Monday, May 23, 2011


ABOVE:  Steve was on a little sand bank ...

ABOVE:  I had fun trying to take photos from a different angle...

ABOVE:  gentle waves rolling in...

ABOVE:  proof I was on the beach!  lol
It was a magical day.

TODAY:  kids back to school (yaaaa) and housework for me....
back later...

GOOD NEWS:  the garage door people are coming this afternoon... well... so they say!  We will see.

And HOPEFULLY more good news later on this afternoon.  Emily is having a hip scan again this afternoon... and MAYBE, just maybe she can get out of her harness?  We are all hoping so.  Fingers crossed....

The garage door man ARRIVED!  He spent over an hour putting sealant on the door on the INSIDE this time... then he waited for it to set then hosed the door down.  Water pissed in!  And the door was actually WORSE than before!  Even more leaks.
He had gone back to his workshop with the promise he will get us a BRAND NEW DOOR within two weeks.
He looked really upset to tell you the truth...he said he has NEVER had this happen before.  I almost felt sorry for him. 
ABOVE:  EMILY IS FREE!  she is out of the harness.... so, so happy!!!  OH and Amanda and Andrew (and Emily of course) are coming up here tonight!  AWESOME.  I get to cuddle our baby with no harness on.

End of Day:  well the kids and baby are here... a very grumpy, overtired, overhandled baby. 
DIET:  should stop putting this bit in... cos it just ain't happening.
nite nite.


  1. Thanks for the beach photos Chris - made me cry (I grew up at the beach loved the surf etc but now don't think I'll ever make it back to the beach :(

    But I do love "seeing" it thru your photos :)

  2. awesome pics LOVE them!
    hope emily gets to get out of the harnesses.

  3. O Chris,
    What a truly magical place! Wish I could have been there with you as I adore the water. I have never seen a beach over here as perfectly lovely as yours! I am beginning to think that Americans are too busy dumping poisons and trash in our waters.

    When I was a little girl my parents used to bring me to the river that is close to us-and we would fish.I was always so careful not to dirty up the place.

    But , now at the same place is a sign saying that you should not catch catfish to eat more than once a month because it causes Cancer!

  4. Lovely pics and ohh hope you have good news on Emily today. And good luck with the garage door people :-)

  5. Love the top beach pic! And the little shells around your feet are cute.
    I'm glad the door guy feels bad >:o)

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I smell a sob story from garage door man! Don't fall for it! Demand a brand new better quality door! Sounds like they were only going to do a "bandaid" job with the door. Stew could have put sealant on it himself! Love that shell from yesterday. It is a work of art. Make a nice necklace! WOMBAT

  7. Well, make sure they follow up on the door. Keep on them, rotters. xx

  8. ohhh awesome news, the wee little cutie is out of the harness :-)

  9. Leigh8:28 PM

    Omaha was where they filmed the TV series 'This is not my life' that was on tv last year starring Charles Mesure. It's a lovely beach, but the homes are a little 'stepford wife' like. Glad Emily is free now.

  10. I love the photo of the gentle rolling waves, Emily will probably feel loads better yay.

  11. awesome pics!!!

  12. Anonymous12:05 AM

    What a wonderful day for little Emily!! congratulations to her and to the parents and family! The beach photos were beautiful! You have gorgeious beaches in NZ!!!! Lucky you!...debbie

  13. Catching up on blogs at long last... beautiful beach pictures and YAY to no more harness.
    Hope all is well, nice to see you on fb a bit lately!
    Kate :)

  14. So jealous of your beach going! It looks wonderful.

    Happy to hear that Emily is "free" and that you can now cuddle her without the harness interfering!

  15. Wow, your water is so blue! That is amazing.

  16. Wonderful news about Emily. Oh my that beach looks so wonderful!


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