena.... she missed her Grandies going to her b/party. Oh well, there's always next year, I s'ppose!


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