Wednesday, May 18, 2011


ABOVE:  Coco wants a boyfriend.  Well she does already have Teddy, but he has no balls.  No really, he's a dud.  Sadly we had him 'fixed' before we even thought of getting Coco. 
So ... we would love to breed from Coco, but we need a boy dog with working 'bits'.
Anyone got a boy... either a Shih Tzu or Bichon/Shih Tzu cross who can lend him to us for a low fee? 

We promise him a good time!  lol

I'm off to the Hospice shop today.  WILL NOT buy a thing!  I am saving every cent for a stud fee!  lol

Fingers crossed.  We expect Coco to go into heat sometime this month or next month... so we don't have much time.


WOW, my 'hit' counter just rolled over to 600,000!!!  Impressive for a little blog about bugger all eh?  *smiles*  :)

WOOO hooo... I managed to get out of the shop with NO MONEY SPENT!
Incredible eh?
Ummm... I did put a 'few' things away on HOLD though, but I ain't paid for them yet!  hee hee.

Just had lunch and am now contemplating what I shall do of the rest of the afternoon.  Hmmmm....

Just got a phone call from school.  Griffin and another boy ran into each other at lunchtime, both got good knocks on the head.  The other boy was taken home with an headache.  Griffin?  Strolled back to class just fine!  Tough nut that boy!  :)

OH JUDITH!  Thank you so much for that link... I had not been looking in the right part of Trademe obviously!  I had no idea people advertised their dogs as STUDS on Trademe!  I think I have found the MOST GORGEOUS BOY for our Coco to bonk make babies with!

ABOVE: isn't he just gorgeous???  I have to talk to the owner yet (she's out)... but I think he would be fantastic!  OOOO quite excited now.

End of Day:  Yaaa!  We have a dog for Coco! All arranged, just have to wait now for Coco to come into season!  The lady who owns the dogs is lovely, she will bring her boy over for the 'deed' when the time is right... and for a very decent fee too.
I'm wrapt.
DIET: yeah, still not good.
nite nite.


  1. Good luck finding a "boyfriend" for Coco. I bet she'd have the cutest pups!

  2. Just wondering.... would you like to borrow our huuuuuge GREAT DANE? You think she'd mind? Big babies? Eh?

    Haha, just kidding. I love pure breds.

  3. congrats. on your counter ! That is pretty amazing! :)

  4. Pimping out the dog lol.

  5. Have you looked on trademe at the dog people ? Hope its warmer up your way its FREEZING here today.

  6. Sorry to read your diet was "utter crap" yesterday. I am making efforts to control my craving for sweets and junk as I saw a number on the scale the other day that I have seen for a *long* time.

    I do zero exercise as I'm always so bloody knackered through the day. It's all I can do to get the bare minimum done for Guy and Corby and all the freakin' housework (not that I do that much as we have cleaners come in every fortnight!!!).

  7. I'm not usually in favor of arranged marriages, but I know you will find just the right guy for Coco. She will for sure have extra cute puppies.
    Congrats on your counter numbers.

  8. Poor poor Teddy will be heartbroken!

  9. There are quite a few on Trade Me in the Services category. I've been having a browse (housework can wait.) Look at this little sweetheart:

  10. Haha! No worries, Chris. I'd much rather noodle on the computer than do something useful (like cleaning up the millions of leaves all over the yard.) Coco is a lucky girl, he's gorgeous!

  11. Me again! Just had a look, I had no idea stud fees were so expensive! Blimey!

  12. What a stud muffin! Woohoo!

  13. Oh what a shame Teddy is "done"... that little boy looks cute and he comes from a house with a blue lounge suite- right up your alley!! How funny setting it up - will you watch? Too cute.

  14. That young man looks like quite the charmer! Don't think Coco will have any problems ;o)

  15. Hope it all works out for Ms Coco. Good luck.

  16. Coco's stud is a cutie pie! What a good choice. Can't wait to see the puppies these two adorable dogs made together!

  17. What a cute couple they will make!

    By the way,I'm glad I'm not the only one having dieting troubles...dieting sucks.


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